The Cries
By Vonnie (

He hears a cry of pain, then another and another. The cries grow louder and louder, filling him with such absolute emptiness that he sees nothing, feels nothing.

He gasps, jerking upright in bed.


He hears her soft voice before he can react, before he can pull himself away from the terror he can't see, but a terror he knows is there just the same.

"Honey, what is it. Are you alright?"

He slowly turns to face her, the last tangles of the dream falling away, leaving him covered in sweat. It takes several seconds before he can focus on her.

She sees the dazed look in his eyes and feels the tremors in his body as she puts her arms around him and pulls him close, "Walker, are you all right? Honey, what's wrong?" He doesn't answer her, and she doesn't ask again. She feels his body slump against her, then feels his arms come around her.

"I … don't know, Alex… It's gone. I … don't remember it… it's … gone."

She brushes the tousled hair from his face and tightens her arms, pulling him back down onto the bed. "It's just a bad dream, honey, lets … go back to sleep … okay?" And he lets himself be pulled back onto the bed.

He lies still in her arms until he feels her body relax into sleep again, then he gently moves away from her and slips out of bed, goes to the bathroom and splashes cold water on his face. When he returns to the bedroom instead of getting into bed he goes to the window and stares out into the darkness. A shadow falls across the moon for just an instant and he shudders, then turns and slides into bed next to Alex. He pulls her into his arms, with her head snuggled under his chin. It's several hours before he finally falls asleep.

He stretches and opens his eyes, reaches out for Alex, only to find her already gone. Hearing her in the bathroom, he rises and goes to the window. The sun is just barely showing over the top of the barn, and the birds are waking with their morning song. Everything looks and feels the same, except for the cries of pain that he can still hear in his mind. He remembers waking with the dream but can't remember anything about it. Except the cries. Hearing them again sends chills down his spine.

He jumps when Alex comes up behind him, slips her arms around his waist, and murmurs, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. It's still on your mind isn't it? Want to tell me about it?"

"I wish I could, Alex. I can't even tell myself. I can't remember anything about it. Except for…"

"Except for … what, honey?"

"The … crying."

"Crying?" She moves around in front of him, "A baby crying, an adult? What kind of crying, honey?"

"Cries … of pain … a woman. " He couldn't tell her that it sounded like her crying. He pulls her hard against him, "I … don't want to think about it anymore, it isn't something I want to remember." He tilts her face up and lowers his mouth to hers, in a deep searching kiss. His hand slides inside her robe and gently caresses her breast as he nuzzles his face into her hair.

Alex circles his waist with her arms, holding him close, rubbing her body against his, trying to take his mind away from his dream. When she feels him responding to her movements she lowers her hand down between them, touching him, taking him into her hand, stroking him, bringing a moan to his lips.

"Alex…" He murmurs softly in her ear.

"I need you…" She whispers as she pulls his head down, her lips touching his teasingly, her tongue pushing into his mouth.

He growls deep in his throat, then reaches down and scoops her up into his arms. He lays her down gently on the bed and stretches out beside her. He begins caressing her soft velvet skin with just the tips of his fingers, light feathery touches, that tantalize her senses as they make their way down over her breasts, caressing them, bringing the nipples to harden peaks. Then moving ever so slowly over her belly to stop at the nest of dark golden curls at the juncture of her thighs, his hand cupping over the soft mound of her womanhood.

Alex moves her hand over his chest, her fingers gliding through the soft hair that abundantly covers his chest and belly, narrowing as it continues down to form a dark nest around his manhood, engorged and throbbing for release. When his hand comes to a rest over her, she draws in a quick breath as his fingers enter her moistness, and starts a rhythm that she matches with her hips, thrusting up against his hand.

When he feels her legs stiffen in the throes of ecstasy, he slides over her and drives his length into her body, bringing her heaving up against him taking him deeper. Riding her climax swiftly brings his own pounding to the surface and they grip each other tightly letting the waves of pleasure soar through them, then slowly lowering then gently to snuggle in each other's arms. As heartbeats slow and breathing comes under control, he kisses her tenderly and murmurs, "I love you."

She pushes back slightly, looks up into his eyes, eyes sedated now with their lovemaking, "Honey, I love you, too." She touches her lips to his, "I could stay like this with you for eternity, but I know that is an impossibility, so maybe we should get ready for work?" She looks at the serenity on his face and, hopefully feels that maybe their loving had replaced the bad vibes he had gotten from his dream.

He kisses her lightly and whispers against her lips, "You're right." He sits up and pulls her up with him. "As much as I'd like to stay here with you in my arms, we can't live on love alone." He stands then, pulling the sheet from her, and seeing her beautiful nakedness, his eyes darken, and his manhood once again, begins to stand away from the nest of dark curls.

When Alex sees his eyes darken, she glances down his belly, she smiles and climbs out of bed to stand in front of him. She whispers softly, "Walker…?"

He wraps his arms around her, pulling her up off her feet, and as she brings her legs up around his waist, he backs her up against the wall, kisses her deeply, then lifts her up and slowly lowers her down on his shaft. She moans as he fills her, his fingers stroking her, his tongue deep into her mouth. Feeling himself deep inside her, he holds her tight for just one breath. Then he pushes up once, then again and feels his release, his body shaking, clenching as his muscles release then tighten, but he continues to push knowing she has yet to reach her climax. When he feels her tighten around him she releases a moan into his mouth. He feels her shudder when pleasure begins rolling through her, feels the tensing in her legs and he takes her cries into his mouth, kissing her deeply as he continues pushing until she goes limp against him. Slowly her trembling legs slide to the floor. He kisses her hair, and holding her against him he walks with her into the bathroom.


Alex's cure for his bad dream had worked. Walker never once recalled any portion of the dream the entire day. Leaving his lovely wife at her office, he never saw her again until he arrived home late that evening. He and Trivette had spent the whole day chasing two men wanted for murder throughout the badlands and didn't return to Ranger Headquarters till well after dark, with the men in question in cuffs. After dropping them off at the jail, Trivette and Walker go in separate directions, but both going home.


Walker pushes the door open to see his bride of six months walking toward him from the kitchen. When she comes up in front of him, he puts his hands on her hips, bringing her closer.

She smiles up into his face, and kisses him softly. "Hi, Cowboy. You look exhausted. I bet you're starved." She slides her arm through his, "Come on, I'll fix you something."

"Alex, I need a shower first," kisses her nose, "I'll hurry." He turns and goes upstairs.

"It'll be ready when you come down, honey."

Fifteen minutes later when he walks into the kitchen with nothing on except a pair of workout pants Alex is just sitting his dinner on the table. "Ah … perfect timing."

Alex cleans off the table after he finishes, "Come on, honey, you're exhausted, lets go to bed early." She loops her arm through his, shuts out the kitchen light and they make their way upstairs to their bedroom.

"You won't get an argument out of me, today has been a rough one. I'll bet Trivette aches all over."

"Huh, I bet you do to if you'd admit it to yourself."

"Maybe … a little. I am starting to feel just a little achy."

Entering the bedroom, "Walker, why don't you stretch out on your stomach and I'll rub down your shoulders and back, okay?"

He doesn't answer, he just pulls the string on his pants letting them fall to the floor, stepping out of them he pulls the blankets back and stretches out on his stomach on the bed. Alex straddles him and after putting lotion on her hands begins rubbing and kneading the muscles in his shoulders and back. When she finishes, she leans over and kisses his neck, "How's that feel, hon, better?" When he doesn't answer she realizes that he has fallen into a deep restful sleep. "Good, you need this." She pulls a blanket up over him then goes to the bathroom to shower before settling down next to him in bed.


The cries of pain … Cutting into him … Listening to her cries of pain is tearing him apart. Another cry … tears fill his eyes. Where is she … why can't I see her?

Another agonizing cry brings him straight up in bed.

Alex jerks awake, sees Walker sitting up in bed, shivering. She sits up and reaches out to gently touch him; he jumps at her touch, but doesn't turn toward her. Softy, she whispers, "Honey … are you all right?" When he finally turns to face her, she sees the dampness on his cheeks, his eyes swimming in tears. "Oh, God, Walker, what is it?"

She moves over closer to him, and reaches up to brush the tears from his cheeks. "It's the same dream, isn't it?"

He takes her hand in his bringing it to his chest, nods and whispers, "Yes. The same … When I wake up … I can't remember anything except the crying."

"Do you know who's crying?"

He stares at her for several minutes before replying, "No … no I don't." There is no way he can tell her that it's her he hears crying out. He pulls Alex into his arms and lies back down on the bed, holding her tight against him. He feels her hand on his face, touching, brushing the tears away. He takes her hand, kisses the palm and holds it against his cheek, and snuggles his face into her hair. He lies still, willing himself to remember the dream. Just before he drops off to sleep, in that gray area between awake and asleep, the image of Alex lying in a hospital bed flashes through his mind.

When he wakes the next morning, the dream is just a dim memory in the back of his mind. He raises up on his elbow and looks down into Alex's closed eyes. He leans over and places light kisses against her lips until she lazily opens her eyes and smiles at him, every bit of the love she feels for him is clear in her eyes. Bringing her arms up around his neck, she pulls him down on top of her. They make sweet passionate love until a happened look at the clock sends them both scurrying to the shower, both knowing that desire will have to be put on hold till they return in the evening.


Several times during the day, quick flashes of his dream dart through his mind, but never long enough for him to grasp anything. But when Trivette gets hurt and Walker takes him to the hospital for treatment, he happens to walk past an empty room bringing back the flash from last night. Catching sight of the bed out of the corner of his eye, he stops, turns and slowly enters the room and stands at the side of the bed just staring. The picture that forms in his mind of Alex lying in the bed, crying out in pain, breaks him out into a cold sweat.

"Walker? Hey, man, let's go before they change their mind and try to keep me in here."

He jerks around, sees Trivette standing in the doorway, and the picture fades away. He walks quickly out of the room and goes immediately to the phone booth and dials Alex's office.

"Alex Cahill"

"Alex, it's me."

"Hi Cowboy. What's up?"

"Oh, ah … nothing really. Just wanted to double check on lunch." Relief floods his senses when he hears her voice.

"C.D.'s at noon, right?"

"Right. I'll see you then, honey. Bye." He hangs up the phone and turns around to see Trivette staring at him.

"Partner, are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Trivette. Let's go." He turns and heads for the door with Trivette right behind him.


When Walker pushes open the door to C.D.'s and sees Alex sitting at the bar waiting for him, a smile lights up his face and he moves up to her giving her a light kiss on the cheek.

"I'm impressed! You're right on time."

"You should be." He takes her hand, "Come on, let's get a booth." After settling into the booth, Walker takes her hand, kisses her fingers, and then touches his lips lightly to hers. "How's your day going, hon?"

"Quiet so far. Two witnesses to interrogate this afternoon, some papers to sign and send over to Judge Allen, and one deposition and that's it. How about you?"

"Trivette and I have to make a quick trip to Waco to pick up a prisoner and as far as I know, nothing else." He smiles at her and murmurs, "Which means I should get home early tonight."

Alex gives him one of her seductive smiles, kisses him softly and whispers, "Good, because tonight is our six-month anniversary dinner." Her eyes turn dark as thoughts of the night ahead fills her mind.

He watches her eyes darken and he feels a tightening in his groin, "Hmmm … can't wait." He starts to pulls her closer but just then C.D. walks up and slides in across from them.

"Well, kids, it's been six months. Any regrets?" He has the biggest smile on his face as he glances from one to the other.

"Not me C.D. I'm very happy." Alex says as she gives Walker a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I have one." Then, feeling Alex stiffen beside him, he turns to look at her, lowers his voice and says, "That I didn't ask you sooner."

C.D. sees the look passing between the two of them, silently slides out of the booth and leaves them alone.

When Trivette joins them a few minutes later, C.D. takes over their lunch and joins them to discuss Jimmy's injury that he had received earlier.


When he arrives home, Walker is met at the door by his wife, who murmurs "Hi." then kisses him deeply. "Go on upstairs and shower, I've laid your clothes out." Another kiss, then she turns him around and gives him a little push toward the stairs. "Hurry." She watches him take the steps two at a time then turns back into the dining room.
When Walker comes out of the bathroom, he sees a tuxedo hanging on the closet door. He smiles then start putting it on, hating these monkey suits but will gladly wear it tonight for he knows it will please her immensely.

When he starts down the stairs, he sees Alex standing at the bottom looking up at him with her most beautiful smile. She was wearing black spaghetti-strap full-length gown, hair piled on top of her head with several wisps of hair hanging down. His eyes are locked on hers as he descends the steps and at the bottom he offers her his arm. As she slides her arm under his, he leans over and kisses her tenderly before they enter the dining room and he seats her at the table. The only light being two tall candles burning on the table. They have a light but filling meal, and as Walker lays his napkin on the table, "Now, if we only had some music we could dance."

Alex kisses her fingers then places then against Walker's lips, stands and disappears into the living room. As she comes back through the door, he can hear the soft refrains of the country song, Let's Make Love All Night'. He takes her in his arms, pulls her close, and kisses her softly as they begin moving to the music. He begins nibbling on her ear, lightly runs his tongue down her neck, and then kisses her lips softly. She brings her hands down to lie flat against his chest and he wraps his arms around her waist, holding her tight against him. They stand still, swaying to the music.

"Shall we call it a night?" He whispers into her ear.

She snuggles closer, "Ummm … I don't want this night to ever end."

"Not end, just changing." She turns with him as he puts the candles out and they make their way upstairs. The make slow tender love till the early morning hours then fall asleep nestled in each others arms.

The agony in her cries pulls him deep into the dream. He breaks out into cold sweat, closing his eyes and putting his hands over his ears trying to block out the harsh crying. He opens his eyes when he feels a hand touch him. Opening his eyes he sees Alex smiling up at him from a bed, he drops his hands down to take hers, holding it tight. He looks down the length of the bed, feels her hand grip his tighter, and looks back into her face, noticing that she is also covered with sweat.
She groans and cries out again, her hand nearly breaking his with her grip. He hears her whisper, "Soon, darling, very soon." He leans over, smiles, says, "I love you" and kisses her forehead.

Alex wakes when she feels the restlessness in the man lying beside her. Reaches out to touch his face to find it soaked in sweat, but also finds a smile on his lips as her fingers find his mouth.

Walker opens his eyes when he feels her fingers touch him. Taking her hand, he places a kiss in the center of her palm. He brings his hand down, to rest on her flat belly. Spreading his fingers he begins slowly caressing her stomach. He whispers, "You're pregnant."

"Walker … no, I'm not!" She lays her hands on top of his, "I … don't …"

"You pregnant."

"Cordell, you can't be serious? How would you know?"

"My dream … that's what my dream has been trying to tell me." He nestles his face into her hair and begins kneading her soft belly gently.

"Cordell … what…?" His hand moves lower, his fingers finding her center, "Cordell … Oh, God … ahhhh … darling … how…"

"Shh … I'll tell you in the morning." His mouth covers hers, swallowing her moans of pleasure as his fingers continue to push into her.

She raises her hips up against his hand, wanting more of the exquisite pleasure he is giving her. She cries out, her body twisting in his hands. "Walker, hurry … oh, please, ahhh … please"

He removes his fingers, bringing a whimper from her, "No, don't …stop…" He moves over her then and drives his length into her deep and hard. When she feels him enter her she heaves up to meet him, wrapping her legs around his hips to bring him deeper. He thrusts into her hard, his need driving him with a fury, seeking release. He feels the shuddering start down deep inside her as her body bucks up hard against him, and her legs tighten around him. He drives down deep to join her in the throes of ecstasy, his body jerking over her until he, too, finally, lies still, collapsing on top of her. She drops her legs down and wraps her arms tightly around him, feeling the loud hammering of his heart against her breast. He withdraws and holding her tight, he rolls them both to their sides. He kisses her as she snuggles closer and they fall asleep, completely sated.


Alex wakes up feeling much at peace with the world, and heaviness on her stomach. Opening her eyes just a little she sees Walker's hand on her stomach, spread out, covering a goodly portion of her belly. Watching, she sees him replace his hand with his lips, kissing her softly, than lying his head with his ear as if he was listening.

He sees her peeking at him beneath her eyelashes, smiles and whispers, "Good morning." Moving his hand up to the side of her face, "I love you very much, you know that?"

"Ummm … I know," she murmurs. She gazes at him for several minutes before moving her hand to stroke his beard. "Are you going to tell me about your dream? And what makes you think I going to have your baby. I don't even know that…"

"I know." He turns around to lie beside her, her head on his shoulder, his resting against hers. She brings her hand up to rest over his heart. "The only thing I could remember that first time were the cries. The cries of a woman in pain, and … I thought it sounded like you but I wasn't sure. But the next time I knew it was you," he feels her struggle to sit up, but holds her down, "I know but how could I tell you that I could hear you screaming in pain and I couldn't help you."
"How awful for you, honey. But…"

"Shh … remember when Trivette was at the hospital … well … I went into this empty room and when I look at that bed I saw you lying there, crying out in pain. That's way I called you that day, I had to hear your voice to make sure you were all right." He tightens his arms around her, and unconsciously begins to caress her breast. Then … last night I saw you, lying in a hospital bed, holding my hand, giving birth to our baby. Right then, I thought my heart was going to burst from all the joy I felt."

Alex raises up on her elbow then, looking him right in the eye, "But that was just a dream, honey, that doesn't mean that I'm pregnant." She leans down and kisses him softly on the lips wishing his dream was for real.

"Alex, would you like to make a slight wager with me? It shouldn't take long to find out who's right. You are pregnant."

She stares into his eyes for several long minutes, then smiles, "I won't wager with you, Cowboy. No way would I bet against this Cherokee." Just before covering his mouth with hers, he hears her whisper, "Besides, I hope you're right."

The End