This story has some rough insinuations, nothing specific but the thought is there. I do hope you enjoy.

The Crisis
By Sissy (
& Jennifer (

When Alex wakes up she is lying on the floor of a room completely bare except for her. The wallpaper is hanging in strips, and in some areas she can see holes clear through into another room, that looks just as desolate as the one she is in.

Standing, she moves toward the door, turns the knob, but it's locked. She looks at the old-fashioned keyhole and stoops to peep through. The key is still in the lock. She stands up trying to think of a way to push the key though onto the floor, where she could possibly get it. As she looks around the bare room, her eyes fasten onto the strips of hanging wallpaper. Reaching up she pulls off a large section. Tearing a small strip from the large piece, she rolls it small enough to push through the keyhole. Sliding the larger piece under the door, she begins pushing the key out of its nest. Slowly, patiently she edges the key from its slot until she hears the light clink of the key hitting the floor. Then, holding her breath, she gently pulls the paper out from under the door, hoping the gap at the bottom is big enough to allow the key to pass under.

When she sees the key, her breath rushes out with a deep sigh, as she reaches down to close her hand over it. She quickly pushes the key back into the keyhole, then hesitates. She slides down to sit on the floor trying to remember how she had gotten there. The last thing she remembers is leaving C.D.'s her mind on the still missing third child.

The city had been in a state of panic for weeks, with no leads on who is doing this. When the first child was found dead with multiple stab wounds they thought at first of just a random act of violence. But when a second turns up the same why, the city of Dallas mobilizes all its forces to catch this monster.

Alex had even gone on television after the third child had disappeared, pleading with the abductor to release the child. So far the third child had not been found. The other two had turned up just two days after they had disappeared. It's been four days now and the waiting had the whole city holding its breath.

She remembers telling C.D. goodnight and smiling at the red bearded Ranger, whom she still can't decide whether she wants to call him a friend or not. His attitude toward her in the courtroom had been appeased somewhat by his impulsive New Year's Eve kiss and the few times since then that he has worked with her on other cases has put him into a different light. But he has also been a thorn in her side in a few cases as well. Nothing that comes to mind is helping her to understand why she is here, in this dilapidated old farmhouse, wherever it was.

She stands finally, and twists the key. She turns the knob slowly and pushes on the door, praying that the door will open without any noise to alert whomever it was that locked her in here. The room she steps into is just as empty as the one she has left. Moving quickly across the room to the door on the opposite wall, she takes a deep breath and pulls the door open … her hand flies to her mouth, then the man stands and turns to face her. When he moves she sees the grisly sight on the bed … and screams, and screams and screams.

At the sound of the screams, Walker rushes the front door, shoving the shattered wood aside he moves quickly through the room into the next one where the screams are the loudest. His face shows total surprise at seeing Alex standing in the doorway of another room. He had just seen her earlier in the evening at C.D.'s.

The look on his face turns to fear and his heart almost stops beating when he registers the fact that it is Alex he hears screaming. Seeing the horror on her face he moves to her side and takes her into his arms. Looking into the room, it is all he can do not to scream right along with her. He places his hand at the side of her head turning her face into his neck, then gently guides her out of the building.

With the shape that Alex is in, he foregoes taking her down to headquarters to get her statement, opting to wait until she can pull herself together.

When he carries her into her apartment she is almost comatose. Turning the light on he settles her down on the couch as he goes to her bedroom. As he pushes the door open, he flips the switch then sucks in his breath pulling the scent of her, deep into his lungs. He had been aware of her ever since the incident in the courtroom, but had struggled to keep from forming any close attachments to her. But seeing her at that house and hearing her screams had stirred up his emotions to the nth degree. And now, he can't even think about leaving her. He walks over to the bed and pulls the spread and the blankets back and, glancing around, seeing Alex in every part of the room, he goes out into the living room and picks her up gently in his arms. She snuggles against his chest, murmurs something incoherently, but never opens her eyes. He settles her down on the bed hesitantly decides to undress her, knowing she will be more comfortable out of her suit, takes it off, leaving her slip and underwear, then covers her up. He stays with her long enough to know she'll stay asleep then shuts out the light and pulls the door to as he leaves the room.

He sits down on the couch, picks up the phone and dials, "Trivette, did you find anything else out at that old farmhouse after I left with Alex?"

"Walker, I hope I never see anything like that again in my lifetime." Walker hears the quiver in his voice, as he tries to keep himself under control. "No … nothing else, but we know he was there and he hadn't been gone long because we found a partial cup of coffee on the table and it was still warm. So either Alex spooked him or he heard us."

"I wonder if she saw him."

"Man, I hope not. If that's the case she won't be safe till he's caught."

"That's what I'm thinking. I'm staying here with her at her apartment until she can tell us what she saw."

"That's a good idea, pard, I'll get back with you tomorrow."

He goes to the kitchen and scrounges around till he finds the makings, brews a pot of coffee, fills a cup he gets from a cup tree on the counter, then wanders back into the living room. As he stares out the window, his feelings for her seem to be changing at a pace he's not quite sure he can handle. When he hears soft moans he quickly moves to the door and quietly steps into the bedroom. After letting his eyes adjust to the darkness, he moves to the side of the bed. He sits down on the edge, looking at her beautiful face, and his thoughts soften as he watches her. His hand involuntarily reaches out, hesitates, then touches her face, gently caressing her cheek with his knuckles. She finally quiets down, then knowing he can't leave her alone, he moves to the other side of the bed and takes his boots and shirt off. He lifts the blankets then stops, thinking it would be more appropriate if he slept on the couch, but when she moans again and begins tossing, he slides into bed, pulling her into his arms, his desire to keep her safe, overrides his common sense. Her eyes flutter slightly, a shuddering sigh escapes her lips, then she's still.

It's close to dark the following night when she awakes and the first thing she sees, when she opens her eyes, is Walker sitting on the edge of the bed with a cup of coffee. Startled at seeing him in her bedroom, she grabs the sheet around her and sits up. "What are you doing here?" Her eyes widen as she looks at him.

"You don't remember last night?" He watches her face change in just a matter of seconds as the vision of what she had seen fills her mind.

"Oh, God, yes … I remember." Her eyes fill with tears that she fights to control. Her body begins to tremble, and Walker senses the need to take her mind from it for now.

"Here, drink this, it'll make you feel better." He gently places the cup into her trembling hands, she takes a couple of sips and pushes it back toward him.

"No, drink some more, you need it."

"No … I need the … bathroom."

"Oh … okay. Do you need help?"

She gives him a stern look, "No, Walker, I'm a big girl, I think I can handle this by myself."

His face turns slightly pink as he backs away from the bed, waiting. She gestures toward chair, "My robe?"

"Oh, sure." He quickly hands it to her, then turns his back as she puts it on. When he turns around she is standing, shakily but standing. Walker moves close as she makes her way into the bathroom where she shuts the door in his face.

After doing what needed to be done, she looks at the shower, wanting to feel the water cleansing her, washing away some of the horror that seems to have adhered to her. She turns the water on and instead of undressing she steps into the spray of water clothes and all. She stands with the force of the water hitting her full in the face, trying to rid her mind of the memory that refuses to leave. Then the crying begins, tears blending with the spray, she covers her face with her hands, and leans into the wall, sobs shaking her body.

Walker waits until he thinks she has had plenty of time then raps gently on the door, "Alex?" Hearing no answer he pushes open the door a little at a time, till he sees her in the shower, crying. He helps her out then puts the toilet seat down and sits her on it. Taking a towel he begins to dry her hair and the tears from her face. When he starts to take her robe off, she begins pushing his hands away, "No … don't."

"Alex," he whispers, "They're wet, you can't keep them on."

"I can … I can do it."

"Are you sure?"

She nods, "Just get me … some dry clothes."

"What do you want?"

"I don't care … anything." He retreats into the bedroom and pulls open a drawer in her dresser. He sucks in his breath when he sees the intimate apparel, grabs a pair of panties and quickly shuts the drawer. Looking in the closet he spies a bathrobe on the back of the door, takes it and returns to the bathroom.

"You sure you don't need my help?" She gives him a stern look, "Okay … okay, just asking. I'll order a pizza for supper, okay?" Then he backs out of the door pulling it shut behind him.

She leaves the bathroom and stops, staring at her unmade bed. If she had been more alert she would have noticed it sooner. The fact that the bed is unmade was unusual enough, but what riveted her to the spot was the sight of two indentations in the pillows, where two people had slept. Awareness roared through her like a wildfire. Walker had slept with her, in her own bed.

A wave of sensual heat slices through her and she closes her eyes, shuddering at the deliciousness of it. Her heart pounds, her breasts tightens and a flooding sensation in her loins make her knees go weak. Lust. She is astounded at its presence, at its power. Instead of being outraged that he had taken advantage of the situation, she is aroused by the thought of him sleeping beside her.

She's standing, looking at the bed and thinking about the implications, when Walker raps on the door then opens it without waiting for an answer. "Pizza's here."

His eyes narrow as he sees the stricken look on her face. "What is it? Are you all right?" He reaches her in two long strides, sliding his arm around her waist and pulling her into the support of his body.

"Yes," not letting herself think about it, she slips her hand around the back of his neck and lifts her lips to his.

With his body in control, he doesn't hesitate, doesn't give her time to change her mind. He sets his mouth over hers with an open hunger for her, a hunger he didn't know he had, a hunger so intense and greedy that it stuns her. He catches her chin in his free hand and holds her, then moves his tongue deep inside her mouth, touching her own tongue in blatant demand. She sags against him, both frightened and tempted, as he gathers her in against his hard form. His erection pushing against her belly. She had never been wanted like this before, so swiftly and violently. She's had no experience with a man like Cordell Walker, or of how he could make her feel.

But contact with his potent body is suddenly all she wants. She puts both arms around his neck, moving against him, trying to get closer. He's bruising her with the force of his kisses, and she wants more. Her loins are tight and achingly empty, growing moist with yearning.

He puts a hand on her breast, and her breath locks in her throat. His thumb rubs over and around her nipple, at first it is a curious sensation, like a slight pricking of pins, then it suddenly intensifies and pure sensations zing from her nipple to her loins. She moans aloud, frightened by the way her own body has swiftly gone beyond her control.

Walker lifts his head, his body consumed with desire for this woman, this woman he has held at bay since first seeing her in that courtroom. Alex sees the strong look of need on his face, his eyes heavy with desire and his lips wet from their kisses, and she finds her body responding. His hand remains on her breast, with only the thin cotton of the robe between them. His breath is coming fast, and she can feel the hard pounding of his heart against her. "Bed or pizza?" he asks, his voice so guttural, she can hardly hear him. "If it's pizza, you'd better say so now."

She wants to say bed, wants to forget the reason he is there, the murder she had seen and simply give herself over to her body's demands. "P-Pizza," she manages to whisper and closes her eyes as she fights for control.

She can feel him bracing himself, and he takes a deep breath. "Pizza it is, then." Slowly he releases her and steps back. A huge, obvious ridge in his pants tells her how difficult it had been for him to stop.

He gives her a wry crooked smile that lights his rough features.

Alex stares at him, a lump in her throat and a huge knot in her chest. She feels dizzy with the shock and realization. Oh God. She has been attracted to him from the first, had recognized it and fought it but with that smile she slips helplessly over the edge. Swaying she put out her hand in search of support, and he's there, solid and vital and so hot that she almost melts. His arm is around her and her head is against his chest.

"Shhh … it's okay," he gasps, a little scared at losing his control, but realizes that she had joined him in his hunger, "I'm sorry … I didn't mean to come on so strong."

"It isn't … you. I was just dizzy for a minute." Somehow she forms a smile, a shaky smile at that, "I'm fine now."

His voice rumbles under her ear as he pulls her close. "Come on, we don't want the pizza to get cold."

He walks her into the living room and guides her to the couch. "You just sit, I'll get everything."

Although the crime is talked about, no graphic descriptions are given. Accept it as it is intended, fanfiction. Enjoy

Crisis Part II
By Sissy and Jennifer

She sits, dazed, while he putters around in her kitchen. He seems to know his way around her house like he's been there forever, the speed and force of it all bewilders her. In less than twenty-four hours he has taken over; he had spent the night with her, apparently moved in with her, and with a crooked grin made her fall in love with him.

He returns in a few minutes with plates, napkins and a couple of soft drinks. He sits beside her on the sofa, turns on the television to a sports channel, serves her a slice of pizza then picks up one for himself and settles back to supposedly watch the game. Alex blinks at him, she doesn't know whether to laugh or cry but in the end she simply concentrates on eating the pizza. Sitting curled beside him on the sofa, she's surprised that she is so content to just be close to him and watch his face as he watches the game.

At times she is overwhelmed by his confidence and sometimes she is comforted by it, but this is the first time she has had the opportunity to simply sit and study him. He is a solidly built man, well muscled. When he leans forward to get another slice of pizza, her gaze falls on his hands. Like everything else about him, they are big, almost twice the size of hers. But they aren't thick hams; though powerful, they're lean and well shaped, with short, clean nails. She had felt safe with those hands on her, not safe from him, but from everything else. She doesn't want to be safe from him. She lost her heart about fifteen minutes ago, and is still reeling from the shock of it.

She glances up at the television screen and sees a preview of an upcoming movie. A murder scene that is extremely bloody fills the screen and the room back at the house flashes before her eyes. She begins to quiver her breathing harsh and ragged as the details began to fill her mind.

Walker hears the change in her breathing and turns to look at her. Her face is pale, her eyes are tearing up and her chest is heaving from the emotions tearing through her as she looks at the scene on the television. He quickly turns the TV off, mutters, "Damn," and pulls her into his arms, murmuring softly, "Shh … I'm sorry, Alex, I never thought ... honey, try to forget it."

"Oh, Walker," she says as she buries her face into his chest. "How can anyone ever forget something like that." Sobs rack her body as he holds her, talking soothingly, his hand caressing her arm trying to bring her away from the frightening sight that will probably be forever with her.

The sobs slowly subside as he holds her against his hard body and as she nestles close to him a new sensation begins to take place inside of her. Her breathing becomes ragged as she realizes his hand has slid inside her robe, tracing a line around her breast with his fingertip with a touch as light as a whisper. Her nipple tightens even though he hasn't even touched it. She can feel him shaking, too. "If I could I would erase that sight from your mind, Alex." But he knows it isn't over yet.

Somehow he ends up holding her on his lap, her robe still open and his hand inside it, but instead of threatened, Alex feels completely safe, his warmth and strength surrounding her like a fortress. It's a delicious sensation, one she had never enjoyed before. She wanted to sink into him, cherish this new feeling that she has for him. But Walker needs information and she knows she has to tell him what she saw and so, with her head on his shoulder, her face turned into the muscled wall of his chest she tells him of the horror she had seen in that old farm house.

As he listens he glances down at his hand lying on her belly, almost spanning her completely. The thought of her seeing this atrocity and possibly becoming a part of it if not for his arrival, has him fighting for control. His body is so tight with rage at what she had had to witness and the total mind-numbing terror he feels, knowing what could of happened to her if they hadn't gotten the word on the house when they did.

She seems to have forgotten that she is almost naked, her mind all but lost in the story of horror she is telling, but Walker is very aware of it. Even in his rage, he looks at those soft round breasts with their tender pink nipples, and feels desire burning low in his belly. He controls it, forcing it aside so he can hold her and listen to her.

"Do you remember how you got out there?"

"No … I remember leaving C.D.'s and walking toward my car … then nothing till I woke up in that room."

She buries her face deeper in the curve of his neck, not wanting to think of what might have happened to her if Walker hadn't shown up.

"How did you … know where he was?"

"Someone called about hearing screams coming from that old house. He had been hunting rabbits in the area a couple of nights ago and finally decided to call it in."

Alex sit up abruptly, "Oh, God, Walker! If he had called earlier that little boy might have been saved."

"I know. At the time it didn't mean anything, but he kept hearing about the torturing of the kids and decided to call it in. We got the call just after you left C.D.'s so Trivette and I took it."

He pulls her head back down to his shoulder. His voice husky with emotion, "I had no idea you were there." She feels a shiver course through him as his arm tightens slightly. "Did you … did you see his face?"

"Yes, momentarily."

"Do you think you could help a police artist with a sketch."

"I'll try. Walker, why did he take me, he's only taken children before."

"I …don't know, Alex. Maybe it was because of your plea on television. Who knows what he was thinking."

She lays quiet against him for several minutes then softly murmurs, "I'm glad you're here."

His warm hand covers her breast and she tilts her head back on his arm to look up at him. A shiver runs through her as her gaze locks with his. His mouth lowers, she feels his breath mingling with hers, and shuts her eyes as his lips brush across hers, leaving her wanting more. His lips still against hers, moving slightly, "Alex, I want you…"

Her body is crying for release, her mind not sure this is the right time, undecided she hesitates, and then she feels his hand stroke down her body, sliding beneath the waistband of her panties, nestling into the notch between her thighs. Alex cries out in surprise, automatically grabbing his wrist. Her thighs clamp tight around his hand. Her eyes widen in her pale face but already its flushing with color as she stares up at him. Alex quivers as he lowers his head and again brushes a kiss across her lips.

As fine tremors shake her entire body, she takes a deep breath and slowly parts her thighs. He gently caresses the soft folds of flesh and Alex releases the grip on his wrist. Then he deftly opens her, finding her hot and moist, penetrates her with one finger. She stiffens in his arms, her thighs locking together again in an effort to control his invading hand. But there is nothing she can do to stop the slow probe of his finger inside her. Oh, God. She struggles briefly to contain the chaos of rioting nerve endings then collapses against his chest.

He kisses her again and pushes another finger into her, her hips arch up then subsides. Heat surges through her than a ripple of almost painful delight. Her skin feels tight, sensitive, her nipples pucker and harden, standing upright.

His fingers reach deep inside her, stroking her, causing her hips to arch again, taking his touch deeper within. Her thighs fall open, giving him easier access. Her heart is thundering, and she feels as if she might fly apart. She clutches at his shirt, her fingers digging into the flesh beneath as she tries to anchor herself against the storm that is battering her.

He says something she can't quite understand but she can hear the tenderness in his tone. His fingers slip out of her and making a soft sound of distress, she rolls her hips toward him. He swiftly removes her panties and returns his hand to her body, this time she parts her thighs willingly, feeling the wetness between them. The slow thrust of his fingers elicits a deep powerful hunger that is quickly becoming a need. When his thumb locates and presses on the small swelling nub, pure fire explodes through her nerves. She cries softly and curls toward him.

He holds her against him through her sensual struggles, as he continues to circle and rub with his thumb, tormenting the little nubbin, each touch making the fire burn brighter. A pulse begins throbbing between her legs, beating in a rhythm she has never felt before.

"W-Walker!" A soft cry of distress. He tilts her head back and sets his mouth on hers, his tongue repeating the movement of his fingers, and she reaches up, clinging to his shoulders, offering her mouth more fully to him.

It builds quickly, sensation spiraling into a tighter and tighter coil until it becomes too much. Her entire body stiffens then surges wildly as her climax rolls through her in waves. She begins shaking in uncontrollable spasms, feeling as if she is flying apart. Walker holds her close as the riotous turmoil shakes her body. She cries out in a thin wail that he muffles with his mouth.

The crest of sensations begins to subside, even though small shock waves continue to ripple through her loins. She goes limp and buries her face against his chest while she struggles to breathe.

He shifts her, his muscles tense beneath her, and he gets to his feet, cradling her gently in his arms. She grips his shirt as he carries her swiftly to the bedroom and places her on the bed. He removes the robe from her shoulders then he stands and begins stripping away his clothes.

He doesn't turn on a light, but the door is open and the light from the living room spills across the bed. Alex lies unmoving, enveloped in lethargy so complete that she thinks she might never move again. With a concentrated effort she raises heavy eyelids and watches Walker undress, she can almost feel his urgency. In seconds his powerful body is bare. He crawls over her, his hard thighs pushing between hers and forcing them wide then settles his weight on her.

With incredible joy and some trepidation she feels the hardness of his sex against the yielding softness of her own. Bracing himself on one arm and reaching down between them with the other, he guides his shaft against her and slowly begins pushing into her.

Alex's breath tangles in her throat, as she feels herself drowning in sensations again. She had felt filled with his two fingers inside her, but his thick manhood fills her to almost the point of distress. Though she's damp, he's so big, the sensation hovers between pain and ecstasy.

Feeling her flinch, he hoarsely asks, "Are you alright?" Receiving no answer his control shatters and he begins thrusting without restraint, reaching deep into her. The impact shakes her entire body. The sharp slap of their bodies coming together mingles with his harsh breathing and her soft moans.

As she moves with him she feels the tight spring of desire coiling again, closing her eyes she savors the sensations as they begin to fight their way to the crest. She loves the helpless groans that escape him, the heat and sweat as his body drives into her. She doesn't want to rush it, she wants it to last forever.

All to soon, though, his pace quickens, and he rears back, pounding into her with a wild need. He pushes her legs high, lifting her ankles onto his shoulders. Gasping, she feels him getting even bigger and harder inside her. He gives a harsh cry, one last thrust, and begins shuddering convulsively. Jamming her body up against his, she stiffens as spasms of sheer ecstasy ripple across her raw nerve endings, taking her helplessly over the edge with him.

When he stops shaking, when the last small quake ripples through him, she opens her arms and he weakly lets himself sink into them. His heavy weight crushes her but she's too tired to care. She can feel his heartbeat thudding against her breast, having a calming effect on her. His head lies beside hers on the pillow, facing her, his warm breath washes over her neck. She goes limp with utter contentment. Only heaven can be better than this, lying in the aftermath of lovemaking.

Walker wakes while it is still dark, hoping she won't mind if he uses her shower. Afterwards he moves quietly through the bedroom gathering the clothes that he had discarded in the dark the night before. Going into the living room with his clothes, he finishes dressing then goes to the kitchen and makes a pot of coffee. He's staring out of the window over the kitchen sink, thinking of what to do with Alex while he helps with the hunt for this maniac. He knows she can't be left alone, she saw the killer, he knows where she lives. That thought jolts him, realizing she will have to be moved. He jerks around when he sees movement out of the corner of his eye. He turns to see Alex, with just a robe on, watching him from the doorway.

He smiles softly at her, murmuring, "Did you sleep all right?" Looking at her, wondering what her reaction will be in the light of day.

Alex looks at him, this man who has stolen into her heart, remembering the delight he brought to her last night. She returns his smile, "Yes … I did." She moves closer. "Did you?"

He moves up, kisses her softly then pulls her into the warm embrace of his arms. "Do you think you could go down this morning and get that sketch made?"

He sees the color drain from her face, feels her body sag against his, then her head raises defiantly and she nods. "Yes, I'll … go get dressed." She leaves his arms and moves woodenly back into the bedroom.

He stares after her and when the door closes, "Damn! I could have handled that better."

Leaving Alex at the courthouse, in Trivette's custody, with orders not to let her out of his sight, he drives to his ranch and packs a bag, knowing there is no way he can leave her alone until this man has been caught.

When he arrives back at the courthouse, he sees a guard outside her office door, smiles and pushes open the door into Ranger Headquarters, looking for Trivette. Spotting him hunched over his desk he joins him, staring down at a picture lying on the top of it. "Is that him?"

"Yeah, Alex just finished a few minutes ago."

"Ordinary looking bastard isn't he?"

"Except for his heart … and it's black. Walker, what are we going to do with Alex? You know she can't be left alone, and you know she won't go into a safe house."

"Hmm … I think I need to go talk to Alex."

When he pushes her office door open, he finds her sitting behind her desk, her chair facing the window, her eyes blank, looking straight ahead. Whispering softly, "Alex?" When she doesn't respond he moves closer, "Alex," and touches her shoulder.

She jumps and turns at his touch, fear fills her eyes until she realizes who it is. "W-Walker!"

He turns the chair around and pulls her up into his arms. "Come on, let's get you out of here."

She lets herself be led away then suddenly remembers that she has a job to do and begins struggling against him, "Walker, I can't leave, I have work to do."

"It'll keep."

She tries to make him let go of her arm, but he is very insistent. "Walker … please."

She can't pull away and if truth were known she doesn't really want to. She has been so scared, since that night at the farmhouse she can't even think straight.

He doesn't stop until she is safely sheltered in his truck. He turns to face her and they stare into one another's eyes for a long minute. Walker is so overwhelmed with desire to keep her safe that he can think of nothing else. He decides then and there that he won't let Alex out of his sight. Anyone who tries to harm her will have to go through him first.

"Walker, are you all right?"

"Yeah, I am."

"You look...angry."

"I don't want anything to happen to you, Alex." He turns and grips her shoulders, his hold fierce, protective.

She gently pulls his hands away and holds on to them knowing full well those hands will protect her. "Nothing's going to happen to me."

"I'm going to protect you," he strongly vows, then puts his arm around her shoulders. "Come on, I'm taking you home … Ms. Cahill." He grins and starts the engine.

She turns her head slowly on the headrest and looks at him, "No, Walker, its Alex. Just plain Alex."

"Ah, Alex." He leans over and brushes his lips across hers. "There's nothing plain about you. Nothing at all." Pulling away from the curb he quickly scans the area, and drives in a round about way to Alex's apartment, making sure they aren't followed.

Stopping in front in her apartment building, he helps her from the truck and follows her inside. She walks straight into the kitchen, and after shutting the door he pauses, trying to find the right way to tell her that she has to go in hiding.

He moves to the kitchen and leans against the door, watching her as she goes from the refrigerator, to the cabinets, to the counter fixing lunch for the both of them. He notices that her hands are shaking as she spreads mayonnaise on the bread, then slaps on sliced ham, cheese and then slices the sandwich in half. He sits down as she brings the plates to the table.

She drops into a chair and with a tremor in her voice, "He's after me isn't he?"


"He is … isn't he, that's why you took the long way here, isn't it?"

Softly, "Alex if you saw his face and he knows it, he will be looking for you. That's why we need to get you into a safe house."

Her head jerks up, "Safe house? I'm not going to be locked up in a house till you catch him, which could take weeks, months even. And you know how safe houses are. They're no safer than right here. Why can't I stay here." She pleads with him, reaching out to place her hand on his. "Please … with you."

"Alex…" His eyes meet hers, his mind turning over her plea. 'Why not?' he thinks, 'This house wouldn't be that different than a safe house. Safe houses have been found before, and this guy is pretty smart. I'd be with her constantly. It would be familiar if anything came up.' He picks up her hand, swallowing it with his, "I'll talk to the Captain. We might be able to make it work." He drops his eyes to their hands.

"What … what is it Walker?"

"Alex … I…" He stands, backs away from the table, distancing himself from her, so he can think. "What you said about it taking weeks even months to catch this guy … you're right. If he decides to leave Dallas, we'd never know and even if we did, he could still return." He moves a step closer. "What would you say … to laying a trap for this guy?"

Her eyes bore into his. "With me … as bait." He nods.

Her body straightens, stiffens, her face whitens and she begins trembling at the thought of this … this maniac getting close to her, the vision of what he had done to that little boy fills her mind, and tears fill her eyes. She is scared of even thinking of seeing this man again. But this man needs to be caught. She turns her head to look at Walker. Her eyes searching his face, seeing his concern for her. Then she relaxes ever so slightly, knowing that this man that has stolen her heart, would never let anything happen to her.

"What … what would I have to do?"

Walker quickly moves to her side, kneels down next to her chair, "Nothing. Absolutely nothing! We'll make him come to us instead of waiting on him." He takes her hands, clenched together in a tight fist, from her lap, "And I'll be with you at all times. He won't get near you." He pulls her up from the chair, and wraps her tight in his arms, snug against his chest, her face buried in his neck.

Her voice barely a whisper, "We need … to get more groceries. I'm not use to cooking for a man, with a big appetite." A smile crosses her face as she thinks of his … other … appetite. "And you'll need to bring in some extra clothes. These could get pretty gamey … especially if I keep crying on you."

He tilts her face up, sees her smile, "I've … got a bag in the truck." Then seeing the questioning look on her face, "I thought we would be going to a safe house. We'll go to the store in a few minutes. We'll do every thing together. I don't want you out of my sight for one minute."


"Alex, you know what I mean."


This is a real spine tingler. Enjoy!!!

The Crisis Part III
By Sissy & Jennifer

Returning from the grocery store, both work together to put away the numerous items they'd gotten, with lots of banter between them but when the talking stops their thoughts return to that grim task ahead of them.

After a light dinner of which very little is eaten, they return to the living room to the sofa, where Walker pulls her back into his arms. The television is on but neither one can say what is playing. Feeling his arms crossed just under her breasts, his thumb lazily caressing, she feels the tears starting to build in her eyes. Whenever she lets her mind relax it always returns to the image of that little boy and the tears come.

Walker feels the tears on his arm, and he turns her around, "Alex…?"

"Oh, God, Walker, make me forget." She strains against him reaching up to kiss him. He covers her mouth with his, his tongue probing deeply, roughly, securing her against him, he stands and carries her to the bedroom.

She lies quietly on the bed, while he impatiently discards his clothes. With her, he moves quickly but efficiently in removing hers. Her naked body gleams dimly in the darkness as he moves over her, he feels that delicious softness beneath him, and running his hand down, he touches her, finding her already hot and wet, her thighs open to accept him. He holds her head between his hands and kisses her with a slow hunger as he probes, finds the yielding of her entrance and pushes within. The heat and the tightness enfold him, making his shaft throb so violently that he groans into her mouth.

"Make me … forget," she begs in desperation. He forces his way in to the hilt, holding her as she arches beneath him, feeling her body adjust to his size and preparing for the force of his thrusts. She makes little whimpering sounds as her tight nipples stab against his chest.

Pumping into her, he knows he can make her forget with passion, can fill her senses with his body, can make her forget with the pleasure he can give her. But he can't rid her of the nightmare. He can only give her his warmth, let her feel the steady beat of his heart to let her know she isn't alone, that she'll never be alone.


Alex stirs and wakes abruptly, startled with the realization that someone is asleep in bed with her. She knows who it is instantly, and remembers the pleasures they had shared through the night, but it has been a long time since she has awakened with a man beside her, and never with a hard, warm man such as this one.

She turns her head to look at him. Thinking that less than a week ago she they were only friends, and now just a few short days later, they are lovers. He has never expressed his feeling for her but for now she is content to know that he cares deeply for her. Her eyes graze across his bearded face, relaxed and placid in sleep.

Laying her hand on the arm across her stomach, he stirs and tucks her more closely against him, then gives back into sleep again. He is generating so much heat she feels warm and cozy in his arms even though the blankets are lying on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Feeling wickedly sensuous, she smoothes her hand over his chest, enjoying the roughness of the thick, curly hair under her palm. Beneath the hair is a wall of rock hard muscle. When her hand brushes across his nipples, the small nubs harden into pebbles as she rubs her fingertip over them.

A deep rumble in his chest makes her look up. He's looking at her, his eyelids still heavy with sleep. Down below his manhood twitches and stretches, prodding her in the stomach. "Alex?"

"Shh…" She rises up on her knees and places both hands on his chest, circling his nipples with her thumbs, delighted when they harden again, at seeing his chest heave as his breathing increases. She leans over and circles a nipple with her tongue then gently sucks on it. She hears a stifled moan and watches as a shudder passes through his body. She moves to the other nipple and gives it the same treatment while her hands slip down over his ribs, her fingers tracing over the ridges of his stomach and the smoothness of his abdomen.

Walker's breathing is raspy, his body tense, his fingers gripping handfuls of sheet at his sides, as she slowly explores his body. When her hand brushes his straining erection, he groans and his legs shift restlessly, then lie still, waiting.

She curls her fingers around him feeling the soft skin over iron hardness. He's thick and pulsing with desire. The thought of taking his thickness inside her excites her. Her breathing is soft, and rapid, her blood is like liquid fire in her veins. When she cups the heavy sac gently in her hands his body arches up. He is shaking from head to toe. In a strangled cry, "Oh, God."

"God … can't help you." She says softly. The sense of her power over this strong man is heady.


Alex is damp and swollen, throbbing with need. The other times they had been together, it was him giving her pleasure. She wants to be in control, wants to give him pleasure, this time.

With a soft sigh, she mounts him, straddling his hips she holds his shaft steady as she slowly sinks down. Enjoying the feel of her stretching to accept him, inch by inch, of the hardness of him probing deeper. The sensation is so exquisite that she lifts herself almost off before taking him inside her again … and again

Knowing that a sublime ecstasy awaits her, she is enjoying the path leading to it. She fights the need to rush, wanting to savor every delicious explosion of sensation deep inside her as she lifts herself from him, letting her inner muscles grip him tightly she sinks down on him again.

Walker's fists knot in the sheets, his forehead is beaded with sweat, she's not taking all of him as she continues to slide up and down on him, and he feels like he is going to die. He knows if he touches her it will be over in a heartbeat, he wants to give this time to her. But he feels as if his heart is going to explode.

She's dripping wet now and her rhythm becomes faster. Her head falls back, her hands are braced against his chest, and her eyes close, as a breathless sob escapes from her lips. With a convulsive shudder, she falls into the swirling depths of ecstasy, her entire body given into the pleasures racking it.

The rhythmic tightening of her inner muscles on him, shatters his last thread of control and with an explosive growl, he releases his death grip on the sheet and grabs her surging hips, forcing her downward as he slams upward, pushing his full length into her. It only takes the one stroke, his orgasm bursting into her in a powerful stream as he convulses beneath her. He clamps her to him until it is over for both of them and she is lying limply on his chest. Their heartbeats pounding together, their breathing harsh as they try to suck in fresh air to appease their laboring lungs.

He feels like he will never be able to move again. She feels like molten wax poured over him. Neither one can bear to make the move to separate. Both drift off to sleep, warm and content, curled up in each other's arms.

Then the phone rings.

It takes three rings before Walker can pull himself from Alex's arms. He picks up his pants and, hobbling, puts them on as he goes to the living room, wanting to take the call away from the bedroom.

"Walker," his voice sluggish with sleep.

"Walker, there's been another abduction called in." His heart clenches as he hears the unforgettable words from Trivette

"Where?" He finally asks.

"North side of Dallas. Larry Walter's little boy."

"Have someone to come out to stay with Alex, I'll be there as soon as I can." He hangs up, sighs and turns to see Alex watching him from the bedroom doorway, clasping the bathrobe tightly around her.

His voice soft, "There's been another kidnapping." He walks toward her, taking her into his arms.

"Oh, God, Walker, when is this ever going to end?" He doesn't know how to answer her, how do you catch a man so evil. Feeling his arms releasing her, "You're … leaving?"

"Yes, I need to get to the scene. I've got another man coming out to stay with you till I get back." Feeling her start to tremble, "Alex, he'll be too busy with this … his new toy, to come here. If I thought for a minute you'd be in danger I'd never leave." He pulls her close and kisses her softly then returns to the bedroom to dress. She watches him from the doorway, trying hard to keep her fear under control. He straps on his holster, than hesitates, pulls the gun free and hands it to her. "Do you know how to use this?" She nods and he cocks a shell into the chamber and hands it to her. "It's ready, all you have to do is aim and pull the trigger." He grabs his keys from the dresser and turns toward her again. "I don't know how long I'll be gone. I'll be back as soon as I can. It'll be light soon. Lock the doors and don't let anyone in but me, okay?"

She reaches up and kisses him softly on the lips, "I know, go, I'll wait up for you."


He has a hard time pulling his eyes from her, but she pushes him toward the door. "Go!"

He hurries to his truck, climbs in, and she watches as it disappears down the road. She moves back from the window and lays the gun down on the coffee table, then sits down on the couch and flips on the television to see if anything is on the news.

Not five minutes after Walker speeds away the television goes off as well as all the other lights in the house. Alex is paralyzed with terror and the heart-gripping knowledge that he has come for her. Where? Where is he? She hears a noise at the window, her head swiftly turns in that direction, a noise from the kitchen, another from the bedroom. Please Dear God, where … is … he?"

As Walker gets in his truck he radios Ranger Headquarters about sending someone out to stay with Alex, then speeds toward his destination on the north side of Dallas.

"We'll get someone out there as soon as possible, Ranger Walker."

"I want someone out there now."

"We're trying, it been a really busy night."

"Damn it!" His foot eases off the gas, reluctant to leave Alex alone for even ten minutes. What if this is a ruse just to pull him away. Something doesn't feel right. He's given her his gun. And a patrolman will be there momentarily. But his gut is telling him something is wrong. A sense of dread is growing stronger by the minute. He swings to the side of the street and makes a U-turn heading back to Alex's apartment, with a fist of fear gripping his heart.

She remembers the gun. In the dark she frantically plays her hands over the coffee table, hits the gun sending it to the floor. Quickly getting down on her knees she begins searching the floor, but when she hears a noise at the front door she freezes. She feels cold sweat breaking out on her face, her hands are shaking, and a knot of fear in her chest is making it hard to breathe.

A loud crash at the door shakes her loose from the grip of terror and she frantically sweeps the floor for the gun again. Brushing over the barrel, she quickly picks it up and scoots back against the sofa, gripping the gun in both hands. She knows he's in the room but where, it is so dark. She can hear him breathing, can smell his evil, suddenly a bright light explodes in her face. "Well … well, what have we got here. Hello, bitch." She pulls the trigger as he swings the knife.


This is the final, hope you all enjoy.

The Crisis
By Jennifer & Sissy

When Walker stops in front of her apartment he sees her front door hanging by one hinge. He jumps from the truck just as a squad car pulls up behind him. The house is dark, dear God, he begs, as he races for the door, don't let her be hurt. Diving through the door he lands on his hands and knees, screaming out Alex's name.

The light from the street lamp outside casts an eerie shadow on the floor as it shines through the doorway. Walker sees a man, flat on his back, his eyes staring upward, seeing nothing. A black pool of blood spreads out around him.

"Alex," his voice shaken with fear, "Alex?"

"Walker," a soft whisper from the darkness, her voice breaking. "Walker … I'm here."

The patrolman shines his flashlight at the sound. Alex closes her eyes and turns her head away. A dark wetness glistens on the front of her robe. She's still holding the pistol, both hands clasped around it.

Walker's legs won't hold him so he crawls up to her, and gently pries her fingers from around the gun, lying it on the floor behind him. He brushes her hair from her face, and gently caresses her cheek. "Alex! Oh God, honey."

Her voice is shaking, "He ... he had a knife ... he c-c-cut me ... I ... I shot him," tears are falling down her face as she continues, "... but he kept coming ... so I kept ... shooting."

His hands are shaking hard as he lowers her to the floor, smoothing her hair back from her face, "Let me see … let me see how bad you're hurt, Alex."

She looks down at herself, sniffing, trying to stop the tears. "It doesn't hurt that bad ... it stings but I don't think it's serious." He presses the heel of his hand inside her robe over the oozing cut on her side then pulls her trembling body into his arms, cradling her against his chest. "I'm … all right. Just … tired. So … tired. … can I rest now?"

"Sure, Alex, rest … just rest, I'll be right here."

"Walker," Trivette at his side. "The medics are here, you need to move back so they can help her, buddy." Trivette helps him to stand and backs him away and the medics take their places. "We'll follow them to the hospital, but she's going to be all right, I promise."


"Walker, I really do feel well enough to leave. It was only a superficial cut. I can hardly feel it any more."

He sits down on the edge of the bed, taking her hand in his. "I don't know Alex, your apartment isn't finish with the remodeling, so you can't go home, yet."

"Well," she brushes her fingers over his bearded cheek. "I could … recuperate out at your ranch … couldn't I?"


Walker lifts Alex into the Ram, not wanting her to risk doing any further damage to her injury by stepping up into the truck.

"I could have gotten in here by myself, you know," she says softly.

"No, I wouldn't want you to do anything to the cut by stepping up, Alex."

"Its not that bad anymore, Walker."

"Maybe so," he says, grabbing a hold of her seatbelt. "But I'm taking care of you right now, and I say, no strain."

"No ... strain," she murmurs as he leans across her to fasten the seatbelt.

After it clicks into place, he straightens up, his hand on her thigh, and sees the look in her eyes, knowing full well what she meant. Choosing not to answer her, he kisses her lightly, and then squeezing her thigh, moves out of the way to close the truck door.

He gets into the truck, and starting the engine, heads for his ranch. Glancing down out of the corner of his eye as he drives, he spies Alex's hand resting on the seat next to her leg. He wants to reach for her hand, but that old shyness comes over him again. She's a beautiful woman, he cares deeply for her, and has shared his body with her a few times in the past several days, and there are times he can't believe she is with him. Of all the other Rangers, he figured he'd be the least likely to win her attentions. The last several days, though trying, have also been wonderful. Stealing a glance out of the corner of his eye again, he reaches to turn on the radio, keeping the volume low. After turning it on, he places his hand on the seat next to his own leg. Slowly his hand inches closer to Alex's.

A smile spreads across her face as she realizes what he's doing. Biting her lip to keep from grinning at his shyness, she reaches over and lays her hand on top of his. Walker looks over at her with a grin as he turns his hand, gripping her small hand firmly in his. He absent-mindedly rubs his thumb over the back of her hand, causing a rapid increase in Alex's heartbeat.

After a few miles, Alex unbuckles her seatbelt. Walker is about to object, but stops when she slides closer to him, buckling the middle seatbelt around her hips. She lay her hand on his thigh as his right arm goes around her shoulders. It is Walker's turn for a rapid increase in heartbeat as Alex's hand lightly caresses his muscular thigh. He shifts slightly in his seat as he fights to maintain the building arousal she is creating in him. His hand grips her shoulder as he fights for control. Glancing down, Alex realizes the effect her touch is having and stills her hand. Moving his arm from around her shoulders, he reaches down and grasps her hand in his again, fingers entwine. Laying her head on his shoulder, she stretches her feet out on the seat beside her, their clasped hands on her thigh, she sighs deeply and dozes the rest of the way to the ranch.

He squeezes her hand lightly to wake her when they arrived at the ranch. "We're here," he whispers.

Alex sits up and smiles at him. She loves it here, loves spending time with Walker and the horses. Her gaze turns to the barn, then back to Walker.

He opens the door, and helps Alex down from the truck. "Alex, the doctor said you're to take it easy." He circles her waist with his arm. "Maybe … we can talk out anything you … might want to talk about?"

She stops, turns in his arms to face him. "I don't really have anything I want to talk about." She turns and continues toward the house. Walker stares after her, then hurries to catch up to open the door for her. Just inside, she glances around at the room, noticing how cozy, and homey it is, she feels like she belongs here.

She moves to stand in the doorway of the den, gazing at the hominess. A slow smile spreads across her face. She feels completely at home, so at home she moves to sit on the couch before being prodded by Walker. Walker notices this and is inwardly happy that she feels so at home at his house. He's never told anyone, but he enjoys her presence when she's there. He moves to the fireplace and quickly has a fire going.

Turning around to face her, "You hungry, Alex?" he asks, kneeling down in front of her, his hands on her knees. "I can make a mean roast beef sandwich."

"No," she murmurs, staring into the flames. "I'm not really hungry. Her blue eyes move and lock with Walker's tender gaze, "But...I..."

"What is it, hon?" he asks when she hesitates, concern written on his face.

"I...what I'd really like is..." her voice lowers to a whisper, "...would you hold me?"

"Sure" he whispers in return as he immediately moves beside her on the couch, pulling her into his arms and onto his lap, his hold on her warm and tight. "Alex, you ever need to be held ... you just say so ... and these arms are there," he finishes with a murmur and a kiss to the top of her head.

For a while nothing is said, but comfort is given and taken. Alex lies with her head on Walker's chest, her hands on the arms that enfold her, his steady heartbeat and warm breath on her hair have a calming affect on her. With her soft and steady breathing, Walker thinks Alex has fallen asleep, and is content to just hold her as she sleeps.

Her soft voice breaks the silence. "Thank you for being there for me, Walker."

His hold on her tightens almost imperceptibly, "I'll always be there for you, Alex. I hope you know that."

She turns her head up to look at him, as he turns his gaze downward to look at her, their lips mere inches apart. "I know...." Her words are cut off when their lips meet in a tender kiss. Lips and tongues mingle and then part, only to come together again and again. Walker's thumb absentmindedly caresses the swell of her breast and a soft whimper escapes her when his warm hand moves to cup the breast, her nipple immediately hardening to a tight peak at the sensual contact.

The kiss finally ends when breathing becomes labored. Walker gazes down into Alex's eyes, eyes that are heavy with desire, lips swollen from the kisses. "I want you" she breathes, echoing his words from a few days ago.

Needing no further invitation, for he wants her just as much, he shifts his arms, placing one under her legs, then stands and carries her up the stairs to his bedroom, kissing her all the way. When he reaches the bed, he kneels down on it with one leg, placing her in the middle, and then coming down on top of her. Her arms never unleash their hold on his neck as the kiss deepens and takes on a life of its own.

One arm holds Alex's body close to his as his other hand reaches for the buttons on her shirt, flicking them open one at a time. Pushing aside the material, his warm hand caresses the soft skin of her belly, slowly moving upward to her bra. Moving his hand around to her back, he unhooks her bra then quickly brings his hands back around to close warmly over her breast, eliciting a soft moan from her. Her hands move from around his neck to his shirt, fumbling with the buttons in her haste to feel his bare chest against her own.

She whimpers when his hand leaves her breast, the whimper caught in his mouth as he kisses her soundly before sitting up to remove his shirt. Standing up he removes his boots, then his pants. He slowly unzips his pants, releasing his pulsing erection from its confines as he removes both his pants and shorts at the same time. Alex unconsciously licks her lips as she stares at his hard body, bulging gleaming muscles, and his huge hard erection standing at attention. Walker leans over her body and grasps her hands, pulling her forward to a sitting position, pushing her shirt and bra from her shoulders before he gently pushes her back down on the bed. Planting a wet kiss to her navel, he moves to her jeans, releasing the button, then slowly drawing the zipper downward. Locking his eyes with hers, he lowers her jeans over her hips and down her shapely legs. Casting her jeans to the floor, he stands staring at her body, from her breasts with their pink tips, swelling under his intense gaze, down her flat stomach to her narrow hips, stopping on the white lace panties shielding her femininity from his gaze. Growling hungrily, in one smooth move he strips her lace panties from her body, separates her thighs and slides his hands under them. She cries out when his tongue caresses the soft folds of flesh at the juncture, and screams out in ecstasy when his tongue finds the wetness underneath. He caresses her with his tongue is slow lazy strokes as she whimpers and moans, her hips undulating in his hands. Suddenly her legs stiffen on either side of his head and she arches forward as she chokes out his name "Oh God...Walker!", the climax hitting her senses in waves of pleasure.

Alex's cries continue as he inserts two fingers, thrusting them in and out of her in quick strokes, prolonging her climax. She falls limply back against the pillows as the climax wanes, a fine sheen of perspiration covering her body. Walker moves over her, covering her body with his as he claims her lips in a kiss. As the kiss goes on, Alex's hands caress the strong muscles of his shoulders and back, reveling in their feel. By the time the kiss ends, Alex has regained some of her strength and her hands wander downward over his buttocks, then around to his front to tangle in the hair surrounding his erection.

"Your turn," she murmurs huskily, as her hand curls around his pulsing shaft.

He moans as her hand moves up to collect the pearling moisture at the tip of his manhood. She pushes him onto his back as she begins moving her hand up and down the long hard warm shaft. His hips soon move in time with her hand, pushing his shaft through her firm grip. It is his turn to scream out in ecstasy when her tongue reaches out to taste the tip of his manhood, his masculine moans spur her on as she envelops her mouth around him, taking him deep inside the warm wetness of her mouth. Her hand moves to cup the heavy sac underneath as she continues her loving assault on him, and he soon feels a rumble from deep within. Needing to feel himself sheathed inside her beautiful body he grasps her arms, pulling her up his body, then rolling, tucking her underneath him. Her thighs fall open in anticipation and their gazes lock. Eyes on each other, she arches up as he thrusts slowly inside. Her eyes close as she savors him filling her, stretching her, inch by glorious inch.

Fully embedded, he moans and slides a hand underneath her, gripping her buttocks close to his groin as he slowly thrusts in and out, gritting his teeth against the need to move faster and bring about the release he craves. Alex wraps her legs around his waist as he bends to take a breast into his mouth, his tongue flicking the nipple again and again. She cries out when his teeth close around the nipple, lightly tugging on it. He moves to take the other breast into his mouth, closing his teeth around its nipple as well, sending shivers of pure pleasure careening through her. Her hands grip his head, pulling him to her mouth and kissing him greedily as he picks up the pace. With her hands gripping his strong arms, her legs still around his waist, her second climax roars through her and she throws her head back as she cries out. He feels the pulsing of her climax against his throbbing shaft, and with one last powerful thrust, he shudders violently, spilling himself deep within her body as he calls out her name, "Alex...oh God...Alex!"

Completely drained and completely sated, he collapses heavily onto Alex's body. Her breathing is heavy and labored, and when he catches his breath he leans up to look into her deep blue eyes.

"That was...."

"Yes it was." He kisses her deeply, then withdrawing, he gathers her into his arms and rolls onto his back, tucking her into his side, her head on his shoulder, arm across his chest, legs entwined.

Alex releases a long sigh of contentment.

"Me too, too," he murmurs, kissing the top of her head. Tightening his hold on her, he whispers, "Alex...I..." he hesitates.

"Shhhhh..." she murmurs, leaning up to brush her lips over his. He moves his head and deepens the kiss. She realizes he is having trouble with his words, expressing his feelings for her, but the ferocity and the tenderness of their lovemaking in the past several days, she doesn't doubt them at all. The tenderness he has shown her over the past days, and during their lovemaking this night has shown her how dearly he treasures her. This soft tender side of him is new to her, but is just as deliciously intoxicating as the more demanding side. He hasn't committed himself yet, at least not with words, but the bond of their flesh gives her promise.

She can wait for the rest of it.

The End