The Delivery


“So Walker what do you think about Jeremiah if it’s a girl.”  “Sure Alex that sounds great.”  Alex just shook her head and hurled a big fluffy pillow right toward her husbands head hitting her mark - bulls-eye.  Stunned, Walker turned to Alex, in a voice that could only be described as stunned and asked, “what was that for.”  “Jeremiah Walker... for a girl... are you even listening to me!”  Alex I’m sorry I guess my mind has just been a little... preoccupied.”  “Would you like to talk about names.”  Asked Walker as he crossed to his now very pregnant wife.  “ No Walker I’m sorry too.  I guess I am just anxious.  I feel fat and I want to hold our child.”  Walker chuckled inwardly, knowing anything else would get another pillow thrown at him or worse.  Walker took a deep breath grabbed both of his wife’s hands and looked deeply into her eyes.  “ Honey I love you, you look beautiful and I can’t wait to hold our child either.  I know it is hard but we won’t have to wait much longer.  I am sure of it.”  “ What we need to do is get your mind off of everything.”  Alex shook her head laughing and said, “ I don’t think so cowboy.”  Walker smiled “ Alex I wasn’t talking about that ... but now that you mention it,” raising his eyebrows for effect.  They both laughed.  Alex I meant how about we drive to the lake and walk around.  The doctor said the walking would be good and could speed things along.  Besides it is such a beautiful day and I can’t think of anyone I would rather spend it with.”  They both smiled at each other and then Alex threw her arms around Walkers neck and whispered the words that always melted his heart.  “ I love you Walker.”

Alex and Walker walked along the river talking and enjoying each others company.  They loved being with each other and thrived off of the time they were able to spend together away from there respective careers. 

They were heading back to the truck when Alex suddenly doubled over in pain grabbing Walker’s arm as her knees buckled.  All the color drained from Walkers face and he immediately went into emergency mode. “ Alex what is... what’s wrong?”  Trying to keep his voice calm but knowing full well that his wife was probably in labor.  “ Walker my water broke that can’t be good.”  “Well it is good as far as being able to hold our baby sooner.”  “I meant being all the way out here.”  “Don’t worry Alex we will get you to the hospital in time and you and our baby are going to be just fine.  I promise you.”  

They finally made it to the truck but it was obvious to both of them that they were not going to make it to the hospital before the baby was born.  Walker was going to have to deliver it.  Walker made Alex as comfortable as possible and waited for the next contraction.  When it hit Walker encouraged Alex to push and with in an hour he was cleaning and wrapping their new baby boy in a nice warm blanket and passing him to his mom. “ Well Alex it looks like Jeremiah will work after all.”

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