The Dream That Came True

By: WalkerFan4Ever

One night, the five friends, Trivette, Sydney, Gage, Walker and his wife Alex went to dinner. While they sit and enjoy their meal and each other's company, Trivette brings up Walker and Alex's wedding and then asks; "Now, that you guys are FINALLY married, when are we going to see little Walkers and Alex’s running around?" The question causes and Walker and Alex to think about having children. They have discussed the idea, but they haven't made definite plans to start their family, instead preferring to let nature take its course. What Walker does not know is that Alex is already pregnant and waiting for the right moment to tell him. Alex remembers the conversation that she and Walker had on the flight to Paris for their honeymoon. She reminds Walker, "Walker, on the flight to Paris, do you remember when we were talking about having kids?" He responds, "yes, I do. Why?" She tells him, "Honey, I have something important to tell you." Walker says, "Oh, what is it?" "Do you remember when I was up all night sick in the bathroom? Well, I went to the doctor and he did some tests and told me that I was eight weeks pregnant and that I am due in may."  

"Pregnant! You mean that I'm going to be a Daddy?" Walker asked. Alex was surprised by his reaction. She asks, "you're happy about this? I thought you wanted to wait a while before we start having kids." "I'm happy honey, I'm happy," he assures her. "Let's not tell anyone about this just yet, I want it to be our special secret." Walker agrees with his wife and says, "Alex, I have a surprise for you if you want it." Alex loves when she receives surprises from her husband. "Yes, I want it, where is it?" she asks.  

Walker grabs a blindfold from his pocket and tells her that she has to wear it so she can't see anything. Little does Alex know, but Walker redecorated the spare bedroom into a nursery because his Cherokee intuition told him the reason why she had been sick. 

He blindfolds Alex and leads her up the stairs to the nursery and uncovers her face, she looks around and starts to cry. Alex asks, "Walker, how did you know that I was pregnant before I even told you?" He says, "I had a visit from White Eagle and he told me that he got a message from the spirits saying that I had a little one coming in the near future for me and my bride." Just then the gang shows up. Trivette, Sydney and Gage call out for them and they rush downstairs to greet them. All of them are wondering what is going on. Alex asks Walker if they should share their good news.  

Walker says, "I thought that you wanted to wait to tell everyone." Alex says, "I can't wait any longer." Trivette asks, "what news?" Walker and Alex both say in unison, "we're expecting a baby in May!" The whole gang is excited, but their celebration is interrupted by the telephone ringing. It's Gordon Cahill, Alex's father, saying that he has arrived for a visit. Walker and Alex are excited that Gordon is in town so that they can tell him that he is going to be a grandpa. Suddenly, Alex starts to cry and Walker asks her, "honey, what's the matter with you?" She says, "I just wish that C.D. could be here for this." Walker agrees with her and comforts her. Gordon arrives at the ranch and walks in the front door and everyone gets quiet. Gordon demands to know what is going on and he figures that he can get it out of Trivette. Gordon asks, "Trivette, what is going on here?"  

Trivette says, "Gordon, you have to ask your daughter and son-in-law. Syd and Gage, I think we should leave now." They say their good byes. Gordon demands to know what is going on from Walker and Alex. They both look at each other and tell Gordon that he is going to be a grandpa. Gordon asks, "how far along are you? What are you having?" "Whoa, Dad,” Alex responds. "I'm only eight weeks along and I'm not due until May and I don't know the sex of the baby yet because it's too early to tell." They have a long talk and then go to bed. Gordon stays to visit them for a week. 

Six months after Gordon's visit to the ranch, Alex is eight months pregnant and sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's office. Walker and Alex are finally getting ready to find out the sex of their upcoming child. The doctor examines Alex and says, "Mr. and Mrs. Walker, do you want to know the sex now or wait?" They both say "now". "Well, you are having twins and they are a boy and a girl. You have just about 2 weeks left until they are due." Walker and Alex are elated. They leave the doctor’s office and head for C.D.'s Bar and Grill. The whole gang is there awaiting their arrival. When they walk in, Trivette asks, "well, am I going to have a god-son or a god-daughter." Walker and Alex say, "both." Trivette's mouth drops wide open.  

Sydney had bet Gage that Walker and Alex were expecting twins. She tells him to pay up. Three weeks pass and still no twins. The doctor told them that if Alex does not go into labor within the next couple of days, they would have to induce labor. Walker arranges to take the next two months off so he can help Alex with the twins. The gang goes out to the ranch taking Walker and Alex some lunch. As they pull up the driveway, Walker and Alex are running out of the house. Walker says, "she's in labor, meet us at the hospital." Trivette calls Gordon on their way to the hospital. Walker drives to the hospital in record time. Walker is with Alex in the delivery room when their twins arrive. With the labor and delivery of their beautiful twins over, Alex is resting in her hospital room. Walker walks out of the room to give Trivette, Sydney and Gage the news and to bring them in to meet his new family.  

Just as Walker escorts them to Alex's room, he hears a familiar voice. "Walker, wait up for me." Gordon says. "Gordon, how did you know that she was in labor." "Trivette called me on his way here." "Let's go see Alex and the twins," Walker suggests. They get into her room and Trivette asks, "well, what are their names?" Alex answers, "Daddy, guys I would like you to meet Clayton Davis Walker after C.D. and Emily Madison Walker after Mom." Everybody takes turns holding the twins and Alex says to her husband, "My dream finally came true, I have you and the twins, my dad, and our friends together as a family." 

The End