The Elevator Incident

Alex is standing in front of the elevator, glancing through a folder that she’s holding in her hands, when Walker walks up and stands beside and slightly behind her. She feels his presence more than sees him and her heart picks up its pace. Even though he hasn’t touched her, a warm glow is starting to spread through her body. Ever since he had asked her to marry him, even before to some degree, whenever he entered the same room that she was in, she could sense that he was close and would begin looking for him.

He knows that she’s aware of him standing beside her from the way her stance has changed. The desire to touch her is so overwhelming that it takes all of his self-control to keep his hands at his side.  Why he had ever waited so long to ask her to marry him is something that he may never understand. But he finally did, and his whole outlook on life has changed. He can’t wait to see her every morning, which is almost like an addiction. One glance and he’s high for most of the day.

“Good morning, cowboy,” A soft murmur, that is barely audible.

“Hi,” He answers the same way.

Just the sound of his voice is enough to brighten her day, but seeing him had the ability to put her in ecstasy.  She knows better than to turn and look at him, she’s afraid of what she might do, and this hall is always busy. She can’t really understand why there isn’t anyone else waiting for the elevator, but she’s glad there isn’t. She looks up as she hears the cling, clang that signals that the elevator is moving.

When the door slides open, she steps inside, turns to face the door, and Walker moves in right behind her and he too, turns to face the door. It seems like forever before the door finally begins closing. Then as it starts to move downward, Walker reaches out and pushes the stop button.

She smiles, knowing his intentions, for as the elevator stops, he turns around and takes Alex in his arms pulling her close. She puts her arms around his neck knocking his hat to the floor, as he lowers his lips to hers with a kiss that soon fills them both with desire. The kiss deepens, his tongue urgently stroking hers with an increasingly insistent rhythm. Their bodies melt into each other, causing hands to move frantically, touching sensitive areas, and sending sensations of ecstasy flooding through the lovers. Tantalizingly he moves his mouth from her lips along her jaw to her ear.

“Darling…” she murmurs when she can catch her breath.

“I know…” he whispers breathlessly, his lips brushing hers.

Alex steps back and straightens her clothes as Walker straightens his, bends over to pick up his hat and puts it on his head, then he reaches over and hits the start button.

The crowd that has been waiting for the elevator start muttering phrases like, “It’s about time!” and “What took so long?” and who else is waiting but none other then Trivette. He looks at them as they leave the car, a smile lights up his face from ear to ear, but he doesn’t say a word. Neither Walker nor Alex looks at him as they walk past.

Entering the car and turning around to face the door, ‘Wow, that must have been one wild elevator ride!’

The End