By Tammy

"Walker what are you doing?" Alex asked one chilly evening as she stood outside with Walker. He wanted to take her out somewhere special and wouldn’t tell her where it was…just that he had a surprise for her. Something special just for the two of them.

"Alex, I told you to stay in the house…" Walker said smiling at her. She just looked back at him and he knew that she wasn’t going to budge.

"Fine, everything is ready anyway. Come on get in the truck…" Uncertainty had swept through Alex as she walked to the passenger side and was amazed when Walker held open the door for her. He rarely held open the doors when they went out to eat or even around the courthouse or Ranger HQ…and now he was holding open the RAM’s passenger door…and shutting it behind her. She watched as he ran around to his side and got in.

Driving in near silence Alex watched the scenery and began to wonder where they were going when Walker headed farther and farther into the wilderness. Not wanting to question him she let it ride even though her curiosity was peaked. Finally Walker stopped in the middle of an open field. Alex was not sure where they were but knew Walker would put her life in danger and that trust was what got her out of the truck at nearly midnight. They had been driving for nearly four hours.

Walker reached into the backseat and grabbed a couple blankets and a couple pillows. Then they each got out and Alex followed him to the bed of the truck. Walker pulled down the tailgate and hopped up into the bed. Reaching down he took Alex’s hand and helped her up along side him. It was then she noticed that Walker had added something special to the RAM…the bed was padded.

"Walker, what are we doing?"

"Well Alex…I know how much you love to look at the stars and I know how peaceful it is out here…so I thought we could sit out here and watch the stars together." Together they laid in the bed of the truck and Walker covered them up with blankets and they cuddled up tight and close. Out there the stars shone bright and they sparkled like diamonds. Placing her head on his chest she finally looked into his eyes.

"You are the strangest man I know Walker," She said smiling at him. "But you always manage to find ways to make me fall in love with you all over again…" Leaning forward she kissed him. This was the best night she had ever had in her life. It was totally unique and she loved every minute. Moments later sleep over took them and they fell asleep wrapped in their love for one another, out in the peace and quiet, under a blanket of stars.