The Ghost of LaRue

By Sissy (

& Chris (

C.D. looks up to see Alex entering his establishment almost in a panic, looking over her shoulder as if someone is chasing her.

“Alex, honey, what in tarnation is wrong? You’re as white as a sheet. You look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

She moves quickly up to stand next to him, and in a voice full of fear, “Oh God, C.D., I did. At least I think I did.” Still looking back at the door. As the memories of that ‘ghost’ start running rampant through her mind, she begins trembling.

C.D. turns and starts toward the door intending to see just what scared his friend when she grabs him by the arm, “C.D., stay here, please, don’t leave me.”

He turns back to look at her, sees her trembling, “Alex, I don’t know who you saw, but you’re safe in here.” He gently removes her hand from his arm and continues to the door. He cautiously pulls it open and looks out. Seeing nothing amiss, he shuts the door and returns to Alex’s side. “Alex, honey, whoever it was is gone now. I only know of a few people who could scare you like that, and most of them are dead. Now, are you going to tell me who or what you saw?”

Before she can answer him, Walker and Trivette swing the door open and come in, Trivette laughing like a loon and Walker with a frown on his face.

When the door swung open, Alex jumped up against C.D., her trembling increasing. C.D., startled by her action, wraps his arm around her and pulls her close, as she buries her face against his chest. “Alex, it’s alright. It’s just Cordell and Jimmy.”

When Walker sees the way Alex is acting he moves over to her quickly, “Alex, what’s the matter? Are you alright?” When she turns toward him he sees how pale she is, just before she wraps her arms around his neck and molds herself to him. “My, God, Alex what’s wrong?” She’s shaking so hard she can’t get the words out. “C.D., what happened to her?”

“Cordell, I don’t know. This is the way she came in here a few minutes ago, claiming she saw a ghost!”

He manages to loosen her hold on him enough to guide her to a booth, sits her down then slides in next to her with his arm still around her. “Come on, Alex. Calm down, honey, and tell me what you saw.”

As C.D. and Trivette slide in across from them, she looks from Walker’s face to Jimmy’s and then C.D.’s. Seeing the familiar faces full of concern for her, she finally calms down enough to answer. “I saw…” She shuts her eyes, and shakes her head back and forth, as if trying to dislodge the memory. “I saw…oh, God, I can’t believe I saw…” She lays her head on Walker’s shoulder.

“Who, Alex?” All three ask at once.

In a voice barely audible,  “LaRue!”


“Alex, LaRue is dead! You were there! Are you sure, honey?”

“Yes. No. I don’t know. I just know I saw someone that looked like him, smiling at me with that wicked leer of his, just before I came in here. I felt like I was frozen back in time when I saw him. Just standing there, staring at me.” She shuts her eyes trying to make the sight disappear from her memory.

“Alex, where did you see this guy.”

“He was leaning against the corner when I got out of my car, Jimmy. But I doubt if he’s still there. C.D. went out but didn’t see him.”

Sliding out of the booth, “Well, I’m going to check around outside anyway. Maybe someone saw something.”

“I’ll go with you, Jimmy.” C.D. slides out behind him and follows him out the door.

“Alex, is it possible that this guy just looked like LaRue?”

“Oh, Walker. I don’t know. I guess that’s possible, but…”

“Shh…no buts. You know that LaRue is dead, so it couldn’t have been him.” He touches her lips gently with his. “Now, I think you need to spend the weekend out at the ranch, to wipe thoughts of LaRue from your mind.” She snuggles in close, feeling content, but the face of LaRue is still in her mind, fading, but still there, nonetheless.


The weekend at the ranch was just exactly what Alex needed. The time with Walker, relaxing in the swing, the ride to the lake, the picnic and of course the time she spent in his arms had worked magic on her. By the time she returned to Dallas Sunday evening, all memory of LaRue had been completely erased from Alex’s mind.

In court, Monday morning, she was interrogating a witness, and in turning to pick up a paper, she sees ‘him’ in a passing glance. Her eyes dart back to find him, but the face is gone.

“Ms Cahill, are you through with this witness? If not, will you please continue?” Alex finally turns back to the witness, shudders, and taking a deep breath, continues with her questions.

When the court adjourns for the day, she gets on the elevator still a little shaky from the vision she saw in the courtroom. She glances up just as the door starts closing and sees ‘him’ again, smiling at her from the other side of the doors. He waves at her just as the door shuts. She feels her legs going weak, then everything goes dark, as she sinks to the floor.

When the elevator stops on the ground floor, the people hurry off, with someone shouting, “Call 911, somebody.”

Walker and Trivette are on their way out of the building when they hear the commotion and turn back to see if they can be of any help. When the crowd moves away to let him in, he sees Alex lying on the floor of the elevator. He quickly kneels down beside her and takes her in his arms. He feels for a pulse, which is steady, “I think she’s just fainted, Trivette.” He takes her hand in his, rubbing it gently, and by the time the paramedics arrive she is sitting up. “Alex, are you alright? Honey, what happened?”

Leaning against his chest, she whispers, “I saw him…again. Walker, get me out of here, please.”

He assures the paramedics that she’s fine, and with Trivette’s help they get her out of the courthouse and into Walker’s truck.

“Walker, I’m going back and do some looking around, maybe get a picture of LaRue and see if anyone has seen any one looking like him. I’ll call you later. You taking her to the ranch?”

“No, I want to go to my place, Walker. Please.”

He nods at Trivette, who then turns back toward the courthouse, as he gets into the truck to take Alex home.

At her apartment, he leaves Alex sitting on her couch, as he goes to the kitchen to make some tea. “Walker, what is wrong with me? Am I losing my mind? I saw LaRue die so I know he’s dead. So why am I seeing him everywhere?”

Walker carries two cups of tea into the living room, “I don’t know Alex. But I’m not leaving you alone till we find out.” He hands her a cup, then sits down beside her

She sips her tea and with a curious look on her face, glances at Walker, “Then … you believe me? God, Walker, how can any one believe me. I don’t even believe what I’ve seen.” She sits her tea on the table and drops her head into her hands sobbing quietly.

He pulls her back into his arms, holding her against his chest, and lets her cry. When the sobs quiet, “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”  He picks her up in his arms, carries her to the bedroom, sits her on the bed and begins taking her clothes off. He finds one of his shirts hanging on the back of a chair and as her bra comes off, he slips the shirt on her and buttons it. He pulls the blankets back, she slides under them, and he covers her then sits down beside her.

Looking up into his face and seeing the love he has for her, “I love you so much, darling. You are the one bright spot in my crazy world.” She reaches up and strokes his beard, and as he leans over, she puts her arms around his neck, bringing his lips down to hers.

The kiss starts very tender, but as it deepens, Walker feels his body starting to respond and gently pulls back, murmuring, “Go to sleep, hon, you’re exhausted.” He smiles at her, “You’re ‘bright spot’ will be out here on the couch.” He kisses her lightly on the nose, then stands, shuts the light out, and goes back into the living room, leaving the door ajar.

Walker gets a blanket and a pillow out of the closet, and returns to the couch just as the phone rings. “Hello”


“Yeah.” As he sits down.

“Man, I took a picture of LaRue all over the courthouse. No one remembers seeing anyone who looks like that. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t there, it just means that everyone was just too busy to notice. If there’s someone out there trying to scare Alex with this we’ll find him.”

“Okay, Trivette. Thanks for looking anyway. I didn’t really think you’d find anyone. I figure he took off after he accomplished what he was after.”

“Oh, what was that?”

“To scare Alex. Go on home Trivette, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He hangs up the phone, sits back thinking about what Trivette had said, then takes his boots and shirt off, and lying his gun on the table in front of the couch, lies down and within minutes is asleep, too.


He sits up quickly, trying to figure out what woke him up. Then he hears it again, “Get…away from…me…Please, don’t hurt him…Don’t…touch…me.  Walker, Walker!!!”

He rushes into the bedroom, sits down on the edge of the bed, and starts to pull her up into his arms, when she starts hitting him in the chest with her fist. “Alex, it’s alright, honey, I’m here. Shh…it’s alright. It’s just a dream, Alex, just a dream.”

When she finally realizes that it’s Walker holding her and not LaRue, she collapses against him, crying softly against his chest. He holds her until she falls asleep then lays her back against the pillow. Going around the bed to the other side he lays down beside her. Taking her in his arms he stays with her till morning.


The next few days are uneventful as far as Alex seeing her ghost again. But the thought is never far from her mind. She’s jumpy, nervous, her sleep is filled with dreams, and it’s starting to tell on her.

Then there he is again. She spots her ‘ghost’ several more times in quick looks. She is getting so up tight, just a touch sends her into fits of violent trembling.

Walker finally convinces her to take a leave of absence and go to the ranch to get her nerves straightened out.

After two days of doing nothing but just relax, Alex is starting to feel almost human again. A ride to the lake and a picnic is planned on the day before she returns to work. They leave early, planning on making it a full day of leisure. A warm sunny day, and being with the man she loves chases all thoughts of LaRue out of her memories. On the ride back to the ranch house, there is a lot of laughter, good-natured horseplay, and a few tender kisses, ending a perfect day.

While Walker takes care of the horses, Alex carries the picnic basket into the house, then goes up stairs to get a shower…

After tending to the horses, he heads for the house, very happy with the way the weekend had gone. And now, Alex was…well, Alex again. It made him very happy when the lady he loved was happy, too.

He goes to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine and two glasses and heads up stairs.  When he pushes open the bedroom door, he catches a glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eye, but too late to block the blow that came, putting him out cold on the floor.


Walker shakes his head trying to clear out the cobwebs that seem to be screwing up his thinking. “Walker!” That voice snaps his head up, immediately looking around, trying to find where the voice is coming from. He sees Alex tied, spread-eagled, to the bedposts, trying desperately to pull free.  His hands are tied behind the back of the chair, and his feet are tied to the legs of the chair keeping him from getting enough leverage to stand.

“Alex, what…” .He looks toward the door as it opens. LaRue comes in and closes the door behind him.

“Well, well, well. The great Texas Ranger is back with us, finally. I was beginning to think I had hit you too hard.  I’m glad you’re awake though. It’ll be more fun if you’re watching.” He lays his finger against Alex’s face, trailing it across her lips than down her neck. “I’ve waited a long time for this, so I’m not gonna be rushed. Gonna take my time with Alexandra, and I think it’s only fitting I should take her where Victor was going to.” His finger stops at the vee of her shirt, he licks his lips, slides his finger inside her shirt. Then he leans down and kisses her roughly on the lips.

LaRue. LaRue, stop it.” He starts lunging against his ropes, but they hold. ‘Got to stall for time, make him come to me.’  “LaRue,” when LaRue finally turns to look at him, he continues with, “You’re not Victor LaRue. He’s dead. Who are you?”

LaRue looks at him for several minutes, then he moves away from Alex, “You’re right, I’m not. I’m his twin brother, Larry. I know all about how you treated Victor. He didn’t get to finish what he started so I’ll finish it for him.” He turns and looks at Alex, with a sick lewd smile on his face. “But, I’m not doing this for him. I’m doing this for me. I’ll finish what he couldn’t. This will be my triumph, not Victor’s. The only reason I’m telling you this, is cause I want the credit going to me, not Victor.”  He turns back to Alex, all thoughts of Walker forgotten as he climbs up on the bed. He removes his shirt, and unbuttons the first button on his pants, oblivious to Walkers screams and Alex pleading with him to stop.

When he straddles her, she can feel his erection, and her efforts to pull free are renewed with a frenzy. She watches him as he licks his lips, then reaches down to start unbuttoning her shirt, taking his time with each button.

Walker is trying to rock the chair but it’s sitting to close to the dresser and chest of drawers for him to get any momentum with it. As he watches LaRue with her buttons, Walker screams at him, but it’s as if LaRue has tuned him out.

As the last button is pushed through, he pulls the shirt out of her pants, showing her lacy white bra. His eyes take on a glazed look as he stares at her breasts, then slowly reaches down to just barely touch them.

Alex flinches, tries to turn to the side, crying uncontrollably, unable to move. She hears Walker screaming, “LaRue, don’t you touch her, you son-of-a-bitch.”

LaRue is in a hurry now, as he unsnaps her bra and pushes it out of the way. He cups her breasts in his hands, rubbing her nipples with his thumb. As he leans down to take her breast in his mouth, Walker looses it completely, and with a superhuman effort he tilts the chair forward and throws himself, chair and all, at the bed, managing to knock LaRue to the floor. As Walker and the chair rolls to the floor it breaks up, leaving Walker’s hands still tied behind his back but his feet are free. He moves around the bed as LaRue gets to his feet. He jumps and hits LaRue in the chest with a powerful kick that sends LaRue through the door, right into the arms of Trivette who had just made it to the top of the stairs. Walker turns around, showing Trivette his bound hands, and as they‘re freed, he rushes to Alex’s side, pulls her shirt to, then releases her from the ropes on her wrists and ankles. Gathering her into his arms, he holds her tight against him, until the crying, and trembling stops.

After LaRue is taken away, Walker, with Alex in his arms, are sitting on the couch, while Trivette fills them in on the information that he finally located on a one Larry LaRue. “It seems that this Larry LaRue has been institutionalized most of his life, from about age 15 on.  His homicidal tendencies evidently came to light a lot earlier than Victor’s did. Larry did quite well in a controlled environment but the few times he was released on passes proved disastrous. So he was kept behind locked doors without visitation for the most part. What few times Victor visited him was nothing more than to gloat because he was free and Larry wasn’t. Anyway, Larry managed to collect several news articles of Victor LaRue’s exploits and the three where Alex was involved were his treasured ones.  He became so obsessed with Alex that he finally broke out and well, you know the rest.  When I couldn’t get any answer on your phone here or Alex’s cell phone, I figured something was wrong and high tailed it out here.” He looks at Walker and Alex to see if either one has any questions, “Well, I guess that about does it. I think I’ll head on back to Dallas if you don’t need me.” He turns and starts toward the door, and Walker stands and follows him to the door. “Walker is she alright? LaRue didn’t…?”

“No!  No, he didn’t, thank God. Alex will be fine. We both will, in time. Thanks Trivette, I’ll call you later.” Trivette nods, turns and walks to his car and drives away.

Walker returns to the living room finding Alex in the same place he left her. He sits down beside her and pulls her into his arms again.

In a soft soothing tone, “Alex, are you going to be alright?”

“I…think so. I thought he….”

“Shh…it’s over now. Let’s look at what didn’t happen, not what might have happened, honey.”

“I didn’t want you to have to see him …”

“I know, I was going crazy watching… But we got through it. That’s what counts.”

She sits up and looks at him, “Darling, what is it about us that draws out these sicko’s?”

“I don’t know Alex. Seems like we have more than our share, doesn’t it.”

She smiles at him, “You don’t reckon it’s the line of work we’re in, do you?”

As he looks at her, he sees a picture of the old Alex emerging, “Well, honey, that just may have a lot to do with it, yes.”

“You think maybe we ought to change our line of work, then?”

“God, no, Alex. They’d probably be worse in a different career.”

The fall back in each other’s arms, laughing quietly.

The End