The Hooker
By Sissy (
and a nudge or two from Jennifer

Alex looks in astonishment at the name on the paper and realizes that Walker and Trivette could be walking into a trap. Discovering the informant’s name was a stroke of luck, but useless if she can’t get the information to Walker in time.

But knowing where he is and getting to him is two different things and she can think of only one way to get the information to him without jeopardizing his undercover role. “Well, I guess I’ve got to look the part to be able to pull this stunt off. So…”

It’s midafternoon when Alex arrives in La Cuesta, and she needs to find Walker and Trivette as soon as possible because the planned meeting is to take place the following morning. She takes a cab to the sleazy bar and hotel that’s located on a side street where she knows Walker is staying.

When she walks into the hotel-bar lobby, the noise level in the room drops considerably as all eyes fasten on Alex. Walker is standing at the bar with his back to her when the voices in the room turn from boisterousness to whispers. He turns around to look toward the door and sees this striking blonde in a slinky red dress wearing spiked red heels striding toward him.

He is so shocked he can’t get any words past his lips. The impish smile on her face tells him she knows exactly what she’s doing. His voice a tight whisper, “Alex … what…?”

“Hi, Cowboy, wanna buy a girl a drink?”


“Walker, let me go. I can’t stay with you!”

“Alex, stop it. If you think I’m going to let you stay in a room by yourself, you can think again.”

“Won’t it compromise your undercover?”

“You’re a hooker, right? Well, I’m paying for the whole night.” He takes his key, shoves it into the keyhole, twists it and turns the doorknob at the same time. “Come on,” he says harshly, pulling her into the darkened room.

Alex just barely makes out the double bed with the brass headboard in the dim lighting furnished by the outside street lamp. When Walker flips the light switch, a bare bulb, maybe all of forty watts, hanging down from the ceiling comes to life, turning the grungy room even shabbier. One other door in the room either leads to a closet or a bathroom, if the latter she’s scared to even contemplate what it looks like. The bed looks lumpy and the small rug on the floor is a dirty gray from the grime. She glances at Walker, who doesn’t seem to be the least bit disturbed at the dinginess of the room as she sits down on the pale yellow chenille bedspread.

“I’m sorry, honey, if I put a kink in your operation, but I had to make sure you got the information that I discovered. I tried … to dress the part. But if you don’t let me get a room by myself, you could jeopardize your whole operation.

“That may be but you saw how those men looked at you downstairs. There’s no way I’d let you stay in a room by yourself. You’d have a caller before you could say your prayers, just like the lady next door.” He looks at Alex sitting on the bed, “I’ll go out and get us something to eat. You … stay here. Keep the door locked and don’t let anyone in except me.” He turns to leave, but pauses with his hand on the doorknob, “By the way, where in the world did you get that … dress?”

Alex smiles, stands and twirls around, “You like?”

His first sight of her, in this tiny red dress, threw him completely off kilter. The dress was cut so low in front that he could almost see her nipples, it was bare in the back clear to her waist, and had a slit up the side of a sarong style skirt that went halfway up her thigh. The spiky red heels finished the picture. He was stunned but he had also felt himself getting hard. He couldn’t quit starring at her; neither could the rest of the men in the room. That’s the reason he’s keeping her in his room. “Yeah, I like, but so did every other red blooded male downstairs. He gives her a kiss than goes out the door. “Lock it after me.”

She locks the door then sits back down on the bed, with her back against the headboard. She starts to doze when she hears footsteps out side in the hall. A muffled greeting from next door, then silence. A few minutes later the unmistakable squeak of bedsprings could be heard through the thin walls.

“Oh, Lord, I don’t believe this.” Just then a light tap on the door with, “Alex, open the door, it’s me.” She quickly unlocks the door and he slips in handing her the sandwiches and Styrofoam cups of coffee. They sit on the bed to eat, listening to the grunts and small cries from the next room. When a man’s shout of sexual release rumbles through the walls, Alex’s eyes meet Walker’s and she giggles. Trying hard to ignore the steady traffic to the room next door, they eat their sandwiches and sip at their coffee. From the time she had left Dallas until she managed to find Walker in this little Mexican town, she had been riding high on adrenaline and now the letdown is catching up with her. She leans back against the headboard and shuts her eyes. “Walker,” she murmurs. “I feel absolutely exhausted.”

“You’ve had a long day,” he watches as her eyes slowly slide shut, her head coming to rest on his shoulder.

Another cry of masculine climax brings another giggle from Alex, she yawns and murmurs, “What a way to make a living.”

Walker starts to comment but realizes that she is asleep. He sits watching her for a long time then he strips down to his briefs, thinks about undressing her but decides to let her sleep in what she is wearing. He eases back the bedspread and slides Alex down between the sheets, then turning out the light, he slips in beside her and puts his gun under his pillow.

He doesn’t like Alex being here in this sleazy little town but while she’s here, he intends to make sure no one bothers her.

Walker folds his arms behind his head and listens to the endless parade of footsteps outside in the hall, wondering if he’s going stay in the painfully aroused condition all night.

When one set of footsteps stop at his door he reaches under the pillow for the gun. Then Alex shifts beside him, turning in her sleep, she slides her leg along his, her hand settling on his bare chest. His body responds immediately clear down to his toes.

He forces himself to concentrate on the door, a soft rap, a whisper “Walker” then the door slowly opens. A dark figure materializes in soft gloom from the hallway then blends in with the darkness of the room when the door closes. Walker pull the hammer back on the gun and the soft deadly click is as loud as a cannon in the quiet room.

“Walker, hey, man, it’s me. Your partner, remember?”

Alex’s hand shifts slightly on his chest, her fingertips grazing his flat nipple that instantly puckers into a hard pebble. Walker stifles a groan and eases the hammer down and mutters softly not wanting to wake Alex. “What is it, Trivette?”

“Just wanted to let you know that I followed Grissom, and he did exactly what you said he would. The trap is set, by tomorrow morning we can reel them all in.”

Alex murmurs softly in her sleep as her fingers slide through his chest hair down to his belly at the same time her toes begin playing up and down his leg sending delicious tremors throughout his body. “Good,” he chokes out. “When you leave lock the door.”

The dark figure pauses, then says somewhat hesitantly, “Ah … I heard downstairs that … ah … you … ah … brought a … woman up here to your room.”

Alex sighs softly and her hand moves lower, her fingers sliding into the opening of his briefs and tangling in the thick curly hair there bringing him to a full, hard erection. Walker stifles another groan and feeling his muscles tighten, he lowers the gun and slides it just under the edge of the bed, not wanting to take the chance of squeezing the trigger in a moment of passion. “Don’t worry about it, Trivette, go to your room and get some rest. I’ll come by and get you around five in the morning.” Just then Alex’s thumb brushes across the tip of his engorged manhood and he realizes that it is free of his briefs. “Goodnight,” he says in a tight voice. Then sucks in his breath as Alex’s hand slips down between his thighs, “Lock …the door on your way out.”

“Walker … I don’t…”

“Goodnight, Trivette!” he says harshly, as Alex nestles closer, her leg sliding up over his thigh. Hearing the click of the lock, he reaches under the sheet for Alex’s hand resting next to his manhood, her fingers beginning to curl around the twin globes underneath.

“Oh, God!” he groans as he edges close to losing it right then. He struggles to control the sensations as he pushes his briefs down over his hips and kicks them out of the way. Alex’s breathing tells him that she is still asleep. Taking her hand in his he carefully folds her fingers around himself. The touch causes him to lift his hips, and her hand tightens briefly.

“Damn,” Walker mutters, then squeezing his eyes shut, he inhales deeply as Alex stirs again brushing her lips across his shoulder. In the pale light from the window, he sees that one softly rounded breast has slipped from the top of her low cut dress. The sight is more than he can stand, he reaches down and with his thumb, touches the nipple lightly then watches as it stiffens and turns hard. Catching hold of the bodice he eases it down gently till Alex’s other breast falls free. His eyes feast hungrily on the sight before him, then ever so slowly he eases down and touches the nipple of the freed breast with his tongue. She moans softly, then arches her back slightly before lying still again. As passion sets in with a force to be reckoned with he moves his hand down to her thigh and slides his hand up under the short skirt of the sarong.

With her eyes still closed Alex lets go of him and rolls onto her back, her legs shifting restlessly. As he edges his fingers higher, the warmth and softness of the inside of her thigh almost sends him over the edge again. When her legs part of their own accord, he stifles another groan, then moves his fingers to the cotton crotch of her panties, stroking lightly, but when he feels the cotton dampen, he knows he can’t stop there.

Alex groans again, arching her hips slightly against his touch and mumbles softly in her sleep. Unable to restrain himself any longer he slips his hand inside the leg opening of the panties. Alex inhales sharply and her lashes flutter. Her eyes open slightly and meet his in the shadows.

Then without making a sound, she reaches up for him, circling his neck with her arms, pulling him down to her as her eyes close again.

She wants him. As the thought runs through his mind, he gropes up under the skirt, shoving it up to Alex’s waist, then yanks the panties down.

She’s ready for him, moist and warm. Walker comes down on top of her, probing impatiently. He captures her mouth with his as he thrusts deeply. She cries out softly as he buries himself to the hilt. “Oh, baby,” he cries out, his voice hoarse with desire. She’s tight, hot and wet, just like she always is with him. As he pounds into her he hears her soft little gasps, feels her arching beneath him and when he reaches down to find the little nub hidden in the thick soft curls at the apex of her thighs she goes off like a rocket. Convulsing beneath him wildly, clawing at his back, she clings to him as the sensation of her climax roars through her. He covers her mouth with his, savoring the soft, gentle sounds of her release. Then he’s lost, his body shuddering and jerking over her as his climax rips through him, seeming to go on forever.

When his senses finally return, he’s covered in sweat. He raises his head and looks down at the woman in his arms and realizes she’s gone back to sleep. Slowly, reluctantly he eases himself out of her warmth and rolling to his back, pulls her in close to his side.

He whispers softly, “Damn Alex, what were you thinking of coming down here? What am I going to do with you tomorrow morning?” His mind is churning trying to come up to a solution to his dilemma, then a grin spreads across his face. “Trivette thought I had a woman of the night up here. You played the part very well, baby.” He turns his face into her hair, “maybe I can get you to play the part again when we get home.” Feeling the stirrings in his groin again, he quickly pushes the thought to the back of his mind as he relaxes his body and gives in to sleep.

Alex wakes slowly and feeling the warm body next to her brings a smile to her face. She stretches slightly, groans at the stiffness she feels and then feeling the stickiness between her legs, and finding her dress bunched up around her waist, her eyes widen and she knows that the very vivid dream she’d had last night had not been a dream. “Well,” she murmurs softly, “I’m glad the chance hadn’t been lost,” Then snuggles closer to the man that has her heart.

Feeling a kiss to her forehead, she turns her face up to see him watching her. “Alex, what was it you wanted to tell me that was so important.”

“Oh … I discovered the informant in this operation, and knew if he came down here he’d recognize you both. I couldn’t let you go to the meeting without being aware that.”

“Who is the mole?”

“Sgt. Albert Warren.”

“Thought so. But how did he find out we were down here?”

When I saw the name, Samuel Warren on the papers that I was preparing for the trial, I did some fast checking, Samuel and Albert are brothers.” She watches his face as he digests what she’s told him. “After Albert disappeared I figured that he would come down here and warn his brother.”

He tightens his arm around her, “And you had to come down and warn me, huh?” He feels her head move against his chest. “I thank you but I wish you hadn’t, what am I going to do with you while I’m gone.”

“Nothing. I’ll just stay here until you get back. You just be careful, okay?”

“Alex, do you realize what kind of an impression you left on that group of misfits downstairs? Every man that’s able to walk will be up here knocking on the door when they see me leave.”

“Oh, Honey, don’t be ridiculous.”

“Oh … have you forgotten about all the traffic in the hall last night? No … I’ll have to think of someplace to hide you.” Alex lies in his arms, her fingers combing through the hair on his chest, desire beginning to fill her senses, her mind numb to what he’s saying. Her fingers begin to graze down over his stomach, just as his body jerks when he thinks of the solution. “I’ve got it.” He sits up bringing Alex with him, he moves away from her and stands up. He grabs his jeans off the floor, steps into them and starts to pull them up over his hips, “I’ve got the perfect solution,” he says as he turns to look at Alex. His hands stop, his pants midway up his hips, as he looks into her eyes.

She swings her feet off the side of the bed to face him. Her eyes rake down his body, stopping at the sight before her that’s just below eye level. She reaches her hand out to touch him, letting her fingertips trail slowly down his chest and stomach to the softened shaft of his manhood in the nest of curls. She feels him stir under her touch and then he is no longer soft. “Oh, God, Alex, we don’t … have time for this…”

But it’s too late, his shaft continues to enlarge under her touch and very intent gaze. His body responds immediately, his heart beats faster and his breath begins rushing in and out of his lungs. It has been like this from the beginning, and he doesn’t have any more control over it now then he’d had then.

She slips the dress over her head. "Walker?" her voice soft, pleading,
"I want you."

His eyes meet hers then both pair follows the path of his fingers as they brush down over her breasts, down her belly, curling in the patch of hair that is guardian to her feminine treasure.

As his fingers caress her tender flesh, she bends her head and touches the tip of him with her tongue, he groans as she runs her lips over the length of him, her tongue coming out to savor and taste. He grapples with his sanity as she closes her mouth around him. He stands it for all of maybe thirty seconds, then he takes a shaky step back and with his hand, he slowly tilts her head up and kisses her hungrily.

Moving in between her spread knees he reaches down to moisten himself in the moisture that is forming at the entrance of her soft sheath.

She leans back, bracing herself with her hands behind her on the bed, her eyes on the thick, throbbing shaft, probing eagerly at the moist entrance of her body. As she watches the hard length of him disappear into her body, a jolt of raw desire shoots through her, bringing her to a swift, and sudden climax. Alex cries out, her head falls back, and her eyes close as her body begins to buck from the intense sensations.

As he feels her body start to buck he places his hands on her hips to brace her, he groans as her inner muscles clutch at him as he rides her orgasm. He hears her breath catching at each thrust until he is embedded deep inside her. He stills momentarily, closing his eyes to savor the feeling of her body tightly closing around him and he touches heaven as he has many time before in her arms.

Slipping his hand up, he feels the erratic hammering of her heart as he cups the fullness of her breast in his hand. He bends his head and tastes her sweetness, his mouth closing around one dusky rose nipple. As he suckles on her breast his hand slides down her stomach, pausing at her navel before moving lower. Lower to where they are joined.

He begins a slow ebb and flow movement, his eyes moving up her body to watch her face. Her eyes open to meet his then lowers to where they are joined, where his thumb is caressing the little nub that gives her so much joy. He hears her small cries of pleasure as he begins to pick up the pace.

She braces herself against the heavier thrusts of his body as he moves deeper and harder inside her. He feels her deliberately tighten her muscles around him as she moves with him, and he groans, “Oh, God, ....Ahhhh....Oh, God.” His thrusts go deeper, driving, straining, gaining speed and strength with each one, until he is lifting her hips off the bed each time he drives into her.

From deep inside she feels it again, a stirring rumbling through her body like a landslide rolling slowly at first, then turning into a great avalanche, and she cries out at the intensity of it. When he feels Alex begin to shudder, he leans over and pulls her trembling body up into his arms, and driving into her hard, one more time, an explosive shudder jerks through him, and he spills his seed deep inside her. He catches her cries of pleasure in his mouth then kisses her gently as she floats back to earth. With their bodies still joined he savors every aftershock of the shattering climax that explodes through her.


Trivette walks out of the bathroom and sits down on the bed, grabs a boot and shoves his foot down into it. Leans over and picks up the other boot but drops it when he hears a knock on the door. “Gotta be Walker,” he muttered. “Hope Alex doesn’t find out about his ‘indiscretion’.”

He unlocks the door and pulls it open, sees his partner, “Come in Walker. I’m almost ready.”

Hearing the subdued tone of his voice, he shrugs and swallows hard, “Ah … Trivette?”


“You … ah … know that … lady that spent the night with me?”

Trivette jerks his head up, his eyes pinning a guilt trip on him with just the one look. “Yeah, what about her?”

“Would … ah … it be all right if … she stayed here … while we’re gone?”

“WHAT? You want me to let that … that … hooker, stay in my room?”

“Trivette … listen.”

“Walker, I think you’ve really slunk low to take a … a hooker to your bed. How could you treat Alex like this? That woman loves you!”

“Trivette, please, just let her stay here till be get back … then I’ll … take her home.”

“Walker, I can’t do it.” He sits down on the bed not wanting to look at Walker anymore, disgust evident in his voice.

Suddenly he hears the door open and steps moving across the tattered carpet toward him. A pair of red spiked heels enters his line of vision. His eyes slowly travel up the long nylon clad legs, “Walker, I told you I wasn’t going to allow you…” his head comes up, his eyes bug out and his mouth drops open when he sees Alex, for all intent and purposes, dressed like a lady of the night.

“Please, won’t you let me stay here, for just a little while?” Her tone and her face are very serious but her eyes are twinkling with laughter.

Trivette looks to Walker and then back at Alex, astounded by the complete changeover of the ADA, the lady that he loves like a sister. He blinks his eyes, and looks back at Walker, his voice finally breaking loose. “This is the lady that … everyone said you took to your room?”

He drops down on the bed, “Damn, I feel like a fool. I’m sorry man, I should’ve known you wouldn’t cheat on Alex.”

With a puzzled look on her face Alex looks from Trivette to Walker.

“It’s my fault, Alex. When Trivette came to my room last night, I should have told him but…” He couldn’t tell him he wasn’t in any shape to tell him anything last night.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m just glad I was wrong.” Jimmy stands, puts his arms around Alex hugs her tightly.


After the two Rangers leave, she locks the door and glances around the little room, spying the open door to the bathroom, a grin spreads across her face and she begins to undress.

Sitting in the tub of warm water, she wonders how long they will be gone and prays that everything will go without either one of them getting hurt. Alex stays in the tub until the water starts to turn cold, then standing, she grabs a towel and leaves the tub. After drying off, she wraps the towel around her and enters the bedroom. Dropping the towel she slips on her bra and panties and not really wanting to put on the skimpy dress again, she sees one of Jimmy’s shirts and slips it on.

A knock on the door stills her movements, not daring to make any noise, listening, knowing that if it is Walker or Jimmy they will announce themselves. More knocking and the rattling of the doorknob and the guttural whisper, “Hey, lady, you in there?” has Alex going pale in the face, and fearful of what could happen if the man forces the door. She hears a muttered curse and footsteps moving away from the door. She takes a deep sigh and collapses down on the bed. With nothing to do but wait, Alex leans back on the bed, and the look on Walker’s face when he first saw her downstairs, fills her mind. The stunned look on his face is a memory she won’t ever forget, nor will she forget the night she spent in his room. A fire begins to build inside her from that memory and she stretches out on the bed, bringing the spare pillow into her arms she hugs it fiercely, and letting her mind go where it will, she drifts off to sleep.

She looks up into his face and gives herself up to the kiss, to his hands as he unbuttons her shirt, and unclasps her bra, to his fingers as the leave a trail of fire as they move over her flesh. A soft moan rises from deep in her throat and she arches her back to offer herself more fully. Acceding to her wordless plea, he strokes her with gentle expertise. His fingers gently reshaping, lifting her swollen breasts, his thumbs making tight buds of her nipples. And all the while his tongue is touching and tasting every part of her mouth. His hand drops lower to cover the dark blonde triangle of curls, his fingers gently parting the soft flesh, a teasing of the sensitive bud before two slip inside the hot, wet entrance to her body. She arches up…

A sharp rap on the door brings her straight up in bed. Her heart pounding, she reaches her hand down to touch herself where the heat threatens to consume her. Another rap on the door and she realizes she had been dreaming.

“Alex? Open up, it’s me!” A soft whisper from the other side of the door brings her quickly off the bed. She carefully unlocks the door and opens it slightly. Seeing Jimmy, she slips to the side, letting him in then quickly shuts it.

“Where’s Walker?” Immediately worried at not seeing him.

“He … ah … stopped to get you some different clothes to wear out of here.”

“Oh!” She smiles and looks at Jimmy with her mischievous grin. “I take it he doesn’t think to much of my little red number.”

“He probably doesn’t think he can get you out of her without fighting his way out the door.” He grins at Alex, remembering how he thought Walker had taken a hooker to bed with him last night.

“How did it go Jimmy? I mean, the meeting. No problems?”

“No, when we walked in and saw Albert Warren with his brother, we were prepared. Outside of a little head knocking and butt kicking everything went very smoothly. No shots fired, no one was hurt, except for a few bruises.”

Alex sits down on the edge of the bed drawing her feet up under her. “I’m glad. Now what?”

“Well, they’ve already been turned over to the Federales and as soon as Walker gets here we can leave.”

Alex notices him staring at her, and realizes she has on his shirt. “I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your shirt, but I couldn’t make myself put that … dress back on.”

Just then the door opens and Walker steps inside, quickly shutting the door behind him. Seeing Walker, Alex gets up from the bed. Seeing her in the man’s shirt, Walker stops and stares, thinking he definitely likes her better in it than the little scrap of red cloth.

“I borrowed Jimmy’s shirt,” she flashes a smile at Jimmy then turns and moves into Walker’s arms. The shirt, catching her about mid-thigh, rises even higher as she slides her arms around Walker’s neck.

Trivette, not being one to turn away from a beautiful site, murmurs, “And it definitely looks better on her … than it ever did on me.”

The End