The Jokes on You

By Carol  ( And  Lisa  (

It had been a long rough day at work.  It seemed like every criminal in Dallas was out in full form.  Walker was exhausted. Nothing was going his way.  Trivette, on the other hand was having a good day.  He was in one of his moods and that meant trouble for Walker.  When Trivette got in these moods he always played jokes on Walker but Walker was in no joking mood.

The day was finally over and they went to C.D.’s to have a drink and relax.  Alex was there waiting for her man.  She smiled when she saw Walker come through the door.  “Hey Cowboy. It’s about time you showed up. You look bushed.”

“I am.  I didn’t even have time to eat lunch."

"Why don’t you order dinner?”

“Good idea. Some of C.D.’s chili sounds real good.”

Just as Walker got settled down he got a phone call saying one of his informants had some news for him but would only talk to Walker and no one else.  Trivette gave Walker the message.

“Trivette that is clear across town.  I’m tired.”

“He said it was real important Walker.”

“I don’t believe this, it looks like I don’t get dinner either. Alex I don’t know when or if I will get back, I’m sorry.”

“Walker, just be careful.”

“I’m always careful.”  Walker replied, leaving her with a quick kiss.

It took Walker awhile to get across town.  When he arrived he got out of the truck to look for his informant.  He waited and waited and no one showed up. Walker became concerned.  Was something about to go down and they wanted him out of the way?  Then he wondered why they didn't want Trivette along?  Walker gave up after waiting for an hour and went back to the truck.  When he got there he found he had a flat tire.  “Oh great that’s all I need what else can go wrong?”  He asked himself.

After getting the tire changed he started back to C.D.’s hoping Alex would still be there.

Trivette came in the door about 10 minutes before Walker did.

Alex took one look at Trivette and knew he had been up to something.

“Jimmy what did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Yes you did I can tell.”

Trivette just sat there with a smile on his face.  Then in came Walker he looked so tired. “Honey you look so beat why don’t you go home and go to bed?”

“I plan to Alex just as soon as I have something to eat.”

“How did it go with your meeting?”

“It didn’t. He didn’t show up and to top it off I had a flat tire when I got back to the truck.”  Alex looked at Jimmy and he just looked away.

Walker noticed Trivette acting strange too. “Trivette have you been here the whole time?”

"Yeah why?”

“Oh no reason. Hey, I forgot something in the truck I’ll be right back.”  Walker said.  He went out to Trivette's car and felt the hood and it was hot.  “So Trivette was here the whole time was he.  I smell a rat.  A rat named Trivette."

Walker went back inside at sat down.  He ordered himself some chili and after eating he decided to ask Alex for a dance.   “Alex would you like to dance?”

“Sure but I thought you were tired?”

“Just one little dance won’t hurt."

“Okay I sure won’t turn down a dance from you." As they danced Alex noticed Walker kept looking over at Trivette. "Okay Walker why are we really dancing?”

“Alex, Trivette came in the door just before I did didn’t he?”

“Yes he did why?”

“Trivette has been up to his old tricks again.  I’m tired of him playing jokes on me. It’s time he got a dose of his own medicine.”

“Oh that’s great Walker, what are you going to do?”

"I don’t know yet but I will come up with something.”

"I’m sure you will my dear.”

 A few days later on Saturday, Walker had Trivette, Alex and C.D. out at the ranch for a

Bar-b-q.  Walker had  thought of the perfect plan to get Trivette back.   After it got dark Walker put his plan into action.  “Hey Trivette are those new boots you have on?”

“Yeah do you like’ em?”

“Yes I do their very nice boots what a shame.”  Walker said to himself as he walked off grinning.

“Alex I’m going outside you and C.D. keep Trivette busy until I get back.

If you see something happened on the front porch you and C.D. pretend like you don’t see anything.  I have a little surprise cooked up for my partner.”

“Walker what are you going to do? "

“You will see real soon."  A few minutes later Alex looked and saw Walker peek in from the kitchen.

“Excuse me guys I’m going to see what’s keeping Walker.”  Trivette said as he headed through the living room.

“Are you ready Walker?”

“Yep it will be any minute now."

Trivette saw a glow coming from the porch so he opened up the door and saw a fire.  “Walker there is a fire on the porch.”   He yelled as he started to stamp out the fire with his new boots and when he did he got a big surprise.  “Oh my god, Oh no. What the hell is that?  It stinks like shit.  It’s WALKER!  Trivette looked back in the house and Walker and Alex were laughing their heads off. C.D. didn’t know what was going on.

“Walker you did that, I guess you think that is funny setting a bag of horse manure on fire. Did you ever see what happens to hot manure Walker?”   Walker just kept laughing then C.D. started to laugh. “It’s all over my boots and pants legs.”

“Walker, just look at my new boots!  You owe me some new boots!. "

“I don’t think so Trivette.  What’s the matter?  You can’t take a joke?  You thought it was funny when you sent me all the way across town the other day and then you let the air out of my tire.  It’s not funny when it happens to you is it.”

Trivette just frowned and didn’t say a word.

“Jimmy, are you going to let Cordell get away with that?” C.D. asked, with a wicked tone in his voice.

“No I don’t think so, I need to retaliate.  Walker is going to be sorry. "

For the next three days everything was quiet for the two Rangers.  Walker thought Trivette had forgotten all about the incident with the fire.  But Trivette was trying to think of a good way to get back at Walker.  Later that day Trivette would get his chance.

Walker and Trivette were coming back from a liquor store robbery when they saw a little girl on the side on the road.  Walker stopped to see what was wrong. “Hi what’s wrong?  Why are you crying? "

“My kitten is up the tree and can’t get down.  Mister can you get him down for me before he falls, PLEASE!"  She asked Walker.

Walker looked at the little girl’s sad face and at Trivette.  “Hey don’t look at me Walker and he turned and walked away.  He didn’t have the heart to tell her no.  “This should be fun.”  Walker said to himself. Trivette started grinning as he saw his partner trying to climb the big tree to get the cat down.  "This could work out perfect," Trivette thought to himself.  He had a camera in the truck they used to take pictures of a crime scene and it had a new roll of film in it. “Maybe I can get some good pictures of Walker up a tree."

Walker climbed the tree and grabbed a hold of the cat.  “Here kitty came on I won’t hurt you." Walker tucked the kitten in his shirt and started down, when his pants got stuck on a branch.  He pulled and tugged and couldn’t get loose.

“Oh this is great.”  Trivette said as he saw Walker trying to get unstuck from the branch. “Walker come on we don’t have all day.”

Trivette added for amusement.

“Trivette here take the cat.”  Trivette put the camera down and climbed up just a bit to reach the cat.  "Hey you have a problem Walker?”

“Nothing I can’t handle.”

Trivette got down and handed the kitten to the little girl.

“Here you go.”

“Oh thank you very much.”  She said to Trivette.  “Thank you mister.”

She yelled to Walker.

“You better take you kitty home now okay?”  Trivette said.

“Okay thanks again.”  The little girl headed home with her pet, very happy. Walker, on the other hand, was not happy. He was still up the tree.  Trivette ran and grabbed the camera not wanting to miss a thing.

“Hey Walker are you spending the day up there?”

“Trivette shut up.  I’m stuck, okay?!!”  Should I call the fire department to get you down? " “You’re not funny Trivette.”

"Gee Walker, I remember saying that to you at the ranch a few days ago.

Walker was losing patience with this branch so he pulled as hard as he could ripping a big hole in he seat of his pants and when he did he slipped and fell back grabbing hold of another branch of the tree. He was sitting there, with his legs over the branch and his butt hanging down-  right in full view of Trivette who greatly delighting in taking pictures of Walker’s exposure.  “Oh, man,  this is fabulous! I couldn’t have planned anything this good if I tried."

Finally Walker got out of the tree but he had no idea that Trivette took pictures of him.  Trivette hid the camera back in the truck before Walker got down from the tree.  “Don’t you say a word Trivette, I mean it."  Walker got in the truck and slammed the door.

“Where are we going Walker?”

"I am going home to change my pants if that 's okay with you.”

“Oh I don’t know.  I kinda’ like you that way.”  Trivette said and started to laugh.

The next morning Trivette got to the office bright and early, he had a big surprise for Walker and he wanted it all ready before Walker got to the office.  Walker got a big shock when he came in the saw a big picture of him hanging out of the tree with his butt exposed. "TRIVETTE, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!"  Walker said and everyone in the office started to laugh. Below the picture it read WALKER'S HOLE IN ONE.

"Hey Walker I didn’t know you played golf.”  One of the Rangers said. Walker ripped to the picture off the door.  Then when he went to his desk there was one in a frame on his desk. Walker went into the lunchroom to get some coffee and there was another one.  Every room Walker went into there was another picture. “Trivette you are going to get it for this.” He said to himself. Little did he know that Trivette was going behind Walker and put more pictures up as he was taking them down.

Alex came into the office on her way to court to say good morning to Walker when she saw the picture Trivette put up.  Alex was shocked at first.  “Oh my god!  Oh no, Walker’s going to kill Trivette. This is just too funny.”  Alex said to herself.  Walker came into the room and saw Alex standing there staring at the picture. “Not another one !!" Walker yelled as he ripped the picture off the wall.  Alex laughed as Walker ripped the picture down.  “Alex I don’t think that is funny.”

“I’m sorry Walker but yes it is funny.”  She said laughing.  “Walker do you want to have lunch later?”

“Yeah if you can stop laughing long enough.”

“Okay I'll see you later. I have to get to court."

Walker didn’t talk to Trivette the rest of the morning.  Alex came back at noon and she and Walker went out for lunch.  “Walker I’m sorry I laughed at that picture but it was so funny.  I can just see the look on your face when you saw it.  What are you going to do?  You have to do something to embarrass him”

"I know I am going to have to think of something.  It will take me a few days.”

The following day Walker and Trivette were pulled into the Captain’s office.  “Did you want to see us Captain?” Walker asked.

“Yes I did come in. Sit down you two.  You are going undercover.”

“Again?”  Trivette asked.

“Yes again.  There is someone attacking women in Griggs Park and I want you two to go undercover and catch this guy.  Walker I want one of you to put on a dress, really go undercover.”

"That’s Trivette’s job.”

“Why me Walker?”

“Because I have a beard."

“Oh this should be real fun.”  Trivette added.

“Oh one more thing," the Captain added, " Walker take this video camera.  I want it on tape.”


"Yes Trivette on tape. I want proof when we catch this guy."

“Do I have too?”

“Yes you do now you two get going."

Walker and Trivette got all set up at Griggs Park.  Walker was in the truck with the video camera waiting and keeping an eye on Trivette.

Walker shook his head and laughed when he looked at Trivette walking in the park with a dress, high heals on make up, the whole bit. Not to mention the big chest.  Walker taped Trivette in his knew look.  It had been hours and they guy hadn't show up yet.  They were just getting ready to call it a night when a man walked up to Trivette.

"Heads up Trivette this could be him.”  Walker said to Trivette who was warring a wire. Walker started the tape rolling just in case this was there man.

“Hey there sweetheart are you looking for some action?”


“Are you looking for some action?  You are one fine lady.  I can show you a great time sweetheart.”  Walker soon realized this was not their man and started to laugh when he knew this guy was looking for a companion for the night.  Walker was getting it all on tape.  "Oh Trivette its payback time.”  Walker thought to himself thinking about the pictures Trivette had taken of him.

“Come on Miss I have money to spend and looking for someone to spend it with.”

“Well go look somewhere else.  I am not interested.”

He put his arm around Trivette.  “You look like you can use some company.  I will pay for it.”

“You’re drunk now get lost or you will be sorry.”

“I didn’t have that much to drink come on my money is good.”  Before Trivette could do anything the guy grabbed Trivette and kissed him on the lips. “Oh my god.”  Trivette yelled as he shoved the guy to the ground.  By this time Walker was laughing so hard he couldn’t hold the camera still. “ Just wait until everyone sees this. This is so funny.

Wait until Alex sees it.”

Realizing this was not their man Trivette got mad and headed back to the truck.  "Walker if you say a word I will hit you. I swear I will."  Walker was still laughing when Trivette got in the truck. “Did I say anything?  I was just wondering who your new boyfriend was.” 

"That wasn’t funny Walker that guy was all over me. Let’s get out of here.”

The next day Walker left work early he told Trivette he had a few things to take care of and would meet him at C.D.’s later.  Walker had everything ready to go by the time Trivette got there.  C.D. had just gotten a big screen TV for the bar and Walker wanted to break it in.

Walker and Alex were sitting at their favorite booth in the corner when Trivette came in.  "Walker, I take it you got some great footage of Trivette in his dress.”

“You take it right Alex.  This is going to be great. Shhh here he comes."

"Hey Alex how is it going?” "

Not bad Jimmy how was your day?”

“Long, very long.”  Trivette sat down with Walker and Alex.   C.D. brought Trivette a beer.  “Thanks big dog.”  Trivette started looking around and saw an unusual amount of cops and Rangers in the bar.

“Walker what is going on?  Why are their so many cops in here?”

"Hey everyone can I get your attention for a minute?”  C.D. asked.  "We have a special treat tonight.  We have a special video to try out my new big screen TV.  Compliments of Walker.

“Walker?  Walker did you do what I think you did?”

Walker started to laugh as he said, “probably." Just then the tape started rolling and everyone saw Trivette in his make-up, high heels, dress  and of course the big chest.  Then the drunk that tried to pick up Trivette and they sure didn’t miss the kiss he planted on poor Jimmy.  Everyone was rolling on the floor laughing.

C.D. laughed until he had tears in his eyes.

“C.D. stop that damn tape.”

“Sorry Jimmy I can’t do that I’m enjoying it too much.  This is just too funny.  Cordell you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“ME?!  Did you see those pictures Trivette posted all over Ranger headquarters?”

“Yes.”  C.D. said laughing. "Cordell I don’t know which one is the funnier.”

Trivette was so embarrassed he sunk down in the booth.

“Hey Trivette we like your new boyfriend.”

“Shut up Wayne.”

Everyone started ribbing Walker and Trivette wondering what they were going to do to each other next.  After everything calmed down and almost everyone left Trivette went over to talk to C.D.  “Damn that Walker.”

"What are you going to do about it Jimmy?”

“I don’t know yet, do you have any ideas?”

“As a matter of fact I do.”

It was Friday night, Walker and Trivette had been playing jokes on each other all week long.  With C.D.’s help Trivette had the next plan all ready.  Walker and Alex were sitting alone in their booth enjoying each other’s company.  "Alex do you remember this song?”  “Yes, it’s May I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life."

“Well my I?”

“May you what?”

"Have this dance?”

“You sure may sir.”  Walker took Alex’s hand and escorted her to the dance floor.  Walker put his arms around Alex and held her tight as they danced.  They both noticed Trivette dancing with a beautiful redhead.

"Walker who is that lady Trivette is dancing with?”

“I was just going to ask you the same thing.”

“I have no idea but she’s beautiful.”  After the dance was over Walker and Alex returned to their booth.  Trivette came over to the table to introduce his dance partner.

“Walker, Alex I would like you to meet Cindy.  Cindy this is my partner Cordell Walker and his fiancée Alex Cahill.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”  Walker and Alex said.  “Would you like to join us?” Walker asked.

“Sure we would.”   Trivette blurted out.

When the next song came on the two couples got up to dance.  Walker held Alex close as they danced.  Then Trivette danced his way over to Walker.  “Hey Walker how about we switch partners?”

“Do you mind Alex?”  Walker asked.

“Sure Jimmy I would love to dance with you.”

C.D. watched from the bar and started to snicker.

“So, Cordell, you and Jimmy are partners?

“Yes we are.”

Cindy held Walker really close as they danced. "You are sure in good shape, Walker. You must work out.”

“I keep in shape.”  Walker told her, impassively.

Then she ran her hands up and down Walker’s arms feeling his strong muscles. Walker started to feel very uneasy.  "I love strong men, she purred. Any chance of you and I getting together later?”

“US? You and I?”  Walker said.

“Sure, your girlfriend doesn't have to know anything.”

“NO, there’s no possibility of that, Walker stated, stoically and with emphasis.”  Walker broke off the dance and went to sit down.

C.D. and Trivette tried their best not to give it away.  Alex noticed how friendly Cindy was getting and gave her a dirty look.  A few seconds later Trivette and Alex joined them.

Walker excused himself to go to the men’s room.

“Alex, I saw that look you gave Cindy.” Trivette commented.  "Jimmy, did you see how “over-friendly” she was getting?"

“Yes I did and that’s just what she is being paid to do.”


“Alex, I’m a stripper. C.D. and Jimmy paid me to do this to Walker. I’m not trying to take him away.”


Trivette and Cindy laughed and C.D. came up and joined in.  “Come on, honey, it’s just for fun- don’t blow it. Let them have their fun with Cordell.”

After getting himself together, Walker came back out, not knowing quite what to do about Cindy.

"Quiet, shhhhhhh… here he comes.”

Walker took his place at Alex’s side.  Cindy got up and went over behind Walker, then she looked at Alex and winked. She put her hands on Walker shoulders. He jumped a mile in the air.

"Alex this is some man you have here."

“It sure is and I wish you’d take your hands off of his shoulders.”

"OH? Well Okay. What if I just sit in his lap?"  Cindy sat down in Walker’s lap and put her arms around his neck.

“Miss, Excuse me, what the heck are you doing?”  Walker asked.

“I’m just being friendly.”  Cindy replied, coyly.

"Too friendly I would say.  Why do I get the feeling Trivette is up to his old tricks?”  Now darlin’ what does Jimmy have to do with anything?  Cindy said as she started to unbutton her blouse right in Walker’s lap.  Everyone started to laugh.

“Trivette, I should have known.”  Cindy stood up and took off her blouse and then worked her way down.

Walker was so embarrassed   “Oh, no miss, you don’t have to do that—REALLY!!!.”

Cindy started to dance a little as she was stripping- right in front of Walker. Underneath there was a slinky string bikini.  Walker was so stunned he didn’t know what to do or where to look.  Alex saw how embarrassed Walker was and got an incredible kick out of watching him squirm. Alex couldn’t see how such a big strong guy could be so amazingly shy, especially when it came to women.

Walker looked at Alex and she was laughing. “Alex this is not funny!  A totally strange woman is sitting in my lap with almost no clothes on and you’re LAUGHING.”

“I’m sorry Walker, but the look on your face is truly priceless.”

Finally everything calmed down and the evening ended very amicably.

But, secretly, Walker determined to out do the stripper incident.   He heard that Cory Mims was in town doing a wedding. So he decided to go pay him a visit.

“Cory, do you remember me? “

“Of course I do.  How is that fine looking partner of yours?”

“He’s just fine" Walker said grinning. “As of matter of fact, Trivette is why I’m here. I was wondering if I could get you to help me out with something?”

"Anything for James. What is it?”

Walker sat down and explained everything that was going on between himself and Trivette. After hearing him out, Mims was more than glad to help.  “This should be some real fun, Ranger Walker, especially since I really like James. He’s one fine man.”

“I’ll see you tonight then?”

“You sure will, Cordell, “Ranger” Walker.”   And Cory Mims gave Walker a truly mischievous wink.

It was much later in the evening. Walker, Alex and Trivette were all sitting at a table in C.D.’s.  Walker didn’t tell anyone about talking to Mims. He wanted everyone to be surprised, and hopefully, truly shocked.   They were all talking and Trivette took a swig of his beer when all of a sudden  he heard…  "James, James, James, tskk tskk, tskk".  Walker was sitting across from Trivette which was unfortunate for him because when Trivette heard Mims voice he spit out his beer and it landed all over Walker. “Trivette! Damn!  Thanks a lot.”

“James, it’s so good to see you again.”

“Cory?!  What in the world are you doing here?”

"Hello Miss Cahill you look great. And you, Ranger Walker, how are you?”

"We all appear to be just fine.”

“And James, how are you? “ Cory asked in an oily, snaky tone of voice.

 Jimmy visibly stiffened, “Cory, What are you doing in town?”

“I have a wedding, so I thought I would come by and see how ya’ll are doing. Speaking of weddings, I hear you two are getting married.


“Thank you.”  Alex said.

Cory put his hand on Trivette’s shoulder. ”James you are looking fabulous tonight."   Walker tried his best not to give it away by laughing.  Trivette brushed Cory’s hand off of his shoulder.  “Cory, don’t do that, ok?”

“Cory sat down next to Trivette.  “James, I can’t tell how good it is to see you again.” “Good. Then please don’t. And will you move over and stop that.”

“Oh, James, don’t be like that.  I’m just glad to see you again.”

Walker could hardly contain himself and Alex started to half choke on her laughter. Before she gave it away, Walker asked Alex to dance and taking her hand, he half dragged her to the dance floor.

As they danced Walker started to laugh, almost giving way to hiccups. “Walker, why are you laughing?  Did you by any chance have anything to do with Cory being here?”  Alex inquired, only half kiddingly. (She knew her man, and she knew the answer.)


“Walker you did, shame on you.”

“I’m just getting him back for the stripper incident.”

“It is funny, I have to admit."

“James would you like to dance?”

“NO I DON’T WANT TO DANCE!”  Cory played his part well, he kept hitting on Trivette and Trivette came close to decking him.  Trivette finally got up and went to the bar.

“C.D., will you give me another beer, please?”

"Coming up, Jimmy".

Walker and Alex were watching as Cory followed Trivette to the bar.

"I’ll get that beer for you, James, Cory stated, simperingly.”

“I can buy my own beer Cory, Jimmy said, with an edge to his voice."

When Cory patted Trivette on the rump, and Jimmy started to sputter and grasp his beer bottle by the neck,  Walker knew it was time to end things, before Trivette flattened  poor old Cory.

“Trivette! Hold it!”  Walker said as he hurried to the bar.

Walker finally let go and burst out laughing.

“You want to tell me what is so funny Walker?” Said Jimmy with constrained fury in his voice.

"Trivette, Cory is here at my invitation.”

“Oh, so all this is just a joke?”


“Walker that was one lousy low- blow, was all Jimmy said. (but what he thought was:  Oh, thank God, What a relief.  I thought I was going to have to slug Cory”).

The next few days the Rangers were too busy to play jokes on each other.  They were

busy and too tired after work. But, finally the weekend arrived.  Alex had plans out of town so Walker would be spending it alone.  He'd decided to go riding on Saturday.

He got up early and had Amigo all saddled and ready to go when Trivette showed up.

“Hey, good morning Walker.”

“Good morning what brings you out his way?”

“I didn’t have any plans so I thought I would see what you were doing for the weekend."

“I was just going riding. You want to come along?”

“Of course I want to come along.”

“Okay, I’ll go saddle you a horse.”

“Great. Where we going?”

"To a few of my favorite places on the ranch.  I’ll be right back with your horse."

 Trivette decided this would be a great time to play one of his tricks on Walker.

He loosened the cinch on his saddle and found a burr and put it under his saddle.

Walker came out of the barn with Trivette’s horse.  Not realizing Trivette was up to his old tricks Walker was already to mount the horse when he remembered the lunch he had packed.  “Trivette do me a favor and go our lunch. It’s on the kitchen table.  I have to get something from the barn.”

“Okay be right back."

What Trivette didn’t know was Walker was in the habit of double-checking everything and when he re-checked the cinch he found it loose. "So Trivette up to your old tricks I see.  I better check and make sure that’s all he did.”  Walker looked and found the burr under the saddle.  "Two can play this game" Walker thought.  So he took the burr and put it under Trivette’s saddle.

"Okay Amigo lets play along with this little stunt, you know what to do boy.  We worked on this trick.”

Walker was all ready for Trivette when he came out with the food.

“Hurry up time is wasting away.”  Walker put his foot in the stirrup and started to mount Amigo.  Amigo reared up his hind legs and the saddle slipped down taking Walker down with it.

Trivette started to laugh when he saw Walker fall.  But then Walker wasn’t moving.  “Come on Walker stop messing around.”  Trivette said as he walked over to Walker.  But Walker didn’t get up. He wasn’t moving.

“Walker come on man talk to me.”  Trivette rolled Walker over on his back.  “Walker talk to me.”  All of a sudden Walker grabbed Trivette and now Trivette was on the ground and Walker has on top of him.

"Damn it Walker you scared the hell out of me.  I thought you were hurt.”

“Trivette did you really think I would fall for that?”

“I was hoping. Now get off of me.”   Walker got up and helped Trivette up.

“Are you done playing around now? Can we get going?”

“I’m ready let’s go.  Walker watched grinning as Trivette climbed up on the saddled.  As soon as he sat on the saddle the horse bucked and through Trivette off.  “Damn that hurt.”  Walker started to laugh at Trivette.  “How do you like it Trivette?”

“Walker I should have known better then to trust you.”

“You started it not me.”

Finally the two got on their way.  Walker took Trivette to some of his favorite places on the ranch.  “I can see why you love it out here so much Walker it’s beautiful and peaceful.”

“Yes it is, I can get away from everything out here."

Walker and Trivette spent the whole day out riding. “It’s getting late Trivette we better head back.”  After getting back Walker put the horses away.  They went inside and relaxed for awhile.  "That was great Walker thanks.”

“Your welcome I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”

Monday morning, on the way to work, Trivette stopped  to get cup of coffee. He noticed two kids outside the store.  One of then had some kind of powder and blew it in the other kids face and he started to sneeze and sneeze.

“Hey kid, what is that stuff you blew in his face?"

“It’s just sneezing powder Ranger. It won’t hurt him. It just makes you sneeze a lot.”

“Is that right, where did you get it?”

“From a friend.”

“Hey what do you say I buy a little from you? I want to use it on a friend.”

“Okay five bucks and you can have some.”

Trivette took the powder and headed to work.  They were the office doing paper work and Trivette thought it would be the perfect time to use it on Walker.   Trivette got up and went to Walker’s desk.

“Hey Walker.”  Walker looked up and Trivette blew the sneezing powder in Walkers face.  Walker started to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze.

“Trivette what the hell is that?”  Walker asked in between sneezes.

“It’s just sneezing powder Walker."

 Everyone is the office started to laugh.  “Trivette you are asking for it again aren’t you?”  Trivette just laughed and went back to his paper work.  One of the Rangers came up to Walker.  “Hey Walker you know your partner is enjoying this too much.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I have something that I think you might just want to use.”

"Oh and what is that?”

“How about itching powder?  You put it on a piece of his clothing and he will be itching like a dog with fleas.”

“Now that’s a great idea.  I’ll take it.”

“It’s at home I can bring it in tomorrow.”

“Great thanks.”

The next morning he brought in the itching powder and gave it to Walker.  “This should teach Trivette a lesson.” Walker said.   Walker went to Trivette’s gym locker and put the itching powder in his jockstrap.  “Okay smarty pants we'll see how you like this.”    Later that day Walker and Trivette went to the gym to work out.   Walker was planning on showing Trivette some more moves.  But this was one move Trivette was not counting on.  Trivette opened his locker and started to get dressed Walker was finished and stood their watching Trivette get dressed.  They headed out to the mat where Walker was going to work out with Trivette.  After a few minutes Trivette started to squirm. Then scratch a little. 

"Trivette will you pay attention and stop squirming?”

“I can’t Walker I itch.”  “Oh yuck then stay away from me.”  Walker started to laugh.  Trivette started itching so much he couldn’t stand it.  The more Trivette scratched the more Walker laughed. “Walker it’s not funny, what the hell is going on? I need to get out of these.”

Trivette ran into the locker room and tore off his clothes and ran to the shower.  Walker was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes.

After getting out of the shower Trivette picked up his clothes and looked at them.  He saw the powder on his jockstrap.  Then he looked at Walker who was stall laughing.  “You!  You did this.”  Walker just laughed.

“Pay backs a bitch is it not?”  Walker said as he walked off.

“Oh man this was a lot more fun before Walker got the idea of getting back.”

Walker decided to get Trivette before he had the chance to do it to him back.  He went to the store and bought some ex-lax.  He thought it would be funny to see what effect it would have on Trivette.  The next morning they were all at C.D.’s for breakfast. Trivette went to the restroom.  Walker put the ex-lax in Trivette’s coffee.

“Walker what are you doing?"

“Shhh don’t say a word Alex.”  Walker told her.

What Walker didn’t know is that Trivette saw Walker put something in his coffee only he didn’t know what it was.  Trivette went over to C.D.

“Hey big dog do me a favor will you?”

“Sure Jimmy if I can.”

“I need you to distract Walker for me.”

“Why Jimmy?”

“Walker put something in my coffee and I want to switch the cups on him.”

“No problem I have something I was going to have you try I will have him come and get it.”

“Great, thanks big dog.”

Trivette went back and sat down. As soon as he was settled down C.D. waited a few minutes then called Walker over.  “Hey Cordell come over here a minute will you?”  As soon as Walker left the table Jimmy switched the cups on Walker.

“Alex don’t you dare say a word you hear me?”

“I hear you, leave me out of this.”  Alex snickered.

“What is it C.D.?" inquired Walker.

“Here take this and you three try it out and let me know what you think.”

“Okay it looks great.”  Walker returned to the table and no one would look him in the face.  Trivette took great delight in taking a big sip of his coffee.  Walker watched Trivette drink his coffee thinking later that day he would get a big surprise.  He then started to drink his coffee. Trivette and Alex looked at each other and smiled at each other.

“Well Trivette we better get to work.”

“Yeah you’re right Walker we better get going.”

“Alex I will meet you here for lunch right?”

“Yeah okay Cowboy see you then.”

It was a normal morning they had a few arrests to make nothing big.

It was getting on towards lunchtime and Walker was wondering how long it would take before the ex-lax started to work.  Trivette was still wondering what it was Walker put it the coffee but he was sure he was going to find out soon.   Alex headed to C.D.’s for lunch not sure Walker would be there.  She laughed to herself when she thought about what Trivette did to Walker.   Alex smiled when she was Walker coming through the door.

“Hi Alex how did it go in court today?”

“Not bad at all.  How about you?”


Alex, Trivette and Walker all ordered their lunch but just as Walker started to eat his stomach started to bother him.  Walker looked at Trivette. He was eating and didn’t look at Walker. He was trying not to laugh.

“Excuse me Alex.”  Walker said as he hurried to the bathroom.  “What is going on here Walker said to himself.  I know Trivette got the ex-lax so why am I in the bathroom?”

Walker finally came out and sat down.  He was not a happy man.

“Walker you okay partner?”

“YES! I’M JUST FINE THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”  Walker yelled as he sat down.  Trivette kept eating.  Walker stared at Trivette and then at Alex.   He could tell something was up.  Walker jumped up and ran to the bathroom again.  This went on for about an hour. Walker was really pissed and when he came out of the bathroom for the fifth time Trivette broke down and started to laugh and then Alex started in.

“What’s wrong Walker your stomach working over time today?”

“Trivette I don’t know how but you had something to do with this.”

“Me, Walker?  I am not the one that tampered with the coffee now am I?”

“Alex, you are in on this I can tell.”

“Walker I had nothing to do with it.”

“I’m going to the office and get some paper work done I can’t go out on the road like this.”  Walker got up and stormed out of C.D.’S.  He was even more upset when he couldn’t even make it to the office without stopping at a gas station on the way.

Walker made it back to the office and went to his desk to try and get some paperwork done.  “Oh man this is really pissing me off.”

Walker said to himself as he jumped up again.  Just as Walker got through the bathroom door.  Oh no!

 After Walker didn’t come back Trivette went looking for him and found him in the gym. “Walker man what are you doing?”

“Never mind what I’m doing just go away.”

“Oh yuck never mind I can smell it.”

“Trivette will you get out of here please?”

“I’m out of here.”

“By the way Trivette I’m going home I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The next morning Walker was feeling no more affects from the ex-lax.  Trivette was in the office already when Walker can in.  Walker went to his desk and sat down without saying a word to Trivette.  After a few minutes Walker looked up at Trivette.  Trivette looked back at Walker.

“How are you feeling this morning Walker?”

“I’m okay.”

“Come on Walker don’t be mad.”

“Trivette I’m not mad.”  Walker shook his head then smiled at Trivette.  "Let me ask you a question.  How did you know about the coffee?”

“I saw you put something in the coffee, I didn’t know what it was so I had C.D. distract you long enough to switch the cups.”  Trivette started laughing.  “I’m sorry Walker but what did you expect me to do?  Drink it?”

“Alex knew about this too, and she didn’t say anything?”

“I told her not to.  I’m really sorry for what you went through Walker.”

“That’s okay it was my fault.  Trivette have you notice something?”

“What’s that Walker?”

“C.D. and Alex.  I have a feeling they are part of this all some how.”

“You’re right. I think they are.  C.D. has been encouraging me to get back at you.”

“Is that right?  Well Alex has been doing the same thing.  Trivette I don’t think they should get away with that do you?”

“No I don’t Ranger Walker.  What do you suggest we do about it?”

Walker and Trivette sat down and thought about what they could do to get C.D. and Alex.  “Trivette I have an idea.”

“Good Walker what is it?”

“Okay this is what we do.”

Walker told Trivette the plan and they put it into effect at lunchtime at C.D.’s later that day.  Walker and Trivette walked into the bar where C.D. and Alex was there waiting.  “Hi Cowboy.”

“Hi Alex.”

A few minutes later Walker and Trivette started to argue about ex-lax joke.

“Walker you are a sore loser that is what is wrong with you."

“I am not.”

Walker and Trivette argued back and forth they got madder and madder at each other.  “Will you two stop that. It was only a joke. No reason to get mad at each other.”

“Alex you stay out of this it is between me and Trivette.”

Walker and Trivette kept arguing about everything.  C.D. came over to see what was going on.  “What in heaven’s name is going on over here?”

“Nothing Big Dog.” Trivette yelled.

 Walker and Trivette put on a great show for C.D. and Alex and they fell for every bit of it.   “Jimmy, you and Cordell can’t let something like this come between you two.”

“Some friend he turned out to be C.D.”

Walker and Trivette start in on each other again.  Walker gets up to leave but Trivette grabs him by the arm.

"Don’t you walk away from me I’m not done with you yet.”

Walker turns around and shoves him.  Trivette shoves Walker back and the two got into a shoving match.  Alex and C.D. could not believe what they were seeing.

“Walker you are really starting to piss me off.”

“Good I’m glad to hear it, now back off and leave me along or you will regret it.”

“Is that right partner?    Just what are you going to do?”

C.D. jumped in between the two.  “Will you two knock it off right now?”

“It’s over I’m out of here. Alex are you still coming out to the ranch?”

“Yes I’ll be there in about 2 hours.”

“Okay then I will see you then.”  Walker turned and left.

“Jimmy what the hell is going on between you two?”

“C.D. I don’t want to talk about it.”  Trivette said and he left too.

After they left Alex and C.D. just sat there with their mouths open.

"C.D. we need to do something. I didn’t think this would get out of hand like this and it’s partly my fault.”

“Yeah mine too honey.”

Trivette was to meet Walker out at the ranch after they were done with Alex and C.D.  Trivette got to Walker’s and went inside.

“Hey Walker that was fun.  I think they really believed it.”

“Yeah I think they did.  It serves them right.  Alex is supposed to be here in awhile what do you want to bet C.D. comes along with her.”

“You’re right Walker I bet he will.  Won’t they both be surprised.”

"Trivette go hide your car out behind the barn where they can’t see it when they drive up.”  “Okay be right back.”

 No sooner did Trivette get back into the house, than Alex and C.D. drive up.

“Walker you were right C.D. is with her.”

“Good. Trivette go hide in the kitchen I don’t want them to know you are here just yet. Let's play with them for a little bit longer.”

“C.D. what are you doing here?  I was hoping to spend some time alone with Alex.” “Cordell we need to talk about what is going on between you and Jimmy.”

“There is nothing to talk about.”

“Walker please listen to C.D.”

“So you are on his side and not mine?  Fine if that’s the way you want it Okay.  I don’t need anyone.”  Walker left and went to the kitchen and left C.D. and Alex just standing there.

“C.D. now what?”

“I don’t know Alex but we have to make him listen to us let’s go.”

Alex and C.D. went into the kitchen after Walker. They find Walker and Trivette standing there with there arms across each others shoulders.

"GOTCHA!"   They yelled.

“Oh you two I should have known.”

“Cordell that was a dirty trick you had us going.”

“Yes we did, didn’t we?”

Alex was relieved to see they were not really mad at each other.

Walker and Trivette had a good laugh.  “We had to do something, you two deserved it and you know it.”

“Okay Cowboy so we did.”

“Now that we all had out fun, no more jokes. That it is. Do you hear me Trivette?”

“Yes partner I hear you.  I had my fill for a long time.”

I don’t want to sound inhospitable but do you two mind getting out of here so I can spend some time alone with my fiancée?”

“Oh glad to.  You two have fun and I will see you Monday morning.”

“Come on Big Dog,  I will give you a ride home.”

“Thanks Jimmy".

“Okay you come over here.”  Walker grabbed Alex and pulled her in close and gave her a long passionate kiss.

“Now that’s my Cowboy.”  Walker picked Alex up in his arms.  “Walker what are you doing?”

“I plan on making up for that little joke I played on you. I can guarantee you will love it.”  “Oh Walker I love making up.  Carry on Cowboy.”

                                           The end