The Nanny

 by Katie 59

Chapter One

Walker entered Alex's hospital room sat in the wheelchair that was there and asked her "You ready to go home?" Alex carefully got up from the bed as she answered "I sure am. I can't wait to see my babies, all four of them. I can understand you not wanting to bring our youngest two here to see me but I don't know why you wouldn't bring at least Liz and Gordie to see me. I've missed them so much." Walker smiled and told her "They've missed you too hon and I didn't want to upset Liz and Gordie by bringing them to visit you in the hospital, they thought if they came here to see you they would have to stay here too."

Alex questioned "Where did they get a crazy idea like that? Never mind, I know that young children can get some crazy ideas. What about you Walker? Did you miss me too?" Walker teasingly replied "Did I miss you? Why would you think that?"

Alex teased right back "I know you cowboy and you have trouble sleeping if I'm not in bed with you. Besides you look like you haven't been getting much rest." Walker answered "I haven't, the babies have been keeping me up at night."

"Doesn't Debra take care of them then? She was hired by my father to be the nanny, right?" Alex questioned her husband who answered "I told her that I would take care of them by myself at night so that she could get her rest."

"Okay but once I get home she is going to have to help me at night so that you can get your rest for work." Alex informed Walker.

"Alex I only took care of them at night because I wanted to be sure that she was rested enough to keep up with our older two during the day when I'm at work, they can be a handful at times. Besides you know that I don't need a lot of sleep. Now how about we go home?" Walker said to his wife who smiled and told him "If you're in that much of a hurry to leave I suggest that you get out of the wheelchair that you're sitting in so that the orderly can push me in it to the exit." Walker got out of the wheelchair. Alex got in it and they left the hospital.

As they were driving to the ranch Alex questioned her husband "So tell me cowboy, just how pretty is our nanny?" Walker answered "Alex, you know that you are the only woman that I look at."

"Nice comeback but from what I heard Trivette say when I was coming out of my coma she must be good-looking, otherwise Trivette wouldn't have asked her out." Alex said to Walker who told her "You're right; Trivette only hits on women that he thinks are pretty. What else did you overhear when you were waking up from that coma?"

"Not much, just that Trivette has decided that the nanny is interested in you. Why is there anything else you're worried about that I might have overheard?" Alex asked him. Walker shook his head no. After they drove in silence for awhile Alex told him "Well if she is interested in you that wouldn't be anything new."

"Alex, I am not interested in her." Walker objected and Alex said "I know that honey but that doesn't stop these women who decide that they want you but I know how to deal with them now."

"I'm almost afraid to ask you, how do you deal with these women now?" Walker semi-teased his wife who smiled and teased him "Wouldn't you like to know the answer to that dear?"

When Alex got home Liz and Gordie came running to see their mother who hugged them both and then asked them how they had been. Debra answered "The children have been well-behaved Mrs. Walker." Alex told her "I believe that I asked them how they've been."

"Yes Ma'am." Debra replied causing Alex to say "Please call me Alex, Ma'am is too formal. Now after I've seen my youngest two I'll set up a schedule for you." Debra nodded and left the room as Gordie and Liz told their mother what they had been doing while she had been in the hospital. After they were done Walker helped Alex up the steps to the nursery and she saw her youngest two children for the first time. Wiping a tear away Alex said "They are so beautiful Cordell." Picking up his son Raymond Walker teased "We've had this talk before Alexandra, your daughters are beautiful like their mother and my sons are." Alex finished his sentence as she picked her daughter Angela "Handsome like their stubborn father."

Chapter Two

After dinner Walker insisted that Alex take a nap because he thought she needed some rest. Alex agreed only because the babies were napping and she told him to wake her up when they woke up, that she couldn't wait to take care of her babies for the first time. A couple of hours later Alex awoke to the sound of the babies crying so she got up and went to the nursery where Debra was saying to Walker "Cordell you should let them cry for a little while to develop their lungs. It's not good for them when you pick them up every single time they cry."

Walker answered as he reached for his youngest son "I think that their lungs are just fine. They are crying because they are hungry, now if you don't mind I want you to go get them their bottles." Debra replied "If you insist Cordell but it's been my experience that if you rush to take care of a baby every time it cries you will end up spoiling the child. You don't want to do that to them, now do you?" Alex stepped into the nursery and said "I've got them Walker, why don't you take Liz and Gordie out to the barn to help you with the horses?"

"Alex, are you sure? It's your first day home from the hospital and I don't want you overdoing it." Walker asked his wife who told him as she picked her youngest daughter "I'm sure; I noticed that our oldest set of twins were getting a little restless at dinner. They need to spend some time with just you. Please take them to the barn; the fresh air will do them a lot of good." Walker got his oldest children and took the out to the barn.

As they were taking care of the babies Alex questioned Debra. "Debra, exactly what did my father tell you when he hired you to be our nanny?" The nanny answered "I would prefer to be called Miss Vanderbeck Ma'am. Mr. Cahill hired me for a year and explained that while I was being hired to help out with the babies he also felt that perhaps the older two could use more of a firm hand."

Alex asked "My father told you that he thought my older two children were brats? I find that hard to believe." Nanny Vanderbeck hastened to answer "No Ma'am, he didn't. Mr. Cahill said that they just needed a little more attention than they had been getting lately, what with you working and all. Ma'am a lot of times parents don't realize what they are doing to their children when they let them have whatever they want whenever they want it."

Alex took a deep breath then answered "Okay Miss Vanderbeck my father may have hired you but this is my home and the children will be taken care of the way that my husband Walker, not Cordell by the way and I have decided that they would be raised. First of all the babies will be taken care of when they cry, like it or not. I admit that my older two are a little on the stubborn side but I do not think that they need a firmer hand; they are simply taking after their mule-headed father. I will take care of them; I want you to help me with Angela and Ray until I recover my strength. Furthermore my oldest two do not get whatever they want whenever they want it, they never have and they never will. Also the way Walker and I handle them is our business and no-one else's. Now as to your schedule; you will be helping me out with the feeding the babies in the evening then you are free to do what you want until eight o'clock the next morning when you will start helping me again until the babies are taken care of in the evening. I know that's a long day but that's the way it's going to be until they start sleeping longer. You will however be off all day Saturday and Sundays, any questions?"

Nanny Vanderbeck replied "Ma'am I really think that you should consider my way of doing things. For instance your oldest two, if you're firm with them now you won't have to worry about their behavior later on." Alex having had enough said point blank "Nanny Vanderbeck these are my rules, either go along with them or find yourself another place of employment. My father may have hired you but I will fire you if you won't respect the way that my husband and I intend to raise our children. Are we clear on that?"

The nanny answered "Very clear Ma'am. Now the way I understand it since the babies have been taken care of this evening I'm free to do what I want until tomorrow morning at eight?" Alex told her "Yes you are." The nanny left the nursery and went downstairs where she ran into Walker and said to him "Cordell, I'm concerned about your wife. I'm a highly qualified nanny and she won't listen to a word of my advice. Perhaps you can talk to her and make her understand that I do have the children's best interest at heart?"

Walker answered "Debra please call me Walker, everyone does including my wife. As for my children, I don't doubt that you have the children's best interest at heart but my wife also has their best interest at heart and she is their mother. What she says goes, understand?" Miss Vanderbeck replied "Please it's Debra and yes Cordell, I understand."

Chapter Three

Walker went upstairs and saw to Liz's and Gordie's bath. After they were in bed he went into his bedroom where Alex was sitting on the edge of the bed looking very pale. Hurrying over to his wife Walker said as he laid her back on the bed "Alex, are you okay? Should I call Dr. Bates?" Alex weakly smiled and replied "I'm fine honey but I'm really tired right now. I think that I'll take a nap."

Walker told her "Alex you need your rest, you go ahead and turn in for the night. When the babies wake up I'll feed them." Alex objected as she sat back up "You will do no such thing Walker." Then she explained "Walker honey since I can't breast feed them because I was in that coma for so long I need to be with them when they are being fed. I need to bond with my babies, I missed too much of their young lives already."

Walker pointed out "Alex you were only in that coma for three weeks, you didn't miss that much of their lives. I mean at this age all they do is eat, sleep, cry then make a mess in their diapers which then have to be changed. You have plenty of time to get to know them yet."

Not convinced she replied "I know what you're saying makes sense but I feel as though I missed too much already. These are my babies and I don't want to miss a thing if I can help it." Walker winked and in an attempt to lighten his wife's mood told her "Well just look at it this way Alex, since you were in a coma for three weeks you also are three weeks closer to being able to make love with your husband again."

Alex started crying and Walker pulled her into his arms as he questioned "Alex honey what's the matter? Did I upset you somehow? Because if I did I didn't mean to." Alex wiped her tears away and answered "No you didn't but I have a feeling that what I'm about to tell you may upset you."

"No it won't." Walker vowed causing Alex to smile a little as she said "Yes it will because I'm pretty upset about it. Walker Dr. Bates said that I'm going to need at least two more months to recover from giving birth this time because of everything that happened."

"Oh okay, I've gotten used to cold showers." Walker replied leading Alex to snap as she removed herself from her husband's arms "What's that supposed to mean? That I'm such a lousy wife that I wasn't seeing to your needs? That you weren't getting enough sex from me to begin with?"  Taking his wife back into his arms Walker said "Lady I wasn't talking about getting sex from you; I've always been pleased with our love life as you well know. Alex honey, I know that you're not ready to make love with me and I will wait. What I meant to say was that whenever I'm near you my body sort of has a mind of it's own, mainly one part in particular. So I have to take a few cold showers. Which I don't mind doing because I know that when we're able to make love again the cold showers will have been worth it."

"Oh Cordell I love you so much." Alex replied as she laid her head on her husband's chest. After a few minutes Walker shifted Alex a little ways away from him so she asked "Is there something the matter darling?"

Walker answered as he got up from the bed "No I'm just going to take my shower now." Alex questioned "A cold one?" When he didn't answer she offered "Walker, if you really need some relief I can...uhm...I can..."

Guessing what Alex was trying to say Walker told his wife "Alex we have had this talk before and the answer is still no." Alex then said "But I've... uhm... done that to you before."

"Yes as a part of our lovemaking, not you satisfying my needs only. No Alex we won't do anything like that until we can make love together and not a minute before then, understand lady?" Walker informed his wife who replied "I understand that you're still a very stubborn cowboy my darling. Now please make sure that the baby monitor is on because I want to take care of my beautiful babies during my first night home from the hospital."

Walker leaned over kissed Alex on the cheek and told her "The monitor is on honey now you go to sleep and I'll take my shower." Alex laid back and fell asleep. After Walker came out of the bathroom he decided that she needed more rest so he turned off the baby monitor.

Chapter Four

Alex woke up to the faint sounds of her babies crying so she put her robe on and headed to the nursery where she found her husband there along with the nanny tending to her babies. Taking the bottle of formula off of her husband and picking up her crying daughter Alex said to Angela "There, there honey, Mommy's got you now." Alex then sat in the rocker as the nanny started to feed Raymond his bottle. Looking at the way the nanny was dressed Alex suggested to her husband "Walker, why don't you go to bed? I'm here to take care of our babies and you need your rest so that you can go to work tomorrow."

Walker answered "I was still planning on helping with the babies, I really don't need that much rest but you do. Alex since you just got out of the hospital why don't you go get some more rest?" Alex shook her head no as she replied "I said that I wanted to take care of my babies my first night home and that is exactly what I am going to do." Then Alex turned to the nanny and dismissed her by saying "Since you're off duty until tomorrow morning, my husband and I will take care of the babies now."

Nanny Vanderbeck answered "That's all right Ma'am since I'm awake I can help out with them. Here hand me Angela and I'll burp her for you that way you can go ahead and get some more sleep. You don't want to tire yourself out, do you?" Alex then sternly said "Miss Vanderbeck I just told you that my husband and I will take care of the babies. I will not repeat myself."

"Yes Ma'am, goodnight." Nanny Vanderbeck answered and then left the nursery. After they had the babies taken care of Walker questioned his wife "Alex weren't you a little short with Debra? She was just trying to help me out with the babies like she has been doing ever since your father hired her."

"I told you earlier this evening that I wanted to take care of them and what do I awake to? You taking care of my babies along with a half-dressed woman." Alex replied causing Walker to laugh "Alex come on you sound like you're jealous that I was taking care of our babies with the nanny. A woman who by the way your father hired to help take care of them."

"I am not jealous Walker, what I am is upset that you didn't pay any attention to me earlier this evening when I told you about my wanting to take care of our babies on my first night home. Honey I told you how much it meant to me to finally be able to see to my children and you just went ahead and ignored my wishes. Why did you turn the baby monitor off anyway?" Alex shot back.

"Alex I'm worried about you, I almost lost you when you gave birth to Raymond and Angela. I can't and I won't go through that again, you're everything to me. I turned the baby monitor off because I wanted you to get some more rest, certainly not so that I could take care of our babies with as you put it 'a half-dressed nanny'." Walker answered his wife who sighed and told him "Walker you must know that she is interested in you."

"Alex, why would she be interested in me? It's not like I have anything that I can offer her. You're the only woman that I know who is crazy enough to want me in her live." Walker questioned her.

"Walker there's only one thing that she's interested in you for and that's your body. Why else do you think she was dressed the way she was tonight?" Alex asked her husband who replied "That's the way she always dresses at night."

"Is that so? Never mind I keep forgetting that since you're not interested in other woman that you aren't always aware of when one is hitting on you. I'll handle it myself tomorrow morning; right now since the babies are sleeping I suggest that we do the same." Alex said as she got up from the rocking chair and headed to their bedroom.

Entering the bedroom Walker told his wife "Alex I swear that I'm not interested in her and I never will be no matter what she wears. You know that, don't you?" Alex replied "I know that honey but we don't need her running around here half-dressed. How would we explain that to our oldest two when we've taught them to dress properly?"

"Okay honey, like I told Debra earlier; what you says goes." Walker said.

"Walker, why are you calling her Debra? She told me that she wanted me to call her Miss Vanderbeck and that she would call me Ma'am, which by the way I don't like because it makes me feel so old." Alex questioned him.

"That's what she told me to call her after I called her Miss Vanderbeck. Alex how about we call her Nanny Vanderbeck instead of either Debra or Miss Vanderbeck." Walker answered his wife who told him as she got into bed "That's what we'll call her as long as she's our nanny. I'll tell her that tomorrow too."

Getting into his side of the bed Walker said "Okay honey." They drifted off to sleep. Downstairs Debra Vanderbeck was thinking to herself as she removed the all but see-through nightgown and put on a set of pajamas 'I have to get him interested in me. If I don't he'll never agree to help me, not with his wife standing right there. How can I possibly compete against the hold she has on him? I don't want to do it but I'm going to need his help and men don't help women unless they're interested in them. God how did I get myself in this mess to begin with anyway?' Debra crawled into bed while trying to think of a way to get Walker interested in her so that he would help her when she needed it and she had a feeling that was going to be sooner rather than later.

Chapter Five

The next morning Alex woke up and headed downstairs determined to make breakfast for her family before the babies woke up but when she got into the kitchen she found her husband there with the nanny. Nanny Vanderbeck was saying "Cordell I can help you with cooking breakfast, here you take care of the toast and I'll start the eggs." Walker answered "Nanny Vanderbeck, for the last time my name is Walker."

Before the nanny could respond to that Alex stepped into the kitchen and said "Walker why don't you go get ready for work while Nanny Vanderbeck and I take care of breakfast?" Walker kissed his wife on the cheek and said "Okay." Then he left the room as Alex turned to the nanny and informed her "I see I have to set some more ground rules for this arrangement, that is if I don't end it. Now you will call my husband Walker, not Cordell. We will address you as Nanny Vanderbeck. Also I want you to dress in a more nanny like manner, that nightgown you wore last night was practically see-through. I don't know what you think you are accomplishing by dressing in that manner in front of my family but I assure you that if you're trying to get my husband interested in you that will never happen. Walker has a strong moral code that he lives by and he will never ever betray me like that."

"I always dress like that at night, your husband's never objected. Also your husband doesn't seem to mind when I call him Cordell, after all he insists on calling me Debra." Nanny Vanderbeck replied causing Alex to tell her "I'm home now and I'm telling you that if you want to keep your job you will follow my rules. I understand that you did things your way when I was in the hospital and I can understand that you think you know more than I do right now about how to take care of the babies but I am their mother and I decide how they are going to be taken care of, all four of them. Now as to the names we address each other by, my husband and I will call you Nanny Vanderbeck and you will call him Walker, as for me since you don't want to call me Alex I would prefer Mrs. Walker instead of Ma'am. If you can't bring yourself to follow those rules take your things and leave, now."

"You're firing me? Please don't, I really need this job." Nanny Vanderbeck begged Alex who told her "No I am not firing you but I do need you to respect the way I do things in my house."

            Nanny Vanderbeck said "I will, I promise." Alex then added "Listen we might have gotten off to a bad start but I can see that you do seem to care for the children. Liz and Gordie like you and I know that you like them; you'd have to still be here. They were telling me all about you and Walker told me how you cared for them when I was in that coma. I'm willing to forget last night and start over, are you willing to start over for the children's sake?"

"Yes, I really do care for them and I will dress more nanny like in the future. I'll also address your husband by the name Walker." Nanny Vanderbeck replied as Liz and Gordie came into the kitchen and Liz said "Mommy the new babies are crying." Alex answered "Okay honey, you and your brother help Nanny Vanderbeck with breakfast while your Daddy and I take care of the babies."

Nanny Vanderbeck told them "Here guys you can put the bread in the toaster while I cook the eggs." Alex left the kitchen and headed upstairs to the nursery to help her husband with the babies. Walker asked "Did you have another talk with the nanny?" Alex replied "Yes I did, don't worry I didn't fire her or anything like that I just pointed out to her that now I was home that things were going to be done my way and she's agreed to do things my way."

"Did you have to threaten to fire her first?" Walker questioned his wife who answered "Walker I can see that Nanny Vanderbeck cares for the children and I know that Liz and Gordie like her, you yourself said that. I told her that we may have gotten off to a bad start but I was willing to start over if she was."

"That's good because the last thing we need right now is to have to look for a new nanny." Walker said as he put his son back in his crib. Placing her daughter back in her crib Alex questioned "I thought you were opposed to us having a nanny and my father paying her?"

"I was but you need to recover your strength and I want you to be okay so I'll put up with your father paying her for now. Hopefully I'll be able to pay Nanny Vanderbeck myself real soon." Walker answered as they headed downstairs. In the kitchen Liz said "Daddy I made my toast right but Gordie burned his."

Gordie then said "Mommy I didn't burn my toast, it's just a little dark." Alex picked up the toast looked at it and said "It is a little dark so we'll just make some more and you can throw this out for the birds after we eat. Now I want you two to go set the table while Nanny Vanderbeck and I finish breakfast." Walker suggested "Alex, why don't you go sit at the table while we finish making breakfast?"

Alex replied "Okay come on you guys let's go set the table." They left the kitchen as Nanny Vanderbeck said "Your wife said to call you Walker, I didn't realize that you preferred to be called by your last name."

Walker told her as he buttered the toast "I've always preferred to be called Walker, even Alex calls me that." Nanny Vanderbeck said "When Mr. Cahill hired me that's what he told me but I found it hard to believe that a woman would call her husband by his last name but now I see that she does. Speaking of wife's, your wife had a talk with me and set me straight in no uncertain terms."

Walker smiled and replied "Alex will do that, so are you staying on?" Nanny Vanderbeck answered "Yes I'm staying on and I would like to start over. However I'll call you Walker from now on and you'll call me Nanny Vanderbeck. Also I'll dress in a more nanny like manner too. Walker can I ask you something?"

"Depends on the question." Walker replied and Nanny Vanderbeck said "Mrs. Walker is the only woman that you'll ever be interested in, isn't she?"

"Yes." Walker answered as he took the food into the dining room. That night in her room Debra Vanderbeck decided that she was going to have to give up on getting Walker to fall for her because it was obvious that he wasn't going to. Then she decided that maybe if she got lucky the person who was after her wouldn't find out where she was hiding out at, after all he was in Pennsylvania and she was here in Texas with a new name.

Chapter Six

In the next two months Alex and Nanny Vanderbeck started getting along a lot better due to the both of them realizing that for now the children needed the both of them. Alex slowly but surely recovered her strength and the nanny kept her word about the way she dressed. One evening Trivette and C.D. came out to dinner and to see the babies. After dinner Gordie and Liz asked their mother to take them to watch the horses frolic in the pasture but she told them that she couldn't right then so Trivette volunteered "I'll take you guys out to see the horses in the pasture. C.D., how about you coming too?"

C.D. answered "I'll just sit right here on the couch and rest, you go right ahead Jimmy." Nanny Vanderbeck said "I'll go with you Ranger Trivette." Trivette replied "Okay but please call me Jimmy."

Nanny Vanderbeck said "Okay Jimmy, now come on Liz and Gordie." They left the house with the children and went to where they could see the horses running around. As they were watching the horses Trivette questioned her "So Nanny Vanderbeck are you still interested in Walker?"

Nanny Vanderbeck replied "No and I wasn't all that interested in him to begin with. I mean I do think he's good looking and all but that's not enough for me to risk my position by going after him. Why do you care by the way?" Trivette answered "For two reasons, one Alex is a very good friend of mine who loves her husband. While I know that Walker and Alex will always be together, I just don't like the idea of someone trying to cause trouble for them. They've been through way too much already."

Nanny Vanderbeck then asked him "What's the second reason?" Trivette said "Well if you're not interested in Walker anymore, would you be interested in going out to the movies with me? You don't even have to consider it a date; we could be friends going to a movie together."

Nanny Vanderbeck thought it over and told him "Sounds good to me Jimmy and by the way would you mind calling me Debra?" Trivette smiled and said "Debra it is, now what evening are you free this week?"

Debra answered "I get off every night at eight but I'm sure that the Walkers wouldn't mind me getting off duty earlier; say on Friday?" Trivette replied "Friday it is. I can pick you up at six and then we can go to C.D.'s for dinner and then to see whatever movie we pick."

When they went back into the house Trivette said "Hey Walker, how about letting your nanny off early on Friday?" Walker teased "Why did you finally managed to get a date for a Friday night?"

"Very funny Walker, I'll have you know that Debra and I are going to C.D.'s on Friday for dinner and then we're going to see a movie." Trivette replied. Alex told them "Never mind Walker, of course she can be off early on Friday." Then she said "Jimmy I want you to make sure that she has a good time Friday, Nanny Vanderbeck needs a break from Walker's hard-headed offspring."

Trivette asked "What did that husband of yours do now?" Alex replied "Never you mind James Trivette."

Trivette started pleading "Come on Alex, you have to tell me what Walker did. I need to know for the next time someone is telling me great Walker is. That way I can prove to them that he's not so great." Alex laughed and said "Walker is great and I'm not telling you a thing. Remember Walker and I don't discuss our marriage?"

Walker laughed "She's right Trivette and besides the children get their hard-headedness from their mother." Alex said "Just keep that in mind the next time you decide to argue with me dear when you know that I'm always right." Alex teased her husband who grabbed her and after kissing her asked "Is that so dear?"

"Yes and you know it my darling, now help me get our oldest two ready for bed. C.D. and Trivette can watch the babies until we're done." Alex answered and the Walkers got their two oldest ready for bed. On Friday evening Walker decided to do the paperwork on their latest bust so Trivette could go out with Debra Vanderbeck. At the ranch Nanny Vanderbeck was fussing over her clothes and Alex told her "Will you relax, you're making me nervous. It's just a dinner and a movie with Trivette."

Nanny Vanderbeck said "Yes but Jimmy seems like such a nice guy that I want things to go well." Alex assured her "Jimmy's a good guy and he just expects you to be yourself, he doesn't expect you to go out of your way to impress him."

"You've know him a long time, haven't you?" Debra asked Alex who answered "For years, he'll treat you right Debra, I mean Nanny Vanderbeck."

"You know Debra does sound better than Nanny Vanderbeck, I mean if that's all right with you Mrs. Walker?" Debra said and Alex told her "It sounds okay to me as long as you call me Alex."

Holding her hand out Debra answered "You've got a deal Alex." Alex shook her hand as she said "It's a deal Debra."

Chapter Seven

Trivette came to the ranch to pick Debra up for their evening out. As they were getting ready to leave Trivette kissed Alex on the cheek and told her "When Walker gets home you tell him that I said thanks for doing the paperwork on our latest bust." Alex replied "I will now you two go and have a nice time."

Debra hesitated at the door and asked "Are you going to be all right by yourself? If you now I'm sure that Jimmy wouldn't mind waiting until Walker gets here." Alex answered "I'll be fine; Sydney said that she was going to stop by for a little while to see the babies. She should be here any minute." Debra and Trivette left for their evening out.

Sydney showed up to see the babies and to catch up with Alex, as she was holding Angela Sydney said "I'm glad to see that you and these babies are doing so good Alex. When you were in that coma I was really worried about you."

Alex told her "I'm doing just fine however I swear that these babies are going to be just as stubborn as my first two. But that's what I get for marrying a mule-headed cowboy." Sydney teased "Are you sure that they get there stubbornness from just Walker? You've never been known to be just as stubborn?"

Alex answered back "Not in a million years. Not to change the subject but how are you and Gage getting along? Are you two dating yet?" Sydney looked at Alex as the doorbell rang. Getting up to answer it Alex said to her friend "Saved by the bell, for now."

Leaving the chain on the door Alex opened the door a little to find a man standing there. He flashed a badge and told her "Ma'am if you would please open the door, I'm here on official business." Alex refused saying "The door is just fine the way it is. Now what brings you here?"

"Lady open the door before I have you arrested for interfering in a police investigation." The man said to Alex who questioned him "What's your name? What police department do you work for? Where's your warrant?"

"My name doesn't concern you, now open this door before I kick it in and have you arrested." The man told Alex who attempted to shut the door on him but he placed his foot in the doorway so Alex couldn't shut it on him. Alex then said "Leave before I call the cops, you know the real ones."

"I just told you lady that I am a police officer." The man said as he began trying to force his way in so Alex backed away and yelled "Sydney help." Sydney hurried into the hallway just as the man had succeeded in forcing his way in. Sydney drew her gun and said "Police freeze." The man held his hands up and told them "Look this is all just a misunderstanding."

Still holding her gun on him Sydney said "Then explain it to us, starting with your name and why you are breaking and entering." The man told them "My name is Brandon Hathaway and I'm not a police officer. I just said that I was one to get in here."

Alex questioned "Why did you want to get in here to begin with?" Hathaway replied "To see if my old girlfriend was here, a friend of mine said that he heard she was working as a fill-in nanny around Dallas until a Gordon Cahill hired her to be the nanny here, her name is Velma Deiter."

Alex shook her head as she said "There is no Velma Deiter here, now I suggest that you leave before my husband gets home." Hathaway replied "Here just look at this picture. Velma and I had a huge fight about something and we broke up over it. I've been trying to find her ever since then to make things right with her because I want her back so that I can take care of her."

Alex took the picture and after looking it over said "That's not my nanny, my nanny is much older than that and a lot heavier." Hathaway took the picture back and questioned "Are you sure? Because I really do need to see Velma, I will get her back no matter what I have to do."

Alex replied "You have your answer now leave my house." Hathaway then said "Can I wait here until your nanny comes home? Just to be sure you aren't lying to me because I think that you are." Sydney told him "Alex just told you to leave her house, now I suggest that you leave before I arrest you for breaking and entering."

Walker came in then and asked "What happened to the front door?" Alex replied "Mr. Hathaway forced his way in after I refused to let him in." Walker turned to Hathaway and said "Why did you force your way into my house? Start talking." Hathaway explained as he held out the picture "Like I told your wife that I'm looking for my old girlfriend Velma Deiter, my friend told me that she was working here as your nanny. I showed your wife her picture but your wife is insisting that your nanny is older and heavier than my girlfriend."

"I don't know who this is but like my wife told you, our nanny is older and heavier. My wife is the jealous sort and there's no way she would allow a young pretty lady that looks like this to work here. I don't need my wife getting jealous for no good reason." Walker answered Hathaway who said "Look, I'm sorry about the door but I really need to find Velma and I was told that a Gordon Cahill hired her to work here as the nanny."

Walker then said "I can't help what you were told; now I suggest that you leave my house right now." Hathaway replied "I think that you are lying and I'm going to stay right here until my girlfriend comes back. So if you want me to leave I suggest that you make me leave." Walker didn't bother using any words after that he simply subdued Hathaway and then had Dallas Police take him in to be booked for breaking and entering and defiant trespassing.

After the police left with Hathaway Alex said "I think that Debra owes us an explanation." Walker replied "Yes she does but Sydney I think that it's best if you not tell anyone that Debra is Velma until we find out what's going on here. Hathaway could be a former abusive boyfriend."

Sydney answered as she got ready to leave "Sure thing Walker, see you Alex."

Chapter Eight

After Sydney left Walker pulled Alex close and his wife "How did your appointment with Dr. Bates go?" Alex replied "Okay, I guess."

Becoming concerned Walker questioned "Alex what does okay I guess mean?" Alex got up and went over to the window where she looked out it as she answered "Dr. Bates wants me to seriously consider a tubal litigation."

Going over to Alex Walker put his arms around her and said "You don't want to do that, do you?" Turning around to face her husband Alex replied "I don't know, a part on me knows that I can't put you through what happened the last time I gave birth. But then there's a part of me that thinks you should be able to father as many children as you want to and if I have that operation done I won't be able to have anymore children, ever."

"Alex, we have four children and that's four more than I thought I would ever have." Walker told his wife but she moved away and questioned "Walker you want more children, don't you?"

"No Alex I don't, I." Walker was answering when Alex broke in to say "Walker in the future if you decide you want more children and I can't have anymore will you resent me for not being able to give you anymore?"

Walker pulled Alex close again responding "That will never happen honey. Alex please have that operation because I can't risk losing you during childbirth. You don't know what that did to me, waiting those three weeks for you to come out of that coma. Wondering if you were going to die because of me. I need you in my life because without you I don't have a life."

"Oh Cordell, it wasn't your fault. I'm so sorry that you went through that so I will have the tubal litigation done because I never want you to be put through that kind of hell again. However in the future if you ever decide that you want to be a father again I won't object if you..." Alex told her husband who cut her off and said "If I had children with someone else? Are you crazy? Alex honey you are the only woman that I want to be the mother of my children."

"But Walker you are a great father and I want you to be able to have as many children as you want." Alex replied close to tears. Walker answered "Alex, I have as many children as I want. These four are going to as stubborn as their mother is and I'd have to be crazy to want anymore, okay?"

Alex nodded okay so Walker then asked his wife "When are you going to have it done by the way?"

"Soon, why?" Alex questioned Walker who turned a little red as he asked "Well how long will it take you to recover from the operation?"

"Six months." Alex said just to see what her husband reaction would be. Walker's eyes all but bugged out as he asked in disbelief "Six months, are you sure?"

"Just teasing, no I'm having it done in a couple of months and it won't take that long for me to recover. Now as to what else told Dr. Bates told me, do you want to hear the good news?" Alex said. Walker replied "I guess."

Wrapping her arms around Walker's neck Alex told him "That she was going to give me a prescription for birth control pills, which I already filled. This means that I can have sex whenever I want to."

Walker decided to get even with his wife and told her "Yes but since it takes awhile for the pills to become effective we're going to have to use condoms and I don't have any on me. So I guess that means you won't be having sex until I can pick some up and I have no idea when that will be. I'm kind of busy at work right now."

Alex smiled as she started to run her hands over Walker's chest and whispered into his ear " Okay cowboy but I think that the pills have already kicked in. However since you want to wait until you get condoms to have sex I guess that means more cold showers for you dear." Walker pulled Alex even closer as he whispered into her ear "Lady, you and I are going to make love all night long." Walker then began kissing Alex but she moved away from him.

Moving closer again Walker asked "Why did you move away?" Alex replied "Because I don't want us to start something that we're going to have to stop when Trivette gets here with our nanny, whatever her name is."

"Do I have time to take a shower, a very cold one?" Walker teasingly asked as Trivette entered the living room with the nanny and said "Still taking cold showers are you Walker?"

Alex then said "How was your evening out Debra, or should I say Velma Deiter?"

Chapter Nine 

Debra replied "My name is Debra Vanderbeck and I don't know who this Velma Deiter is. It's been a long day, I'll turn in now." Alex said "Not so fast. A man by the name of Brandon Hathaway forced his way in here earlier this evening looking for his former girlfriend whom he called Velma Deiter then he showed me a picture of you. We told him that our nanny was older and heavier than you, I want an explanation and I want it now."

 Debra paled and questioned "He was here?" Walker answered "Yes he was, now who is he and why is he looking for you Velma?"

Debra asked "Where is he? Did he believe you when you told him that I wasn't here?" Alex replied "No he didn't and when he refused to leave Walker was forced to subdue him then he was taken in to be booked for breaking and entering and defiant trespassing. Most likely he'll make bail in the morning, now would you please tell us what is going on."

Debra went into her bedroom and began to pack her things as she said "I have to get out of here before he comes back, if Hathaway finds me he'll kill me." Trivette told her "Listen Debra or whoever you are, tell us why you are terrified of this Brandon Hathaway. We can help you if you're in trouble."

Debra shook her head as she answered "I can't let him find me, you don't know what he is capable of." Alex then urged the nanny to tell them what was going on by saying "Debra my husband is a Texas Ranger as is his partner James Trivette and I'm an A.D.A., we do know what people are capable of. We can and will help you if you tell us the truth, so how about it? Or do you want to keep on running from Hathaway for the rest of your life, always wondering when he's going to find you? Never feeling safe?"

Debra looked at them nodded okay and they went into the living room where she explained "My real name is Velma Deiter and Brandon Hathaway was my boyfriend or at least I thought so. I met him when I was on my first assignment as a nanny. He was the son of my employer Wilhelm Brandon Hathaway and the stepson of Mrs. Felicia Hathaway. I was hired to take care of her two young girls, Winifred and Helene because Mrs. Hathaway was going through a troubled pregnancy and was on bed rest. Brandon moved back home after he told his father that he had accepted his father's marriage and was sorry that he had belittled his step-mother. When he moved back onto the estate Brandon started to help me out with the girls and when I asked him why he was doing that he answered that they were his little sisters. Then Brandon and I started taking them places together and people thought that we were their parents. At first I didn't think anything of it but then Brandon and I began to grow closer and... well we became lovers. He then promised me that we would get married just as soon as he got the money that was owed him. I soon realized that he meant his inheritance. One night I pointed out that might not be for awhile but Brandon told me that home invasions have been known to happen resulting in deaths of the homeowners. I told him that wasn't a nice thing to even think about but Brandon joked that if I were to help him that maybe the girls would be spared. That I could then become their mother after we got married. I was sick to my stomach when I realized that he wasn't joking and that he meant to do something to his family. Brandon said that his step-mother was pregnant with a boy and that there was no way he was going to allow Felicia's son to replace him."

When she paused Alex allowed Debra a moment to collect herself then asked "What happened next?" Debra continued "I got him to tell me how he planned on getting rid of them by agreeing to help him, I taped it. I went to Mr. Hathaway and told him what Brandon had threatened to do but Mr. Hathaway refused to believed me. I then presented Mr. Hathaway with the tape recording of Brandon planning their deaths. He fired me on the spot and then had me arrested for stealing. I told the detective who arrested me what Brandon was planning on doing, that I had given a tape of Brandon planning the murders to his father. Detective Mastiff said that he would look into it but in the meantime he had to follow through on Mr. Hathaway's complaint against me. Brandon himself came and told the detective that his father was lying about me stealing because he had gotten upset about me lying about Brandon. The detective asked about the tape and Brandon said there was no tape because I was lying. Then he told Detective Mastiff that they were willing to forget this incident and drop the charges as long as I never repeated my lies but that I was still fired. Detective Mastiff told me that the best advice he could give me was to leave town as soon as I could. I agreed and went back to the Hathaway estate to pack my things but Brandon was there and he told me that he was going to make me pay for saying those things about him. Then he beat me until I passed out. When I came to I was in a hospital and there was a lady from a woman's shelter there who told me that she would help me. I contacted detective Mastiff and told him that Brandon had beaten me senseless but he said that while he knew it was true the Hathaway’s were insisting that Brandon had been home taking care of the girls and had their staff sign statements to that fact. Brandon then visited me in the hospital and told me that as soon as I got out he would finish what he had started.  A week later when I was well enough to leave the hospital the lady from the women's center stopped by. She had some of my stuff with her in a couple of suitcases because she thought it best that I didn't attempt to get my things myself. She told me that the Hathaway’s had been killed during a violent home invasion. That Brandon who hadn't been home at the time was now a very wealthy man. She then told me that while the police thought Brandon had planned it that the police had no proof and wasn't likely to get proof because the three men who killed the Hathaway’s then died in a car wreck when they were being chased by the police. I became terrified that Hathaway would come after me and she said that it was just a matter of time until he did so. She gave me a one way bus ticket to California and told me that maybe I should get off of the bus at one of the rest stops and become someone else. So when there was a layover in Enid Oklahoma I followed her advice and became Debra Vanderbeck. I then decided to become a nanny again and ended up in Dallas, you know the rest."

Chapter Ten

            Alex said "That's an interesting story and we're going to need a little more information before we agree to help you." Trivette questioned "Like what? Debra told you all you needed to know. I suggest that we go down to the county jail and arrest him for it."

Walker told him "Not so fast Trivette. We don't have any proof against Hathaway and we still don't know where and when this took place. Debra we need to know everything you know, including why Hathaway would still be after you."

Debra answered "It took place two years ago in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh. As to why Brandon is still after me, he vowed to finish what he started when he beat me up, he wants me dead." Alex then said "We can check that out pretty easily by searching on the web, it had to have made the national news. I'll do that but we still have another problem."

"Brandon Hathaway coming here as soon as he's released to get Velma Deiter. Debra if you're willing I have an idea on how to take care of Hathaway for once and for all. Trivette I want you to go home tonight but come back here first thing in the morning in case he shows up. However I want you to get C.D. to drop you off so that your car won't be here. I'll hide my truck somewhere and that way Hathaway will think that Alex and Debra are alone here. Now Debra I want you to promise me that you will still be here tomorrow morning. We may not be able to get him for the murder of his family but we can get him up on charges if he shows up here which should result in Hathaway ending up in prison for a long time."

Debra asked "What charges are you talking about? He beat me up in another state, I don't think that matters here." Alex replied "You're right about that but we can and will get him on threatening a prosecutor and her family, that will be a federal charge. We will also get Hathaway on charges of breaking and entering and threatening a peace officer's family, that's also a federal crime. Last but not least we'll get him on threatening to harm you, that's a local crime but still a crime. So are you going to still be here in the morning?"

Debra replied "Yes I will be because I'm tired of looking over my shoulder wondering if he's still after me." Walker said "That's settled then, goodnight Debra, Trivette."

Trivette asked "Why are you booting me Walker?" Alex told him "Because I'm tired and I need to get some rest. See you tomorrow." Trivette left and after locking up the Walkers went to their bedroom.

Alex moved close to her husband and asked him "So cowboy are you still planning on taking a shower, a cold one that is?" Walker pulled his wife even closer and told her "Well I'm still planning on taking a shower but I wouldn't mind it being warm instead of cold."

Alex removed her clothes as she said "One nice long, hot and steamy shower coming right up." Walker just stood there staring at her so Alex teased him "Or would you rather go to sleep first?"

Walker picked Alex up placed her on the bed then stripped as he replied "Bed first shower later." Alex told him "Okay darling, now show me what you think is so good about going to bed first." Walker showed her. When they were done Alex questioned "Would you mind waiting until morning to take that shower?"

"Are you okay honey? Was it too soon?" Walker questioned Alex who smiled and said "I'm fine, and no it wasn't too soon. Not when you just took me straight to heaven but I'm a little sleepy right now." Then Alex laid her head on her husband's chest and fell asleep. Walker pulled her closer and then he too went to sleep.

Chapter Eleven

Alex was on the computer researching Debra's story when Walker woke up and said to his wife "Alex, can't that wait?" Alex answered "Walker we needed to know if our nanny was telling the truth and based on what I've found so far I say that she is. Here look at this story, it says that the Pittsburgh authorities are looking to talk to the Hathaway's former nanny who once accused Brandon Hathaway of planning the deaths of his entire family. That while they have no proof of anything  they find it suspicious that Brandon Hathaway wasn't home the night his family was murdered during a home invasion. This article also said that he has refused to answer any questions concerning why he wasn't home that night. Walker do you think that we should contact detective Mastiff in Pittsburgh and let them know that she is living here?"

"That can wait for awhile, come on back to bed." Walker replied as he pulled his wife up from her computer desk but before they could do anything Walker stiffened and told his wife "Get Liz and Gordie then take them into the nursery and lock the door, someone's here. Also call Trivette to back me up." Alex hurried to do that as Walker went and opened their bedroom window then went out it onto the porch roof.

Debra was standing in the living room facing Brandon Hathaway who held a gun on her as he asked "Where are your employers?" Debra answered "Upstairs asleep, what do you want?"

Brandon smiled and told her "Your death for starters but before that I'm going to kill your employers and their kids, all of them." Debra started pleading "Please I'll do anything that you want me to but I'm begging you please don't kill the Walkers."

"Anything? How about you tell the wife to come down here with her children?" Brandon asked and Debra replied "No I won't." Brandon then slapped her across the face as he told her "Why did you have to mess everything up for me anyhow? If you hadn't gone to my father I might even have married you and let you keep Felicia's brats, at least for awhile."

"Mess what up? You got away with killing your entire family, so how did I mess things up for you? You had no intention of marrying me either, you would have killed me too without a second thought." Debra questioned Brandon who told her "You messed things up by going to my father and giving him a tape recording of my plans to get the money that was owed me. He wasn't able to change his will before he died, so I still got my money but I can't have you coming forward with that recording. Now I want that tape recording and I want it now."

"I gave the only one that I had to your father, I swear." Debra replied. Brandon slapped her across the face again and said "When my father was dying he told one of the men that I hired that I wouldn't get away with it because you had that tape recording. Now hand it over or I go upstairs and take out your employers starting with the babies."

Walker who had slipped into the house said "Texas Ranger, freeze." Brandon grabbed Debra and held a gun to her as he said "No you freeze or I'll blow her head off. Now lay your gun down on the coffee table and slowly back away."

Walker laid his gun on the table and slowly backed away. Brandon then picked up Walker's gun and shoved Debra at him. Then Brandon raised Walker's gun at them and asked "How does it feel to know that your entire family is going to die because you have Miss Deiter here as your nanny?"

A shot rang out and Brandon fell to the floor. Trivette entered the house and Walker told him "Nice shooting Trivette." Trivette replied "It wasn't me."

"Then who was it?" Walker asked. Alex entered the living room holding her berretta and questioned her husband "Is he dead? I didn't kill him, did I?" Trivette checked Brandon's pulse and shook his head that there wasn't one. Alex started to get sick as she realized that she had just killed a man. Walker pulled her close and led her out of the room as Trivette called up the Dallas Police to explain what had happened.

Chapter Twelve

            It was now several hours later and Alex was still pretty upset that she had killed a man. Walker had been trying to console his wife that she had had no choice in the matter but had gotten nowhere so Trivette suggested "Walker, let me talk to Alex. Why don't you see if you can find out why Hathaway was convinced that Debra had that tape recording?"

Walker agreed and Trivette went upstairs to the nursery to talk to Alex. As Trivette entered the room he saw Alex looking at her napping babies so he said "Alex you had no choice." Alex replied "I killed him Jimmy."

"I know that Alex but I'm sure that you were just trying to protect your family. Alex if you hadn't shot Hathaway he would have at the very least shot your husband." Trivette was saying when Alex broke in "But I killed a man, how do I live with that."

Trivette answered by saying "Look at those sleeping babies of yours Alex, if you hadn't shot Hathaway he would have not hesitated to kill them along with your two older children and your husband. Alex I know that killing someone is a very hard thing to go through but you kept him from killing your family. I know that you're having trouble accepting that right now but in time you will understand that you had no other choice. Brandon Hathaway brought his fate upon himself with his own actions. He's the one who killed his entire family then followed Debra here with the intention of killing her too."

Alex thought over what he had said and asked "Jimmy when you were forced to shoot someone did you feel that way? That you had no choice in the matter?" Trivette replied "You feel guilty for a long while and you wonder if you could have done things differently but you do accept the fact that you had no choice after awhile, a long while."

Downstairs Walker asked Debra "Do you have anything left from when you were the nanny for the Hathaway’s? Other than clothing because Brandon was convinced that you had that tape and maybe he was right." Debra answered "The only thing that I have from that time is 'Miss Dollie'. When I went through my belongings that the lady from the women's center brought me it was there along with a note from the Hathaway's cook that the girls wanted me to have 'Miss Dollie'. I have it on my dresser."

They went into the nanny's bedroom where Walker picked up the doll and after looking at it for a minute opened up the back up and removed a tape cassette. Debra said "My god, I had the proof with me and I never knew." Walker told her "Well let's see what it contains first, okay?" Walker then had Trivette and Alex come and hear what was on the recording and it turned out to be Brandon Hathaway's plan to get rid of his family so that he could get what he considered to be his money.

When the recording had stopped playing Alex asked "How could anybody be so cold-blooded as to plan the deaths of his father, step-mother and his little sisters?" Walker answered "I don't know honey but what I do know is that you saved the lives of Debra, me and our children today. Hathaway would have killed all of us if you hadn't shot him."

"I know that Walker but I wished that I hadn't killed him if only so that he could have faced the justice that he deserved, waiting on death row for his fate." Alex answered her husband who said "Alex we'll talk tonight but right now we have to take this to headquarters and wrap this case up. Come on Trivette."

That night as they were in their bedroom Alex said to her husband "Walker deep down inside me I know that I didn't have any other choice but do to what I did. I do know that if I hadn't shot him he would have at the very least killed Debra and you then tried to kill our children." Walker told her "Alex I promise you that in time you won't feel so guilty. You did save your family today and that's what you need to think about, not that you killed a man."

"I know all that but right now all I want to feel is my husband's arms around me letting me know that everything is going to be okay." Alex replied as she got into bed. Walker got into bed with his wife and pulled her into his arms. Alex looked at him and said "I need you so badly right now Cordell." Walker answered with his actions.

A week later the Hathaway murder case was closed by the Pittsburgh police and the Allegheny D.A.'s office with the finding that Brandon Hathaway had planned the deaths of his family. That since he and the three men who had actually killed the Hathaway’s were now dead the case was officially closed. The Dallas Attorney General's office who investigated the case because of Walker's and Alex's ties to local law enforcement office also closed the case with the ruling that Alex Walker had acted in self defense when she had shot and fatally killed Brandon Hathaway. Nanny Debra told the Walkers that while she loved the children she really missed her home and as soon as her year long contract was up she would be going back home. Alex and Walker told her that they understood her wanting to go back home.

            I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story is meant as an infringement on their rights, it was written as a tribute to a very good show nothing more.