In a booth in the back of C.D.’s bar and grill, Texas Ranger Cordell Walker and his fiancée Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill sat across the table from one another holding hands on top of the table. Alex had been working very hard compiling a case that would lead to the conviction of Martin Booker. Booker had killed a man. Walker was the only witness to the murder. She thought, ‘why am I so worried? With Walkers testimony I can’t lose.’

Walker said, “Don’t worry you’ve got a good case and you won’t lose.”

She hated the way he always seemed to read her thoughts and answer them before she asked.  “You better be careful reading my mind Walker, some thoughts maybe better left unread.” she laughed.

Before Walker could reply his partner Ranger James Trivette yelled, “Walker we gotta go man. Something’s going down.”

Walker kissed his fiancée and said, “We’ll continue this later.”

Alex smiled. She didn’t like the way his job always seemed to get in the way, but she understood.

As the two Rangers drove off in Walker’s Dodge Ram pick up truck, Trivette filled his partner in on what was going on.  “We got word that Bookers gang are getting a shipment to drugs tonight and a warehouse in Fort Worth. We’re meeting the DEA and FBI there.” They drove as fast as they could so they could arrive as soon as possible.

They were the first units to arrive. Walker told Trivette, “You wait here for the others, I’m going to check out the back of the building.”

“Be careful man, Alex will kill me if anything happens to her star witness.”

“Trivette I’m always careful.”  Walker said.

 Walker slowly and cautiously circled the building. He had his gun pulled and ready to react to any movement. He looked around the corner in the manner every police officer learn in their early years at the academy. He looked carefully for anything out of the ordinary. He saw an opened door. He knew going in the warehouse violated all the rules of a bust, but he wasn’t known for following all the rules. He cautiously entered the building to find it vacant. He went further in and still found nothing. He heard a noise behind him just before everything went black.

“Walker?” Jimmy said as he kneed next to his partner, who was lying on the warehouse floor. “Walker talk to me.”

“I’m okay,” He said as he sat up holding the back of his head.

“What happened man?” The younger Ranger asked.

“I’m not quite sure. I heard something behind me then the lights went out.”

He started to stand but Trivette said, “Woo...take it easy, the paramedics are on their way.”

“Good idea, can’t be too sure can we?”

Trivette thought that must have been a hard blow to his head, Walker usually fought with anyone who mentioned Doctors, hospitals or paramedics.

Once the ambulance arrived Walker voluntarily went to the hospital.             

Jimmy called Alex on her cell phone, “Alex? Look can you meet me at Mercy Hospital?

“Jimmy what’s wrong? It’s Walker isn’t it?”

“Look it’s not serious he just took a hit on the head and he thought it should be checked out.” Jimmy couldn’t believe he was saying that. Alex didn’t believe it either there must be something more wrong.

Alex ran out of C.D.’s and sped off to the hospital. She found a parking place near emergency room. She hurried into the hospital and asked the first nurse she saw, “Where’s Ranger Cordell Walker.”

A doctor walked over and asked, “Are you family?”

“Yes, I’m his fiancée.” she quickly answered.

“Nurse show her to Ranger Walker’s room.” he said as he walked off.

The head nurse took Alex to a small cubicle through the emergency room doors. As they approached the room Alex heard Walker talking. He was talking to a nurse about going out to a movie after he was released.

She entered through the curtain, as Walker laughingly said “Busted” He smiled at Alex.

“Are you okay” She asked trying to ignore what she had just overheard.

“It’s okay, I just got hit on the head. I thought I should have it checked out.”

Alex looked concerned but strangely at him. Walker never just had anything checked out when it came to hospitals. He usually had to be unconscious to even be brought into the hospital.

The doctor came in and said, “Ranger Walker, the cat scan and x-rays are all negative. You’ll have a headache for a while but just take aspirin for the pain and take a few days off work.”

Walker said, “Okay Doc.”

The doctor turned to Alex and said, “Can you take him home? He’s a little groggy from some medicine we gave him.”

Alex said, “Yes of course...but could I talk to you outside? We’ll be back in a minute.” she told Walker and they left.

Outside the room she turned to the doctor and said, “Are you sure he’s okay? He is acting funny.”

“It’s okay with a head injury different behavior is not unusual just give him a little time.”

“Okay” she said.

She returned to the room where Walker lounged on the hospital bed.  “Are you ready? I’ll drive you to the ranch and Jimmy will bring your truck out later.”

Walker hopped off the bed and said, “Let’s go.”

He walked out in front of Alex, not even offering to let her go first. He strided ahead of her and winked at the nurse he had asked to the movie. 

She thought, ‘If he doesn’t get his senses back I’m going to hit him in the head myself.’

At the ranch, Walker asked Alex if she wanted to come in for a while. She reluctantly agreed. Once inside Alex said, “I’ll make some coffee.”

Walker put his arms around her and kissed her. “Forget the coffee, I’ve got two days off work lets make a fire and see what else comes to mind.” He pulled her close. He started to unbutton her shirt. She pulled away and said, “Maybe you need to rest more.”  She just didn’t like how he was acting.

Jimmy pulled up in Walkers truck. Alex heard the motor and ran out to the porch.

Walker followed. Jimmy walked to the porch smiling and said, “Hey partner, thought I’d better bring your truck out early. You’d probably get mad if you couldn’t come into work tomorrow.”

“Work  huh--”  he smirked, “I have a couple of days off and all I’m going to do is rest. If you’ll excuse us...we don’t want any company.” he said as he turned to leave.

Jimmy looked a little hurt and a lot worried. Alex explained what the doctor had told her about head injures.

“Yeah, but he doesn’t have to be so rude.” Jimmy said as he turned to leave.

Alex asked him to stay.

They walked into the house together. Alex said, “I’ll go make some coffee.”

As she walked toward the kitchen Walker said, “I thought I asked you to leave?”

“I asked him to stay Walker.” Alex said stopping.


Alex was shocked. Walker didn’t usually yell. “I don’t care if you’ve had a head injury or not. I’m not staying here and taking this. I’m leaving. If you want to talk decent to me I’ll be at C.D.’s.” She turned and left.

“You aren’t just going to let her leave like that are you?” Jimmy asked.

“Let her go I don’t need her.” Walker growled.

Jimmy ran after Alex,  he asked if she would give him a ride back to town.

She was crying.

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it.” Jimmy said trying to console her.

She didn’t say anything all the way back to town.

In a secluded room in a different part of town a lone figure paces back and forth.  The lone man was Texas Ranger Cordell Walker. He had woke up in the small room not knowing where he was or how he got there. He just knew he had a small puncture wound in his neck. The wound stung and burned.

He checked for possible exits and found none. He shook his head and what even he had been given was making him dizzy. He leaned against the wall. What was going on?  Where was he?

Alex and Jimmy returned to C.D.’s. As they walked in C.D. Parker asked, “How is Cordell?”

“Well big dog, physically he’s okay, but he’s acting real strange.” Jimmy said.

“What do you mean strange?” The older man asked.

Alex just walked off and sat at the booth where she and Walker had spend time earlier in the day.”

“She’s really upset C.D. Walker got real angry with her and yelled at her.”

“Cordell never yells...especially not at her.”

“I know. She is really hurt.”

They both joined her in the booth. She was crying again. These were tears of anger.

C.D. tried to help. “I’m sure he didn’t mean it honey.”

“I’ve never seen this side of Walker before.” Alex said.

“It’ll be okay honey.” he put his arm around her and gave her a little hug.

“I think he just needs some sleep.” Jimmy said.

“Maybe but he’d better be back to his old self tomorrow. The trial starts at 11:00 in the morning.” Alex said. She then left to go home.

At home she felt like something was wrong. Why had Walker acted like he had?  She called him on the phone.

He answered, “Walker”

She said, “Walker I’m sorry I left like I did. Are you going to be in court tomorrow?”

“NO!” was his reply.

“Walker your my best witness.”

“I said I wasn’t going to be there, the doctor told me to take a couple of days off and I’m going to do just that.”

“What about the case?” Alex asked.

“To hell with the case.” he said and slammed the receiver down.

Alex was really angry now. She started pacing the floor, saying “The nerve, the hell with the case. After all the work we’ve put into this. He’s crazy...that’s it. Crazy.”

She sits on the couch, picks up a pillow and begins to pound on it. Her tears are those of frustration.

She cries herself to sleep.

In her dream she sees Walker alone in a room. It’s not at his house, the room is small and drab. No windows, furniture, and only a small battery power camping lamp on the floor. Walker appeared to be asleep. She woke up startled. She immediately called Walkers house. A female answered the phone. She hung the phone up. She knew she called the right number, it was the same number she had called for the past 10 years.

Something was really wrong she thought. She called Jimmy, who was still at C.D.’s and told him what had happened.

“Alex maybe you called the wrong number.” The younger Ranger suggested.

“No I’m positive I called his number. Something’s not right. I’m worried.”

Jimmy told her he would look into it. He and C.D. drove out to Walker’s ranch. As they pulled in the driveway they saw a red corvette in the drive and shadows of two people kissing in the window.

They didn’t even stay.

Once they were back on the road C.D. said, “What in tarnation is going on Jimmy.  Cordell wouldn’t cheat on Alex.”

“I know big dog. I smell a rat.”

Both men go to Alex’s condo. Once there she goes over what happened with them. They review the strange behavior, and the dream Alex had.

Normally Jimmy didn’t believe in dreams but C.D. told him that there might be something to it. Alex and Cordell share a special connection. Then he turned to Alex,

“Honey can you remember anything else about the dream?”

She shook her head and said “No”.

“You don’t think someone drugged him do you?”

“No Cordell’s will is to strong for that. They’d have to knock him out. They wouldn’t be able to control his mind.” C.D. said.  “No something’s wrong I just know it.”  he added.

Alex’s phone rang. She answered it “Hello.”

“Alex,”  Walker said, “I want to say I’m sorry for yelling at you. I just wanted to be alone with you that’s all.” he explained.

She started to answer him but she heard a woman giggle. “Walker who’s that?”

“No one just the television.” Walker responded.

She asked him again, “Will you be in court tomorrow? I need your testimony.”

“I’ll call you before court. It depends on how I feel.”      

She hung the phone and turned to C.D. “C.D. your right something is wrong. He has someone there with him. He told me it was the T.V. Walker doesn’t watch television very often. Also he said he’d call me before court and let me know if he’d be there; that it depended on how he felt.”

“Cordell wouldn’t miss court unless he was in the hospital and couldn’t get out.  He knows your depending on him.” C.D. said.

“I know C.D. What’s going on?”

“I don’t know honey but we are going to find out.”

“Alex?” Jimmy asked, “do you think you can get Walkers testimony changed till day after tomorrow?”

“I can try. Maybe the judge will let him testify then. I’ll call her the first thing in the morning. But Bookers lawyers will not agree with it.”

“Do what you can.” Jimmy kissed her on the cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

C.D. asked, “Do you want me to stay tonight? In case you need something.”

Alex was shocked by her answer. She asked C.D. to stay. She felt uneasy. She knew something was wrong but she didn’t know what.

She went to lie down. C.D. Rested on the couch in the living room.

She was restless but finally fell asleep. She again saw Walker in a small room. He was pacing the floor like a caged cat. He heard a train rumble by. She also heard the train.  Then the door to the room opened she saw a dart gun and saw a dart being shot into Walkers neck. She screamed and woke up.

C.D. rushed in. “Are you all right?” 

She explained what she had seen to C.D. “Can you remember anything else?”

“No....wait a minute. I heard a train it sounded really close.”

She picked up the phone and called Jimmy. Once she reached him she asked

“Jimmy can you check the train schedules. Check for a train that would have gone past one of Bookers properties in the last 10 minutes.”


“Jimmy we don’t have time for that. Please do it”
“You’ve been hanging around with Walker too much, now you’re getting weird on me. Okay, I’ll get right on it.”

A group of police cars covered all the exits to a small house in Wakefield. Jimmy and the swat team quietly enter the house. Four men sat at a table playing cards. One of the men said, “The boss will be out of jail tomorrow. With out the Rangers testimony they don’t have a case.”


One man went for his gun. An officer shot him in his arm. He dropped the gun.  All the other men raised their hands.

Trivette heard something hitting the wall in the other room. He went to the door and listened, “Trivette,” he heard weakly.

“WALKER?” he yelled. He motioned for some men to come help him. With a lot of muscle and a few tries the door was knocked open.

In the corner of the room Trivette saw his partner, drugged and weak but alive.  He thought to himself if Walkers here then who is that at his ranch? He would sort it out later right now he had to get Walker to the hospital.

At the hospital Alex, C.D. and Jimmy sat in the waiting room. The doctor finally came out. “He’ll be fine. We’ve counter acted the drug. You can see him now, but he’s a little groggy.”

They all went onto the room. Walker opened his eyes and said, “Hello guys. What happened?”

They quickly explained what happened. Just hitting the highlights.

Jimmy said, “Don’t worry. There are six officers on their way to the ranch to pick up the fake Walker.”

The next day at 11:00 a.m. In court Martin Booker and his attorney sat at the defense table. As Alex entered the courtroom Booker smirked at her. He did not know the fake Walker had been found out. His henchmen had not been able to make any phone calls.

Opening arguments were completed. 

The judge said, “Miss Cahill you may call your first witness.”

“I call Ranger Cordell Walker to the stand.”

Booker looked around the courtroom. He didn’t see Walker. He leaned over to say something to his lawyer. The door to the courtroom opened and Walker came in to take the stand. Booker still thought his ringer was taking the stand.

Walker was sworn in and Alex began her questioning. “Please tell the court your name and occupation.”

“Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger.”

“Ranger Walker could you describe for us the events of January 16 of this year?”

Walker didn’t answer right away. Booker sat there smiling broadly. As Walker began to talk the smile slowly disappeared from the defendants face.

When Walker finished talking Booker knew his plan had back fired.

Booker was convicted.

In a booth in the back of C.D.’s bar and grill, Cordell Walker and Alex Cahill sat close together. Alex was telling Walker about what the fake Walker had done. He laughed. “Couldn’t they have found a better actor?” he asked

“Well I guess Chuck Norris was busy.” Alex told him.

They both laughed and Walker kissed her. If she was unsure this was the real Walker before she was sure now.”

                    THE END

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