Katie 59

Alex was a nervous wreck, she was returning to work today and wasn't sure that it was the right time to do so. She had agreed to go back to work part time at the D.A.'s office but didn't want to leave her children, what with the triplets first birthday coming up. Looking in the mirror Alex was fussing with her outfit when her husband Walker took her by the waist turned her around and kissed her. Then he smiled and told her "Honey, your lipstick is messed up."

Alex answered "That's because you messed it up."  Then after fixing her makeup she asked him "Do you know what time you'll be home?"  He answered "About five, why?  What time are you going to be home?"

"About the same, I'm just supposed to be observing the Clarkson case for Moody. He wants me to see how A.D.A. Felton presents his cases and see if I can figure out what's going wrong." Alex answered. Walker questioned her "Is there a problem with his work?  If there is what does Moody think that you can do about it?"

"He isn't sure but lately Felton has lost several cases that he should have won and Moody just wants to be sure that A.D.A. Felton isn't losing his edge. That happens sometimes you know." Alex explained to Walker who replied "Okay, I'll drop Ray off at the Hope Center while you drop Angela off at school. Caroline is still coming here to help Betty with the triplets, right?"

"Yes, she is. Walker, I can't believe that they are almost a year old already. Did you know that Cooper took his first step?" Alex said.

"When was this?  What about Sam and Michaela, are they walking yet?"  Walker asked his wife who answered him "Cooper took his first step last night. Sam is using the furniture and Michaela doesn't seem to want to yet. I took a video when Cooper took his steps on my cell phone and put it on the computer, you can look it up later."

"Okay but you'll have to help me." Walker said.

"Walker are you sure that you don't pretend to need my help on the computer?" Alex asked her husband who winked at her and left the room. After Caroline arrived Alex took Angela to school and went to work where she observed Felton. After spending the better part of the morning in his company Alex wanted to throttle Felton because he was making overtures to her never mind the fact Alex had already told him that she was married and not interested. Alex however couldn't find too much fault with his behavior as an A.D.A other than his lifeless presentation. There were several minor things that Felton had done that she wouldn't have but that didn't make him a bad attorney. How he was losing the cases was still a puzzle to her.

Meeting with Moody, Alex told him that she wasn't sure what Felton's problem was with the juries lately, that he did things slightly different than her but that might not mean anything. Moody said that lately with the way Felton had been losing cases he had begun to wonder if it was indifference or something else. Alex was told to observe Felton for the rest of the Clarkson trial because if it was indifference Felton would be gone.

Chapter Two

Alex then spent the rest of the day observing Felton as he prosecuted the Clarkson trial and as they were leaving the courtroom he hit on her again by asking "Hey Cahill, how about going over to Clancy's with me?  We can talk over the case among other things." Alex answered him "I've told you repeatedly that I'm not interested. Now good night."

Felton said "Lighten up will you?  God you think that everything that I say to you is a come on, don't flatter yourself babe." Controlling her temper Alex said to him "If you really want to discuss the Clarkson case I'll be in my office at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. I'll be busy with my family tonight and my name is Cahill-Walker not Cahill."

"Okay Cahill-Walker, I'll see you first thing in the morning." Felton answered and as Alex walked away he muttered to himself "Whatever happened to the saying that blondes are more fun?  This one sure isn't." Then noticing Walker nearing him Felton asked "Captain Walker, can I have a moment of your time?"

"What do you want Felton?"  Walker asked him and he replied "It's about this case, you know the Clarkson case?  I have a shadow by the name of Cahill-Walker. I was wondering if she was related to you and if so could you get her to lighten up or something because everything that I say to her she takes as a come on. I mean she's good looking but I'm not interested in her at all and if she keeps it up I'll have to have Moody reassign her."

"Yeah, she's my wife. Felton let's get one thing straight; I will not put up with anyone hitting on my wife. So you had better not be hitting on her, are we clear about that?" Walker told Felton as he wondered to himself exactly what the man was up to because Alex knew when she was being hit on and usually didn't take offense unless the guy kept it up. Alex had learned a long time ago how to handle men hitting on her with ease. Walker decided that maybe Felton was trying to get rid of Alex for some reason.

Felton threw his hands up and said "I am not hitting on your wife, I assure you but I need her to stop thinking that I am. Can you please talk to her about this matter?"

"Okay, I'll talk to her about your concerns but you had better watch your step around my wife." Walker answered and walked away.

That evening after they were all home and relaxing in the living room Walker asked his wife "How's the Clarkson case going?" Alex answered "I don't know yet. Felton is doing things a little differently than me but they shouldn't be enough for him to lose the cases that he's been losing. I'm supposed to meet with him in my office tomorrow morning at nine to discuss it."

"About that meeting, Felton asked me to have a talk with you." Walker said to Alex who asked "What about?"

"Well Felton said that everything that he said to you, you thought was a come on and if it didn't stop that he would have Moody reassign you." Walker explained.

"Is that so? Sounds like he wants me out of his hair for some reason. I wonder what it could be?  Maybe it's more than indifference to his job." Alex said.

"That was what I was thinking so maybe you ought to tell him that you're sorry if you took his words the wrong way." Walker informed Alex who questioned him "Are you crazy? I know when I'm being hit on Walker and Felton's obnoxious about it."

"I know that Alex but if he wants you out of his way you have to make sure that he can't get you off the case before you find out what's really going on." Walker told her.

"I want to know what he's up to but I won't put up with him hitting on me constantly. I'll just have to find a way to cool Felton off while letting him think that I'm unaware of what's he's doing. I know I'll just tell him that you're a jealous man who protects what's his. That should settle him down." Alex replied. Walker responded "I am not a jealous man, never have been but I already told him that I don't like anyone hitting on my wife and to watch his step around you."

Alex smiled and said "You were never a jealous man Walker?"  Then changed the subject by asking him "So how many people are we inviting to the triplets first birthday party?"

"You're in charge of that but I was hoping that Sam and Sharona could bring White Eagle to it. Sam said that it seems like White Eagle isn't feeling too good lately." Walker said.

"I hope that they can talk him into coming down here but you know we can always take the children up there to see White Eagle and Sam whenever you want to. We can always have a small birthday party for them there, our friends will understand." Alex told her husband who answered "I'll ask Sam tomorrow if White Eagle's going to be around this weekend and maybe we'll just go up there instead."

Chapter Three

The next day at the meeting with Felton Alex said to him "I heard that you addressed your concerns about me with my husband Captain Walker." Felton replied "Yes I did Miss Cahill-Walker, look if you are going to shadow me you are going to have to stop thinking that I'm hitting on you because I'm not. Now if you can't handle that I suggest that you go to Moody and have him reassign you, understand?"

"Yes, I understand your concerns and it won't happen again but I wished that you hadn't addressed this issue with Walker." Alex said to Felton who asked her "Why not when it helped you see that you were wrong?"

Sighing she answered "Because my husband is a jealous man who protects what he considers his so he's very upset with what you told him and I had to reassure him that there was nothing going on between us. If Walker thinks that there is or that you're interested in me he will be paying you a visit to in his words 'set you straight'.  As it is now I have to check in with him to assure him that you're not hitting on me. Felton I was so nervous about returning to work yesterday that I may have over reacted to some of the things that you said to me so how about we start over?"

Not looking happy Felton answered Alex "It was Moody's idea for us to work together so I guess we can start over but like I already said if it happens again you're gone, got that?"  Biting her tongue to keep from telling Felton exactly what she thought about his behavior Alex said "Yes, I got it. Now about this case, I understand that you're filing a motion later today can I help you with it?"

"Sure babe you can go file it for me while I have my legal aide do some research since there isn't a court session scheduled for today. Then you might as well go home because after I get my legal aide started on what he needs to do I'll be off the rest of the day." Felton smugly replied and left Alex's office. After slowly counting to ten Alex called up Phil Holland and asked him "Phil, this is Alex. What do you think about A.D.A. Felton and his work lately?"

"Why do you want to know?"  Phil questioned her back and Alex said "I've been assigned to shadow him during the Clarkson trial and there's something about the way that he's doing it that bothers me. It's nothing obvious but I feel as though I'm missing the reason why he lost his last several cases."

"I know, Felton had a record almost as good as yours and then lately he can't seem to win even the slam dunk cases but nobody seems to know why. Moody's assigning you is a good idea, if anyone can figure out what he's doing wrong it should be you. By the way I'm glad that you came back to work I would like to pick your brain on the Penn case. When are you free?"  Phil asked.

"I have to file a brief for Felton and then I'm free for the rest of the day, how about lunch at Clancy's?" Alex questioned Phil who agreed to meet her there for lunch.

At his office Walker called up Sam "Sam it's me Walker, I was wondering if you think that White Eagle would be around this weekend?  I was thinking about bringing the family up there to see him."

"White Eagle showed up last night and told me that he's coming to the triplet's first birthday party with Sharona and me." Sam answered Walker.

"So you're coming then?  If Sharona doesn't feel up to it Alex has already suggested having a small party for the triplets at the reservation this weekend." Walker said to Sam who replied "Yes, we're coming there because both White Eagle and Sharona said that we were and if I want any peace and quiet I have to go along with them."

"Sam, you and Sharona can stay in the guest bedroom and White Eagle can sleep in Ray's big boy bed." Walker told Sam who laughed and asked "Ray's big boy bed?"

"Yes that's what Alex tells Ray that it is so he'll start sleeping in it instead of his toddler bed. But it's not exactly working yet." Walker answered.

"Okay Washo we'll be down there tomorrow, if that's okay so Sharona can rest up from the trip." Sam replied and Walker assured him that it was okay.

Chapter Four

Before filing the motion Alex looked it over and realized that there were several errors in it that could lead to a new trial if Clarkson was convicted so she fixed it up before she filed it with the court clerk. She also made a copy of both briefs. Alex then asked for the transcripts of Felton's last several cases that he had lost. Alex put them into her briefcase and went and met Phil at Clancy's. While waiting for Phil to show up she saw Felton enter the place with a attorney by the name of Hughley who Alex thought was the star attorney for a law firm that specialized in getting criminals off on technicalities. The men were so engrossed in their conversation that they failed to notice Alex sitting there so she took a picture of them on her cell phone. Seeing Phil enter Alex got up and quickly walked to him and taking him by the arm led him away from Felton and Hughley and asked him "Phil, do you see who Felton's eating lunch with?"

"Hughley, why does that concern you?  We've both had lunch with defense attorneys before when we were trying to reach plea deals."  Phil said to her as they went to the table in the corner and sat down to eat.

"Yeah you're probably right about why they're eating together. Now the Penn case, what is it that you wanted to pick my brain about?"  Alex asked Phil who answered "The judge wouldn't let me bring up a past incident involving him with the same victim, even though he's been charged with domestic violence. Penn's beaten his wife black and blue at least twice that I know of. The defense attorney claimed that since he was only charged with one assault charge we can't bring up the past assault. What would you do about it?"

"Did you consider dropping the current charges and refiling?" Alex asked Phil who answered "Yes, when I told the judge that she said that bordered on double jeopardy."

"Double jeopardy, is the judge fresh out of law school or something?" Alex questioned him. Sighing Phil said "I wish, it's Harris and she's been on the bench forever."

"Good old Harris, she's one the who is so hard on victims of domestic violence, I swear that Harris blames the women in these cases and how she is still on the bench is beyond me. I'm sorry Phil but unless you can convince her that Penn is a threat to hurt the children you're out of luck, Harris has a soft spot for abused children. Has he abused the children?  Because most people who abuse their spouses also abuse the children. " Alex questioned him.

"You might have something there, one of the boys had a black eye and told a social worker that his dad had punched him when he was drunk. I'll see if I can file charges on that and see what else he's done to his family. Then maybe Harris will allow me to bring up the other time he assaulted his wife." Phil told her and then they switched the topic to other things.

Near the end of their meal Felton approached their table and Felton asked Alex "Miss Cahill-Walker, I thought that you said your husband was a jealous man?  If that's the case what are you doing eating lunch in a bar with another man? Or were you lying to me earlier today?"

Phil answered him "We're eating here because I wanted to ask Alex about something and I didn't want her husband getting upset. Why are you eating here? Did you have a meeting with someone?"

Felton answered Phil "No, I just like the service that's all. Cahill did you file that brief that you were told to?" Alex answered him "Yes, I did. Was there anything else that you needed done today?"

    Felton questioned "You didn't do anything but file it right?" Puzzled by the question Alex replied "I filed it like you wanted me to, why was I supposed to look it over first or something?"

"No, I just wanted to make sure that you didn't get any bright ideas about going behind my back to Moody and trying to make me look bad to him by questioning my work. I know your type likes to do things like that." Felton told Alex who replied "I'm just there to observe you so that I can get used to being in a courtroom again. It was Moody's idea not mine."

"Drop the attitude Cahill-Walker unless you want me to tell Moody just how unprofessional you really are, understand?"  Alex shook her head yes so Felton then walked away as Alex explained to Phil what was really going on.

Chapter Five

Alex headed home after getting Ray from the Hope Center. After checking on the triplets she called Walker at work "Walker did you find out about White Eagle?"  Her husband answered "Yes the three of them are coming here tomorrow for the triplets first birthday. I told Sam that he and Sharona could sleep in the guest bedroom and White Eagle can sleep in Ray's big boy bed."

Laughing Alex said "Ray's big boy bed, I wonder if  I'll ever get him to sleep in it because eventually Cooper and Sam are going in bunk beds in that room."

"So what are you doing the rest of the day? How's Felton behaving?" Walker asked Alex who answered "I'm home, there's not a court session scheduled today and as to Felton he's getting more obnoxious by the minute. It could be the company that he's keeping though because when I met Phil for lunch at Clancy's, Felton was eating lunch with Hughley but then said that he had eaten alone. Also when I filed a brief for him there were several errors in it that could have led to a new trial so I corrected them. Enough about that, what time do you think that they'll be here tomorrow?"

"Sam didn't say but probably in the evening. I'll see you later." Walker said and hung up as someone knocked on his door. Opening it he found Felton there who said to him "Captain Walker, I think that you should know that your wife was eating lunch in Clancy's with another man."

"With what man?" Walker demanded and all but smirking Felton replied "Phil Holland, he said that he wanted to ask her something without you knowing but I think that there's something more to it because they met a man by the name of Hughley there. Captain Walker I have to tell Moody about that meeting because this Hughley represents a lot of criminals who have money to buy their way out of legal trouble, resulting in a lot of them walking on technicalities and it doesn't look good for your wife or Phil Holland to be seen in a bar with Hughley."

            "Damn Felton were there any witnesses?" Walker asked him. "Yes the bartender and several others told me about it. I'm not trying to cause trouble for your wife but I do not want her in the same courtroom as me if she's meeting men like Hughley in bars." Felton told Walker who answered him "Okay Felton thank you for telling me about it and I think that I'll have a talk with Phil about where he meets my wife and with whom because I will not let him cause my wife's reputation to suffer, nor mine for that matter. As for this case maybe Alex returned to work too soon, I'll see if Moody will pull her from the case. Goodbye Felton."

As soon as Felton was gone Walker called up Alex and said to her "I'm having Moody pull you from the Clarkson case." As expected Alex objected "Over my dead body or better yet yours."

"Alex, I'll explain when I get home but basically Felton is going to tell Moody that you and Phil were the ones who met with Hughley in Clancy's and that he has several people who will agree with him. Honey, we'll talk about it when I get home okay?" Walker asked his wife who said "Okay for now because I'm not standing there to tell you exactly what I think about you thinking that you have the right to get me pulled off of a case no matter how obnoxious Felton is being. Walker I'm good at my job and I can handle worms like Felton without much trouble. Are you forgetting that I've been assigned to see how Felton's losing his cases, although if he's meeting with people like Hughley that does explain a lot."

"Okay then how about you call Moody and beat Felton to the punch and Moody can decide what he wants to do." Walker suggested and Alex answered "Much better, you're learning cowboy."

"Yeah I'm learning all right and tonight you can test me." Walker teasingly said to his wife who teased back "You do know that I give nice long complete exams?"

"Sure do lady, see you later." Walker replied and hung up the phone.

Chapter Six 

As soon as she ended the phone call with Walker Alex called Moody "D.A. Moody, this is Alex Cahill-Walker. I just wanted to tell you that I haven't figured out why Felton's lost his last several cases but I saw him having lunch with an attorney by the name of Hughley in Clancy's. Also the brief I filed for him today had several errors in it that I corrected, these errors could possibly have led to a new trial."

"I just got done talking with Felton and he said that it was you and Phil Holland who met Hughley in Clancy's. Felton expressed his concern that he shouldn't be working with someone who met men like Hughley in bars. Also Felton told me that Walker thought that you had returned to work too soon and was going to get me to pull you from this case. Now if you don't mind me asking, what is really going on? Walker has never said anything to me about what cases you worked before, not even the times you were expecting." Moody asked Alex who answered "Well Phil and I were meeting in Clancy's because he wanted to ask me about the Penn case, Harris is the judge and she's being her usual self when it comes to a battered spouse. As for Felton; I gave him the idea that Walker was a jealous man because that first day Felton did nothing but hit on me and it was the only way I could think of to get him to stop hitting on me. So Felton thinks that Walker tells me what I can and can not do. Moody, I really think that this may be more than Felton loosing his edge. I would like to stay on this case and see what else happens. Also I have the transcripts of his last several trials and I would like to go over them to see if anything happened that shouldn't have."

"Okay for now you'll still shadow Felton and if you find anything in the trial transcripts let me know. Also Alex I want the original brief that Felton wanted filed and a copy of the one that you submitted, have them on my desk first thing in the morning. Oh by the way the three of us are going to be meeting at ten so make sure I have those briefs well before then." Moody said to her.

Back in Walker's office he told Sydney "Ranger Cooke since you're still on light duty I want you to find out everything that you can about a defense attorney by the name of Hughley and an A.D.A. by the name of Felton. I want to know if there's any connection between the two of them." Sydney said "Okay when do you want a report on them?"

“As soon as you get it done preferably tomorrow morning, I'll be off in the afternoon." Walker answered and Sydney left his office to get started on the report. When Walker got home he told Alex "I have Sydney investigating both Felton and Hughley. How did things go with Moody?"  She answered "Felton beat me to the punch but I explained to Moody what's going on and the three of us are meeting in his office tomorrow morning at ten. After that there's a court session scheduled for eleven. Hopefully it won't last too long and I'll be home in time to greet Sam, Sharona and White Eagle."

"I'm taking the afternoon off to make sure they settle in okay. So don't worry about rushing home, okay?" Walker said to Alex who answered "Okay but I want to see how Sharona's doing with her pregnancy."

Smiling Walker said "I can't believe that Sam is finally going to be a father." Alex teased "I'll bet Sam said the same thing about you dear." Laughing her husband responded "No, Sam said that you had finally hog-tied me and dragged me to the altar because you got tired of waiting for me to come to my senses."

Later on that night after the children were sleeping Walker asked his wife "So A.D.A. Cahill-Walker, are you going to test me now?" Smiling Alex replied "Oh I don't know cowboy, do you think that you're up to it?"

Pulling her close Walker said "Come here lady, I'll show you just what I'm up to."

Chapter Seven

The next morning Sydney presented her initial report to Walker and said to him "I wasn't able to get much on either Felton or Hughley. However I did find out that they are related through marriage. Felton's sister is married to Hughley. Felton's bank account doesn't show any unusual activity that I could see at a quick glance and he doesn't appear to be living beyond a A.D.A. means. As for Hughley, he's gotten quite rich by defending people who have the money to pay him. Walker most of his clients either walk at trial or get off later on technicalities."

"Have Hughley and Felton ever been opposing attorneys in a criminal trial?" Walker asked Ranger Cooke.

"Just once and Hughley’s client was convicted but an appeals court overturned the verdict and the D.A.'s office didn't refile the charges. Here's the report and it shows the reason for overturning the verdict but I didn't understand all the legal terms. Maybe Alex could explain it." Sydney answered her boss who replied "Okay Sydney keep on it and let me know if you turn anything else up on them." Walker then went into his private office and called Alex but was told by the secretary that she was in a meeting with D.A. Moody, then she had court. Walker left a message for Alex to call him later if she could. After finishing up some paperwork Walker headed home.

Around five Sam, Sharona and White Eagle showed up and after Walker got them settled in Sharona asked "Where is Alex?  I wanted to talk to her." Walker answered "Alex returned to work at the D.A.'s office but she should be home any minute now. Is there something that I could help you with?"

Sam laughed and told Walker "Sharona wants to ask about baby things and I doubt if you know the answers." Walker replied "I know about baby things, after all I have five children. What did you need to know Sharona?"

Sharona hastily said "That's okay, I'll wait until Alex is here." Then they talked about how things were going at the reservation until Walker said that he had to make dinner and Sam asked him "Why can't you just wait until your wife is here to cook dinner?"

"Alex must have gotten held up by court and since I'm not sure what times she is going to be home I'll go ahead and cook dinner because the children are getting hungry." Walker answered and White Eagle teased "Sam is just worried that your cooking won't kill him." Walker smiled and said "Well Sam you have two choices; eat what I cook or cook for yourself."

"I'll eat what you cook." Sam answered and Walker went and cooked dinner.

About eight o'clock Alex entered the house looking worn out. Seeing his wife like that Walker asked "Alex, where have you been?" She answered "In court, Judge Dykes decided that we were going to keep on going until seven. We'll talk about it later, right now I want to spend time with the children." After spending time with the children and their guests Alex headed upstairs to put the triplets in bed and Sharona asked to help so Alex let her. After they had all three of them were asleep Sharona asked Alex "Doesn't your husband mind you working with the triplets being so young?"

"Believe it or not my returning to work now was Walker's idea, I was going to wait until they were two. Sharona, I love my family more than anything but I did miss working and I think that Walker sensed that. Why are you thinking about returning to work after the baby is born?" Alex asked Sharona who answered "Yes but Sam wants me home with the baby and I think that he's right, at least for now."

Alex said "That's yours and Sam's choice to make; no one else’s.  The two of you have to do what's best for the both of you and the baby."

Downstairs Sam questioned Walker "Washo, why is Alex working when the babies are still so young?" After looking at White Eagle who shrugged his shoulders Walker answered "Believe it or not Sam it was my idea for Alex to return to work now. She was planning on waiting until they were two but she missed working and the D.A.'s office needs more people like my wife who understands what's right and what's wrong. Why, does Sharona want to return to work after the baby is born?"

"She suggested it but I said no." Sam answered and White Eagle said "Sam Coyote is a very brave man to tell his wife what she can and can't do. Washo, when's the last time you told your mate what to do?"

"That was before we were even dating and I quickly learned that she wasn't about to obey me on anything ever. My wife is very headstrong and it's a waste of my breath to even try something like that." Walker replied and Sam argued "But you are the head of the house and your family should respect that and respect the way you were raised."

Getting a little mad Walker replied "Alex respects me, she always has and when it comes to how we raise the children we both decided that all of them would be raised to respect us, our values and the cultures that Alex and I both come from. Sam you know that Alex has always been very respectful of my Cherokee heritage, how can you suggest otherwise?" Holding his hands up Sam replied "Okay I get the idea but don't the children need their mother at home now when they are young?"

"Alex is only working part time and Betty is like a grandmother to them. They are well taken care of, I don't want to hear you or anyone else say otherwise. Sam what you and Sharona decide to do after the birth of your baby is your business; as is what Alex and I do with our children." Walker told Sam. White Eagle entered the conversation by telling Sam "Sam Coyote, perhaps you should stop before Washo forgets his manners and throws you out."

"Okay, so how is my namesake doing?" Sam asked to lighten the tension and Walker teased "You know maybe White Eagle was right and I did get the name backward?"

"Very funny Walker, Eagle Samuel Walker just sounds strange." Sam teased back.

Chapter Eight

After they had put all of their children to bed and seen that their guests were okay Alex and Walker retired to their bedroom where he asked her "So how are things going?" Sighing Alex answered "Not good, I had to plead with Moody in front of Felton to stay on the case."

“Wasn't it Moody's idea to assign you to the Clarkson case to begin with?" Walker asked his wife who answered "Yes but Felton did such a good job making Moody think that I was misinterpreting his words and actions that I really thought that Moody was going to pull me off of it and I think that Felton thought the same thing because he was really smirking during our meeting with Moody. However Moody said that I would stay on the Clarkson case shadowing Felton for now, it shouldn't last much longer because Felton rested the prosecution's case early without actually presenting much in the way of a case and Porter starts the defense tomorrow. During the court session Felton was all but pouting and I think that several members of the jury noticed it and more than a few of them looked surprised when he rested. You know if Felton had the same kind of emotion in the courtroom that he had in Moody's office maybe he wouldn't be losing his cases."

"What do you mean?" Walker questioned.

"I mean that when you present a case you have to believe that the defendant is guilty and let the jury see that. You don't carry on about it but you do have a firm resolve that you are seeing that justice is done. Felton is presenting his case like he could care less if the defendant is guilty, that he's just going through the motions because he's paid to and the jury may be picking up on that. Like I said the only emotion I've seen out of him regarding this case was in Moody's office this morning." Alex explained to Walker who then asked her "Do you think that Felton just doesn't care if he gets a conviction? Or do you think that it's something more?"

“I'm beginning to think that Felton cares not to get a conviction. He's done nothing too obvious that I could point to and say so to Moody but he's helping the defense attorney with his attitude. You know even when Felton was hitting on me it was like he was doing it not because he wanted to hit on me it was more like he was doing it to get me to quit shadowing him." Alex was saying to Walker when the phone rang and she answered it "The Walkers."

"Cahill-Walker, this is Felton, listen I'm not feeling too good and you're going to have to finish the case for me tomorrow. It shouldn't be too hard because the defense is only going to call the defendant to the stand. If the defense rests you'll have to give the closing argument to the jury." Then Felton hung up the phone and turning to Walker Alex said to him "I think that Felton just set me up."

"How?"  Walker asked and she said "That was just him and he claims that he's too sick to be in court tomorrow and for me to handle things."

"Why don't you ask the judge to delay the trial until Felton feels better?" Walker questioned.

"Walker, listen that's what he wants me to do so he can run to Moody and say 'see I told you that Cahill wasn't ready to return to a courtroom.' I'll finish the case if need be. Also Walker if Clarkson is convicted I want to see if they file an appeal based on the original brief that Felton wanted filed. Porter the attorney for Clarkson didn't really look at the one I corrected and I wonder if he's thinks that he has an appeal already lined up if his client gets convicted based on the errors in Felton's brief that wasn't submitted to the court." Alex told her husband who replied "Okay you're the lawyer not me. By the way, I had Sydney investigate Felton and Hughley and they are brother-in-laws. Sydney said that Felton appears to be living within a A.D.A.'s means while Hughley has gotten rich off of defending people with money. Also that they had one case together and Felton got a conviction but it was overturned on appeals, sighting some legal reason that neither Sydney or I understand. Maybe you could look the case up and see what the legal reason was. Changing the subject; will you be home in time for the triplets first birthday party?"

"I'd better be or Felton is going to regret this game that he's playing. As for the case that they worked on together I already researched it and it was for several errors in a brief that was filed with the trial judge, sound familiar?" Alex answered her husband as they got ready for bed.

Chapter Nine

Walker having some spare time slipped into the courtroom and watched as Alex cross examined the defendant and exposed several lies in the process. After that the judge called a break and going up to Alex Walker told her "A.D.A. Cahill-Walker, you haven't lost a thing."

Smiling she answered "Well let's hope that the jury agrees with you. After the court is back in session the defense is supposed to rest and then we'll both present closing arguments to the jury so I should hopefully be home by five. What about you, when will be home?" Walker replied "I'm going back to the office to pick up Sam and then we're heading home so that I can get things ready for the triplets first birthday party. Call me if you're going to be late."

"Walker, I can get things ready after I get home, I'll have enough time. Why don't you just spend some time with Sam and White Eagle relaxing? You don't get to see them much." Alex questioned her husband who moved closer and whispered into her ear "I was planning on getting things ready for the party because I want my wife rested for tonight after the children are sleeping."

"Walker behave, we're in a courtroom. I'll see you when I get home later." Alex said as the judge re-entered the courtroom so Walker left. Stopping at a corner deli Walker spotted a perfectly okay looking Felton sitting in a booth so Walker sat behind a screen but close enough to overhear what Felton was saying on his cell phone. Felton's was telling the other person "Yeah everything is going as planned. If Clarkson is convicted which I doubt, he'll be let off on appeals because of the errors in the brief that I had Cahill file for me and if Moody says anything I'll tell him that wasn't the brief that I wanted file and instead show him the one that I made up to cover myself. Listen, Moody was noticing that I was losing cases that I should have won and by doing it this way he'll think that it isn't my fault when Clarkson walks." There was a pause as the other person said something and Felton then said "Relax will you, I know what I'm doing. Hughley since you're not the defense attorney no one will ever know about your involvement in getting Clarkson off. One way or the other Clarkson will walk, if the jury doesn't let him go the appeals judge will. Plus the way I've set things up Moody will think that it was all Cahill's fault because she wasn't ready to return to work, after all her husband helped us out by telling Moody that very thing. Moody will pull her from being in court and that way you won't have to worry about going against her for awhile." Getting mad Walker sat there and considered what to do about Felton's plans to get Clarkson off and pin it on Alex.

Entering his office several hours later Walker asked Sam "Sam, are you ready to go?" Smiling Sam asked him "What's the rush? I was telling Trivette about how stubborn you were when you first came to the reservation."

            "Come on Sam, I'd like to get home and make sure that everything is ready for the triplets birthday party so that Alex doesn't have to after being in court all day." Walker answered his friend who responded "Washo you have really changed from the boy that I grew up with."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Walker questioned.

"I mean look at you, you're going home early from work to do housework so that your wife doesn't have to. She should be the one leaving work early to clean your house. Whatever happened to the Washo that I remember?  The one who was the toughest man that I've ever known?" Sam asked Walker making him mad because by now the whole office was looking at them. After taking a deep breath Walker answered "I am still the Washo that you grew up with. Now if you want me show you how tough I am, I can always kick your behind for you. As for me doing housework: it's my house and I was keeping it clean by myself long before Alex and I got married. Any other questions Samuel Coyote?"

      Sam wisely refrained from asking anymore questions as they left the office.

Chapter Ten

At the house the Angela and Ray were running around as the triplets were getting into everything. Walker looked at Sam and asked him "Sam do you want some pointers on taking care of children?  You'll need them after your baby gets here." After looking at all the children running around Sam replied "From who? Your children are running all about and getting into everything. I'll bet that you can't get them to sit down and behave even for a minute."

“You think so?" Walker asked Sam and then said to the children "Okay Angela you take your dolls upstairs and put them away. Ray take your army men and put them away. After you two put your toys away come back down here and sit on the couch while Daddy gets the house ready for the triplets birthday party. As for you triplets, stay out of things." Angela and Ray did what their father told them to do and after returning to the living room Angela asked her father "Daddy, can I help you get the house ready for the party? I can make the babies stay out of things."

Pointing to the couch Walker told her "Sit there on the couch with Ray while I get things done. Miss Betty will keep an eye on the triplets." Angela took Ray's hand and led him to the couch where they sat down and watched the triplets play. Entering the house Alex asked her husband in awe "Walker, how did you get them to sit still?  They've been a handful lately."

Smiling Walker answered "You just have to be firm with them is all." Smiling herself Alex said "Firm huh, I should try that myself sometimes." Then she changed the subject and said "Honey since I'm here why don't you, Sam and White Eagle go and catch up on things while I get the house ready? That way Sharona and I can talk about baby things."

"Okay Sam wanted me to show him if I'm still tough. You might want to see this White Eagle. We'll be outside in the barn with Ray." Walker said to Alex as he took Ray's hand and waited until Sam and White Eagle got up from where they were sitting and headed out the door, then he followed them out to the barn.

Entering the barn Sam said to Walker "Okay I got the idea, you are still the tough brave that I grew up with, you don't need to kick my butt to prove it." Walker teasingly said "I wasn't going to but since you're out here with me you can help me straighten up the barn. Or you go back into the house and listen to your wife and my wife talk about baby things."

Picking a rake up Sam replied "I'll stay out here and help." White Eagle smiled and said "Smart answer Coyote." Looking at White Eagle sitting on a bale of hay Sam asked him "Aren't you going to help?"

White Eagle answered "I will sit here with the little one, you two go ahead and straighten up."

Chapter Eleven

As the birthday party was winding up White Eagle said "I am glad that I am here for my namesake's Little Eagle's first birthday. I will not see anymore." Stunned Walker asked him "What do you mean by that?"

"My time to cross the river is fast approaching." White Eagle answered and Alex questioned "How can you be sure of that?"

Sam spoke up and said to Alex "Respect our customs Mrs. Walker, you do not question a tribal elder." Instead of responding to what Sam had just said Alex looked at Walker who told Sam "Mr. Coyote, respect my wife when you're in my home."

White Eagle held his hand up and said "We will discuss this later after the little ones are in bed. Now how about some cake and ice cream?" Alex answered as she headed to the kitchen "Okay coming right up." Then she served White Eagle his cake and ice cream first and Sam objected by saying "Shouldn't the babies get theirs first? After all it's their first birthday party."

Walker then said to him "Whatever happened to respecting the tribal elders?" Sam smiled and answered "Washo, this is cake and ice cream that we're talking about." Everyone laughed as the tension in the room was eased.

After the children were asleep Alex asked "White Eagle how do you know that you're dying?"  Before he could answer Walker told her "Drop it Alex." After looking at her husband for a minute Alex nodded okay and then left the room to get the ringing phone. Coming back into the room five minutes later she told Walker "Honey the verdict's in, I have to go court right now."

"Okay see you when you get back." Walker said as he led her to the door. Sam said to him "You're not going to say anything about your wife leaving your babies and going to court at this hour of the night?"

Having had enough of Sam's questioning of Alex's working Walker snapped "That is quite enough of the remarks about my wife. Like I told you before Sam the way your family behaves is your business; as the way my family behaves is mine. As for my wife leaving to go to court at this hour of the night I couldn't be prouder of her."

"You're proud, why?" Sam still questioned Walker who answered him "Yes, I am proud because my wife is seeing that justice is done. It's her vocation, just like law enforcement is yours and mine." Softening his tone Walker added "Sam it's not like you to question the way Alex and I live, what is wrong with you lately?"

"I'm sorry Washo but ever since I found out that I was going to be a father I had planned on White Eagle being there to show my child the ways of our people and now to find out that he's not going to be has me saying things that I shouldn't be saying. Walker, I know how devoted Alex is to you and the children and I'm sorry that I said otherwise." Sam told Walker who replied "It's okay Sam, finding out about White Eagle crossing the river soon upsets me too."

White Eagle then said "Hey I'm not dead yet, so don't talk about me in front of me. Sam as for teaching your child the ways of the people both you and Sharona only have to look into your hearts to know what to teach your baby, just like Washo and his mate Seeing Doe* are doing with their children. Now I'm tired and I'm going to bed because we have a long trip back tomorrow." Then he went upstairs as Sam said "Well I guess I should pack the things that Alex has given Sharona for our baby and then we'll go to bed ourselves because apparently we're going back home tomorrow."

Chapter Twelve

About two hours later Alex came in and Walker asked her "How did it go?" Slipping her shoes off as she sat on edge of their bed Alex answered "Clarkson was convicted and was pretty upset by it. But Porter told him not to worry because they already had the basis for an appeal. There's going to be a hearing tomorrow to see about bail while Clarkson appeals. It should be very interesting and I'll just bet Felton's recovered from whatever was wrong with him."

“About Felton, I overheard him on the phone talking to Hughley and let's just say that he was assuring Hughley that Clarkson would walk one way or the other. Felton said that they could blame it on you because of the brief that he had you file." Walker informed his wife who said "That little worm, I'm going to see that he gets exposed. I have to find out how Felton's getting paid to let criminals get away with their crimes."

"I know but Sydney has been looking into Felton for me and she can't find any money trail so that's a dead end. Plus what's the link between Porter and Hughley?" Walker questioned Alex who replied "That's easy Clarkson's original attorney was Hughley but Judge Dykes ruled that since his brother-in-law Felton was the prosecutor he would be taken off of the case. Walker when you overheard Felton assuring Hughley today that Clarkson would walk, did you tell anyone?"

“Phil Holland and he said that he would inform Moody but without proof he didn't think too much could be done about it other than removing Felton from trying cases." Walker answered. "Tomorrow we'll have some proof if Porter tries to file an appeal based on the flawed brief because it was never submitted to the court. But I may have to offer Clarkson or Porter a deal to get Felton and Hughley for this." Alex told him and then changed the subject by asking "Honey do you want to talk about White Eagle?"

"No I don't." Walker answered his wife who then said "Okay but if he needs any kind of medical attention or anything else let me know, I'll help any way that I can." Pulling Alex close Walker said "What I want right now is to be with my wife." Then he kissed her.

The next morning as they were seeing their guests off Alex said with tears in her eyes "White Eagle, if you need anything at all let me know, I would do anything for you." White Eagle answered "I have cancer and Dr. Storm said that I need specialized treatment that would cost a lot of money, which I don't have."

"I have plenty of money and I would be glad to pay for whatever medical care that you need." Alex offered and White Eagle asked her "Why would you do this for an old man? Alex, I don't accept charity."

" Because I want my children and the other children of the tribe to be able to know you. White Eagle it isn't charity, it's my way of assuring that my children will be able to know the spiritual leader of their tribe. White Eagle you have a duty to the people to assure that you are around to teach the young ones the ways of their ancestors." Alex pled her case with White Eagle who replied "Washo, your mate is very convincing."

"Does that mean you'll do your duty to the tribe and get your cancer taken care of?" Walker asked him.

"Dr. Storm said that there was a doctor in Oklahoma who specialized in the treatment of the cancer that I have. He gave me his card, perhaps I could go see him." White Eagle said as he showed Alex a card and smiling she replied "Great I'll just call him later and set everything up. Just let me copy his name and number from this card."

Chapter Thirteen

In court that day Porter stood up and said "Your honor, I feel that my client should not be sent to jail while he appeals his conviction."

Felton stood up and said "Your honor the state has no problem with that." The judge then asked "Mr. Porter, what is the basis for your appeal?" Picking a brief up Porter approached the bench and said "Your honor in this brief that was filed by A.D.A. Cahill-Walker there are several errors and I will be basing my appeal on them." Looking over the brief the judge asked "Mr. Porter if you are going to claim errors as a basis for an appeal you have to use the brief that was actually submitted to the court and not one that hasn't been."

Stunned Porter said "What are you talking about your honor?  The brief that A.D.A. Cahill-Walker filed was error filled and I just presented you the proof." Rapping his gavel Judge Dykes asked him "Mr. Porter do you care to show me the clerk's signature on this brief that you're using proving that it was filed with this court?"  Before Porter could answer Judge Dykes picked up a brief and said "Mr. Porter, I don't know what you are trying to pull but this is the brief that was filed with this court by A.D.A. Cahill-Walker. Now read it over and you'll see that you can not base an appeal on errors in it." Taking the brief Porter began reading it as Judge Dykes announced "Bail denied. Mr. Clarkson you have been convicted of a crime and you are to go with the bailiffs now."

Clarkson jumped up and said "That can't be, Felton you said that I won't go to jail. That if I was convicted I would be let go on appeal and that I would be out on bail during the appeal." Banging his gavel again Dykes said "Order in the court, bailiffs remove the defendant."

Now really upset Clarkson began yelling at Felton. "Damn you Felton, you and Hughley both promised me that if I wired that money to your off shore back accounts I would walk. I want my money back."

Alex said to the bailiffs "Hold on there the Texas Rangers need to talk to this man, take him to Ranger headquarters and watch him until I get there." They looked at Judge Dykes who said "Call in some more bailiffs in and escort the defendant and A.D.A. Felton and Mr. Porter to Ranger headquarters for questioning. Court dismissed."

At headquarters Alex formally stated to her husband "Captain Walker this man is part of a investigation into obstruction of justice by A.D.A. Felton and his brother-in-law defense Attorney Hughley. Will you please see to it that he is questioned concerning these charges, Clarkson has immunity only as long as he co-operates. Good day." Alex then headed home while Walker assigned Trivette to the questioning of Clarkson. Trivette led off by saying to him "Now Clarkson tell us where you wired the money to and don't lie because if you do you'll go straight to jail."

"I wired the money to two bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, the numbers are right here." Clarkson handed over the information and the records for the accounts were poured over by the Rangers and the F.B.I. to see exactly how many cases were involved. Walker himself questioned Felton "Felton do you have anything to say about the charges of taking money to throw cases?"

Smiling Felton answered "I was never paid for it so I'll never be convicted of anything." Walker then asked him "Do you really think that you won't be convicted because you didn't receive any money yet?"

"I'm sure you've already checked my bank records and found them to be clean so you have nothing on me." Felton smugly replied. Walker answered "Yes the bank account in your name here is clean but I'm willing to bet that there are off-shore ones in your name, say in the Cayman Islands?"

Quickly folding Felton said "It was all Hughley's idea, he said that I could lose a couple of cases and no-one would be the wiser, then I could say the stress was getting to me and quit the D.A.'s office and collect my money then."

"Don't try that Felton, I know that you planned to pin Clarkson's walking on A.D.A. Cahill-Walker. That makes you the boss." Felton hastily answered "I had to do something, this was the last case that I was going to throw and Moody was already wondering about me. I had to make him think that it was someone else's fault, Hughley insisted that I take care of it and I did. Besides, your wife shouldn't be working with five young children. Why do you put up with it?"

"I put up with it because the D.A.'s office needs more people like my wife instead of people like you. It's called seeing that justice is done. Get him out of my sight." The guard removed Clarkson.

Later on that night as they were relaxing in their living room Alex said to her husband "I've made the arrangements for White Eagle to start his treatment." Walker replied "That's good. Are you going to be prosecuting Felton and Hughley?"

"No Phil Holland is, my next case won't be for several weeks yet. Walker, I'll only be working part time you know that." Alex answered him and he told her "Alex if you want to work full time it's okay, we'll find a way to make it work."

"No I don't, not yet. When our children are older then I might consider it but not now and the subject is closed." Alex answered and Walker pulled her close saying "Okay bossy."

*Alex's tribal name

          Walker Texas Ranger is owned by C.B.S. and other entities. Neither I or this story is meant as a infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show.