Walker's Response


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Chapter One

††††††††† Alex rolled over in bed to the sound of the alarm going off.† Half awake she realized that her husband was still sleeping so she yanked the covers off of him and said as she turned off the alarm "Walker, get up. you're going to be late for work."

††††† Looking at the time Walker said to her "why did you keep me up so late Alex? I was supposed to be at work early today."

††††† Smiling Alex said to him "the living room was my idea, Iíll admit that but it was your idea to pick up where we had left off in the living room in the shower and the bedroom was also your idea.† So it's your fault that you stayed up so late last night, not mine. Besides I didn't hear you complaining at the time."

†††† "And I never will when it comes to that Alex.† By the way, what are your plans for the day? "† Walker asked as he started getting ready for the day.

†††† "I was planning on taking Angela and Ray shopping for school clothes.† Then I need to file some legal papers for the Hope House, why?"† Alex said to him.

†††† "If you have the time, why don't you bring Angela and Ray by so that we can eat lunch together?"† Walker requested of his wife.

††††† "Okay, Iíll see if Caroline can help Betty out with the tripletís but I really don't want to be gone too long, they are really something with their crawling about." Alex answered him and then Walker asked her "do you regret having the tripletís and giving up your job to stay home with them? "

††††† Alex said "how can you even ask me something like that?† You know how much I love and want each and everyone of our children."

††††† "I didn't mean that you didn't want the children, was I meant was; don't you miss working?"† Walker said to his wife who answered him "sometimes."

†††††"Maybe you ought to think about returning to work at the D.A.'s office soon." Walker told Alex.

††††† "How can I?† Nobody's going to watch five children day in and day out." Alex pointed out to her husband.

††††† "I meant part time. Alex just think about it will you?† I know that you miss working and the D.A.ís office could really use you."† Walker urged her and Alex started to answer him when Ray knocked on the door and said "Mommy, the babies are up."

†††† Opening the bedroom door Walker winked at Alex and said "how do you know that the babies are up Ray?"

††††† "Because I woke them up to play army mens with me."† Ray answered his father who told him as they went into the nursery."† Ray the babies are too little to play army men with you. mommy and I have told you that before."

††††† "But daddy J.W. isn't here and I want to play army mens." Ray answered.

††††† "How about mommy brings you and Angela to see me at work and then we can have lunch together, okay?"† Walker asked his oldest son who said "okay daddy but when we get back the babies have to play army mens with me."

††††† "Raymond† John Walker, for the last time the babies cannot play army men with you." Walker told his son who then looked like he was going to cry so Walker said to his oldest son "Ray, tonight after dinner, if you've been a good boy I will play army men with you."

†††† "Really daddy?" Ray excitedly asked and Walker answer "sure thing son."

Chapter Two

††††††††††† Walker was in his office when D.A. Moody entered it, getting up from his desk Walker said to him "just the man that I wanted to see.† D.A. Moody, I have something I want to talk to you about."

†††† "Is there someplace else besides here that we can talk?"† Moody asked Walker.

††††† "What's wrong with right here?" a puzzled Walker questioned him and Moody replied "I would prefer the privacy of my office.† There's something important that I need to discuss with you Walker."

†††† "Well Alex is bringing Angela and Ray by in a little bit then we're going to lunch, can it wait until after lunch?" Walker asked Moody.

†††† "No it can't wait until after lunch, it's too important to put off any longer.† So I might as well just tell you and get it over with. Walker, what I need to talk to you about is that Federal Agent Michelle Michaels has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Government of sexual harassment against you during the 'Groucho' Salvatore case.† Agent Michaels also alleges that Alex attacked her out at your ranch because of your blatant sexual interest in her.† The reason she's filed the papers with the federal courts according to her attorney is because of your wife's past ties with my office and your ties to the law enforcement community in Dallas. Michaels in her complaint states that she doesn't feel as though she would get a fair hearing through the local agencies that are set up to deal with these sorts of things because of those ties.† Also the Feds are talking about obstruction of Justice charges against you for the loss of the 'Groucho' Salvatore case because of your actions, they can't bring charges against him because of Michaels complaint.† I thought that you should know about it before it hits the media which of course will be before you're even served the papers."† Moody told Walker.

†††† "She attempted to hurt Alex who defended herself, as for me sexually harassing her that's a damn lie; she was the one who tried to make things sexual, not me."† Walker was answering as the door opened and Alex entered with Angela and Ray.† Spotting Moody standing there Alex said to her husband "Iím sorry I didn't know that you were busy, we'll wait outside until you're done.† Nice to see you Dan."† Then she left the office with the children.

†††† Moody looked at Walker and asked him "what did you want to talk about?† It wasn't this matter, was it?"

†††† "No, it wasn't. I wanted to talk with you about Alex rejoining the D.A.ís office on a part time basis."† Walker answered and Moody sighed and then told him "I would love to have Alex rejoin the D.A.ís office but it's unwise at this time."

†††† "Why, because of Michaels lies? " Walker asked Moody.

†††† "Her accusations have scuttled the 'Groucho' Salvatore case and the Feds are very unhappy about it, as a matter of fact they're probably investigating my office because Alex once worked there, this Michaels has some very powerful people behind her.† Iím sorry Walker Alex was the best A.D.A. that ever worked for me but until Michaels drops her charges against you and Alex, she cannot work for the Tarrant county D.A.ís office.† Please tell that to Alex for me, Iíll see you around Walker."† Moody said and then left.† Alex entered with the two older children and Walker said to his wife "Moody wasn't receptive to what we talked about this morning, Iíll tell you why later."† Then he turned his attention to the children and they told him all about their new school clothes as they went to lunch.

Chapter Three

††††††††††† Walker as promised played army men with Ray and later on that night after all the children were in bed Alex asked her husband as he entered their bedroom "so what did Moody say to you when you told him that you wanted me to rejoin the D.A.ís office, part time?"

††††† "He said that he would love for you to rejoin the D.A.ís office but." Walker answered his wife who interrupted him to ask "but, what?"

††††† "Moody said that until the Michaels complaint was withdrawn it wouldn't be a good idea for you to go back to work there." Walker answered.

††††† "What complaint are you talking about?† My hitting her was in self defense.† Because if that's what she's complaining about, I will blow her out of the water so quickly on that one. We have video proof of my acting in self defense." Alex told him.

††††† "That's only part of her complaint, the other part of her complaint accuses me of sexually harassing her during the 'Groucho' Salvatore case.† Michaels says that was why you attacked her, because I was sexually interested in her.† Moody says that the Feds are pretty upset by her allegations." Walker told his wife.

††††† "Walker, does her allegations mean that all the evidence that you got on Salvatore is going to be thrown out?" Alex questioned.

†††† "It looks that way.† Moody said that because of her charges the Salvatore case has been scuttled and that the Feds are really upset about losing the case, they've been after him for a long time.† Moody also said that the charges were filed with the Federal Government because of both of our ties to local law enforcement.† He also said that Michaels has some very powerful people behind her."† Walker said getting mad.† Going over to him Alex placed her hand on his chest and to her husband "honey, I don't think that it was exactly an accident that you ended up in the same prison as Garrity.† I think that Ms. Michaels had something more in her mind that getting 'Groucho' Salvatore from the very beginning.† Do you remember what she said to you to get you to go along with her on that case?"

††††† "Damn it Alex I thought that we had settled the matter of why I went undercover, it wasn't because I had the hots for her."† Walker snapped at his wife who said to him "yes, it was settled, I believe that you were doing your job and nothing else. Walker, I know that you thought that you only getting the goods on Salvatore; which you did but I really think that you were being set up to be killed by those inmates.† I think that it was Michaelís idea, for some reason she wanted you humiliated before you died.† I also think that this suit is an attempt to muddy the waters so that fact won't be brought out.† We have to get proof on her Walker, because I won't let her get away with what she tried to do to you and what she's trying to do to you.† I won't stand by and do nothing when someone goes after a member of my family, I will get proof against her.† Then we'll nail her hide to the wall."

†††† Hugging her Walker said "that's my wife, still thinking like the best A.D.A. that Tarrant county ever had."

†††† Smiling Alex answered "honey, I think that you are just a little bit prejudiced when it comes to that."

†††† "Moody told me the same thing, so there.† Seriously Alex Iím sorry that you can't return to work yet." Walker told her.

††† "It's okay Walker, my returning to work now was your idea and besides I did promise to stay home with the babies until they are two and that's over a year away." Alex answered her husband.

†††† "I know but they really do need your help, too many cases are being lost because some of the A.D.A.'s don't have your professional behavior and aren't prepared enough when they enter the courtroom. hell some of them see the job as a stepping stone to a good career as a defense lawyer getting off people who have plenty of money.† You've never been like that, you've always wanted to do the right thing no matter what." Walker said to Alex who replied "just like my cowboy. now how about we get some sleep?" So they got into bed and went to sleep.

Chapter Four

††††††††††††††† When Walker was getting ready to leave for work he got a phone call from Trivette "hey Walker, you might want to watch the news before you leave for work this morning."

†††† "It's in the news already?† "Walker asked already knowing the answer.

††† "Oh yeah, there are several reports about how you're being charged with sexual harassment by little Ms. Michaels and some of the reports even suggest that you're going to be brought up on federal charges for obstruction of Justice because of the 'Groucho' Salvatore case being lost because of you sexually harassing Michaels while undercover in the federal prison.† Plus the reporters are really having fun with the allegations that Alex assaulted Michaels at the ranch.† The stories are mainly about and I quote 'your blatant sexual interest in Michaels' which led you to make unwanted sexual advances towards her, that Alex found out about them and that was why she assaulted Michaels.† The Feds are very unhappy with you right now." Trivette answered him then asked "hey they really can't charge you with sexual harassment leading to obstruction of Justice in a federal court, can they?"

†††† "I hope not but I don't know." Walker replied.

†††† "Maybe you ought to ask Alex." Trivette suggested and Walker agreed "maybe Iíd better ask Alex.† Trivette, Iíll be at work the usual time." Walker hung up the phone and Alex who had overheard the last part of the conversation asked her husband "you'd better ask Alex what?"

††† "If I can be charged with sexual harassment that results in obstruction of Justice in a federal court." Walker told his wife.

††† "Yes, you can and if you're convicted you can face jail time in a federal prison.† So I take it that the allegations against you have already been brought to the media's attention?† Don't bother answering I already know the answer." Alex said as Walker hugged her while saying "honey, Iím not going to be convicted of anything, so don't worry about it.† They are also carrying on about you supposedly hitting Michaels because I was blatantly sexually interested in her, according to her."

†††† "Well, I am worried about it Cordell but I am also going to do something about it. As for hitting that witch, I should have hit her a lot harder than I did and if I ever see Michaels again I will knock her block off." Alex vowed.

††† "Alex you can't hit her again even if she deserves it and as to the charges, what exactly do you plan to do about them?" Walker asked her.

†††† "For starters investigate Michelle Michaels and try to find out just who the powerful people behind her are and why they want to tarnish your name so badly.† Then Iím going to make them pay for it." Alex answered her husband.

†††† "How do you plan to do that?" Walker inquired.

†††† "Simple, Iíll talk to some of my friends in law enforcement and then do an internet search on her. We've made a lot of friends over the years and it won't hurt to see if any of them know anything.† Iíll let you know what I find out. but right now you'd better leave for work." Alex said as she ushered him to the door.

Chapter Five

††††††††††† Alex started by placing a call to Senator Rhodes who had handpicked Walker to lead the task force that brought down the 'Chairman'.† The Senator wasn't in her office so Alex left her name and said she would call back later.† Alex then began calling in favors in an effort to find out who the powerful people behind Michaels were but the most Alex could get out of the people she called was that a former Senator from New York was backing Michaels with his friends.† That for some reason this man hated Walker with a passion and had hooked up with Michaels who had also despised Walker because of something that happened a few years back.† One of her old colleagues suggested that Alex search for past ties between Walker and Michaels.† Realizing that she would have to wait until after Walker got home to find out about the past ties between her husband and Michaels, Alex started searching for information on the former Senator and why he would hate Walker so much but was getting nowhere.† Alex also decided to have the computer to cross-reference all law enforcement or related events that Walker had attended in the last ten years and do the same thing for Michaels.† The children demanded her attention so Alex locked up the room the computer was in and went and spent some time with the children.

†††††† Later on that day Alex received a phone call from Senator Rhodes "Alex, this is Senator Rhodes, my office said that you called.† What can I do for you?"

††††† "I hate to bother you for this but I don't know who else I can ask about it. Walker is in trouble and I hear that a former Senator from New York is behind it along with his friends. that's all Iíve been able to find out.† Would you happen to know someone who could tell me who this Senator is and why he hates Walker so?† I know that's asking an awful lot but Iím desperate.† I assure you that Walker didn't do these things that he's accused of."† Alex explained to the Senator who asked Alex "I take it you're talking about the sexual harassment† and obstruction of justice charges against your husband in the 'Groucho' Salvatore case?"

†††† "Yes I am, Walker didn't harass her but I do admit to hitting her but only in self defense. Although if I had known what Miss Michaels was really up to I would have hit her a lot harder." Alex answered the Senator.

††††† "That sounds like the Alex Walker that I remember.† I believe that your husband didn't do it either, as for who's behind it.† I myself think that's it former Senator Shelton, he was a one term Senator for the state of New York with a lot of influence beyond that which a freshman Senator should have had.† There were rumors of big oil behind him but no one knew for sure. Anyhow he was livid when Ranger Walker was picked over Rosetti for the task force at my insistence and he kept waiting for Ranger Walker to fail.† When he didn't and Rosetti wrote a glowing report about being part of Walker's task force Senator Shelton got even more steamed, to the point of hatred.† Why I don't know, as a matter of fact I got an e-mail from him last week saying that Ranger Walker was about to show his true colors.† Also Alex you didn't hear it from me but Shelton was also a Commissioner for the penal system in Texas for years before he moved to New York and every chance he got he made snide remarks about Texas and their Rangers."† Senator Rhodes told Alex who then said to the Senator "of course, it makes sense now. Camp Justice."

†††† A puzzled Rhodes asked her "Camp Justice?"

†††† "Yes, a few years before we were married Walker talked the state of Texas into doing a pilot program called Camp Justice to get young people in the state penal system a chance to turn their lives around [these weren't hardened criminals and Walker wanted to give them a way out before they became that way.]† This Shelton was very opposed to it and tried to get Deputy Commissioner Dobbs who was along to observe for the state to sabotage the program.† He didn't but the guards who were there did.† The sabotage failed and the program is now a success. as a matter of, it's being run by Dobbs now.† Shelton left the state after that. I guess he ended up in New York and hates Walker because of it.† Thanks for your help Senator Rhodes."† Alex said and Senator Rhodes replied "Mrs. Walker, do me a favor and nail that little worm. He deserves to be exposed for what he's doing to a good man whom this country owes a debt of gratitude."

†††† "I most certainly will Senator, you have my word on that." Alex vowed and then hung up the phone.

Chapter Six

†††††††††††††††† Walker entered his bedroom after checking on all the children and asked his wife "did you get anywhere on your search for answers?"

†††† "Yes, I did.† Michaelís main backer is former Senator Shelton from New York." Alex answered and a puzzled Walker then questioned "why would a former Senator go after me like that when he can't possibly know me?"

††† "Because he does know you and he hates you with a passion. Walker do you remember the Commissioner who tried to sabotage your Camp Justice program?"† Alex asked her husband.

†††† "Sure I do but what's he got to do with this?Ē† Walker asked Alex.

†††† "Because he's the former Senator from New York.† Senator Rhodes told me off the record that he wanted Rosetti to lead the task force and got mad when Rhodes talked the other committee members into having you lead the task force that took down the 'Chairman', anyhow he kept waiting for you to fail and you didn't.† Then to make matters worse Rosetti wrote a glowing report about you to the committee.† Senator Rhodes said that he was furious and has hated you ever since then, taking every opportunity to belittle Texas and their Rangers.† She also said that Shelton e-mailed her last week and said that you were about to show your true colors." Alex explained.

†††††† "Okay that might explain the Senator, but why is Michaels doing this?Ē† Walker questioned.

††††† "All my contacts would tell me is that it was because of something that had happened between the two of you in the past and that she dislikes you because of it. Walker, did you ever cross paths with her in the past?† Does she have a reason to despise you for any reason what-so-ever, no matter how trivial it seemed at the time?Ē Alex inquired and Walker snapped back at his wife "no Alex, I never had anything to do with her in the past and I never had any interest in her what-so-ever, sexual or otherwise."

†††† "Okay, in light of all that, how was she so easily able to talk you into a dangerous† undercover mission in a federal prison out of state?Ē Alex snapped back at Walker.

†††† "Let me guess, you really think that it was because I was sexually interested in her.† Admit it Alex you think that I went undercover in a federal prison because I was swayed by her looks, don't you?Ē Walker snidely asked.

†††† Sighing Alex said "enough Walker, we've already settled this.† You know that I don't believe that you were sexually interested in her and knowing you like I do all she probably had to do was make it seem like you were the only man that could help her and you fell for it, like you've always have.† You've always been somewhat clueless when it comes to other women using their feminine wiles to get you to help them.† Still there has to be a reason why they wanted you sexually humiliated before you were killed.† Damn it Walker, her plan was for those inmates to gang rape you before they killed you.† Michaels wanted you to feel the humiliation of being abused like that.† That takes a lot of very personal hatred for someone to plan something like that.† Now please think about this before you answer me, have you ever met her anywhere?† It could have been just a chance meeting that you didn't really think anything of but you really pissed her off for whatever reason."

††††† "Alex, I really don't remember meeting her before she asked for my help in getting 'Groucho' Salvatore.† Maybe you ought to use your computer skills and cross-reference us or something."† Walker suggested and Alex smiled and said to him "already doing that, or at least my computer is.† I set up a search for all law enforcement events that you attended and that she may have attended.† There weren't any results yet, but it's been a while since I checked.† Wait here until I check on my computer."† Alex then left her room to get her computer.

††††† Returning to the room Alex opened up the computer and pulled up the search results. Alex looked at it and muttered "oh my."

†††† "Oh my what?† Alex what does the computer say about our paths crossing?Ē† Walker asked her and Alex turned the computer around to show a picture of Walker being hugged by a plainer looking Michaels.† Looking at Walker Alex asked him "now do you remember meeting her?Ē† Taking the computer Walker looked at it and said "I think that she was a member of some Senator's staff when we all went to Washington D.C. to receive our medals for taking down the 'Chairman'.† She was showing us the sights when you excused yourself to go to the ladies room and Sydney went with you.† Trivette, Gage and Rosetti were off sightseeing elsewhere.† She threw her arms around my neck and tried to kiss me.† I told her that I wasn't interested because I was married.† How this picture was taken, I don't know but I do know that she tried again and I removed her arms from around my neck and told her that I would never be interested in her because she wasn't nearly as beautiful as my wife.† Then Senator Rhodes came in and ordered her to go about her business and took over showing us the sights.† I didn't think anything else about it at the time.† I didn't tell you about it because I didn't want you getting upset by someone flirting with me, you looked so tired on that trip. When Michaels asked me to help her on the assignment I didn't remember her, I swear."

†††† "I know that, she has changed from this picture; a lot.† You probably made her mad when you told her that she wasn't beautiful.† That would piss a lot of women off but not too many of them would harbor a grudge for this long because of it.† Iíll do some more searching, maybe there was another encounter that you don't remember or something else that added to her anger.† Anyhow now we need to come up with a plan to clear your name."† Alex suggested and Walker answered "is tomorrow soon enough?† You're going to be busy tonight."

††† Smiling Alex said "do you care to tell me what Iíll be busy doing tonight?Ē

††† Smiling also Walker replied "no baby Iím going to show you what you'll be busy doing tonight."† Then he pulled her into a kiss.

Chapter Seven

††††††††††††††† Early the next morning Walker was awakened by someone knocking on his front door.† Putting his pants on Walker told Alex to stay in bed and then he went down and answered the door.† There was a Dallas police officer standing there who asked him "are you Ranger Walker?Ē

†††† "Yes, what can I do for you officer?Ē† Walker asked back.

†††† "I was sent by my commanding officer to ask you to come to headquarters to answer some questions.† Iím supposed to drive you there" the officer replied.

†††† "Questions about what officer?Ē† Walker asked as he stepped back noticing that the officer seemed unusually nervous and wouldn't look Walker in the eyes.

††† pulling his gun the officer pointed it at Walker and said "put your hands up and turn around, slowly."

†††† Walker turned around and raised his hands as he noticed Alex heading down the steps looking at her Walker quickly shook his head no as he said to the officer "this is the wrong way to do this, what did you say was your commanding officer's name?Ē

††††† "Shut up before I blow you away right here and now.† If you don't want any of your children getting hurt you'll do exactly as I say; otherwise my friends just up the road will come in here and kill your family while you watch and then Iíll kill you.† Now put these handcuffs on and no funny business either."† The man told Walker as he threw a set of handcuffs at Walker's feet.† Walker picked up the handcuffs and put them on and turned around to face him and asked "now what?Ē

†††† "You call up the steps and tell your wife that you're going for a ride."† The man instructed Walker who called up the steps "Iím going for a ride on Amigo."

†††† "That's real good Walker, now head out the front door and don't try anything or your wife gets it first, then those brats of yours."† The man told Walker as he motioned towards the door.† Walker went to it and opening it walked outside.† Walker headed down the steps, as the man went to follow him he was struck in the back of the head.† Dazed he went to shoot Walker but had the gun knocked out of his hand.† Alex stood there holding a gun trained on the man and told him "on your face now."

†††† "You ain't got the guts lady." He told her right before Alex fired a bullet that hit him in the hand and said "on you stomach or the next one will end your life."

†††† He quickly laid on his stomach as Alex handed Walker the gun and got the handcuff keys and quickly undid the cuffs which they then handcuffed the fake cop with.

† †††Walker called the sheriff who was a friend of his and he came out and took the man away for questioning.† The sheriff then assured Walker that he would have someone keep an eye on the ranch until Walker returned home from questioning the suspect.

†††† After the sheriff left Alex said "Walker honey, we'll be okay.† You go to headquarters and see if he says anything.† Iíll keep a good eye on our children, they will be fine."

†††† "How did you get on the porch so quickly?Ē Walker asked her and Alex said "I crawled to the edge of the roof then I dropped the rest of the way."

†††† "Are you okay?† That's not a small drop." Walker asked.

†††† "Iím fine honey, I lowered myself off the edge of the roof then I dropped, so it wasn't that big of a drop." Alex assured him.

†††† "Thanks for risking your life for me honey, I owe you one." Walker said to his wife who smiled and said teasingly said to him "I only did it because I have no intention of raising five children by myself, so it was as much for me as it was for you."

†††† Teasing her back Walker said "you could have always remarried."

†††† "No way, you were hard enough to break in.† You're finally house broken and I wasn't about to let all my hard work go to waste." Alex replied.

†††† Kissing her Walker said "I love you too honey but Iíd better get dressed and get to headquarters, Iíll call you as soon as I find anything out."

Chapter Eight

†††††††††††† When Walker got to Ranger headquarters D.A. Moody was waiting for him " Walker, is Alex okay?† I heard what happened out at your ranch."

††††† "She's fine, now if you don't mind I need to question a suspect." Walker said as he tried to brush by Moody who then told him "I have bad news about that Walker."

††††† "What bad news?Ē Walker asked.

††††† "Some Feds are trying to remove him from the Tarrant county jail.† I have Phil Holland fighting it but they're saying that under the anti-terrorism laws they can take custody of him without a court order.† Walker, I hate to say this but I think that the people behind Michaels may have had something to do with what happened this morning."† D.A. Moody told Walker as Trivette came up and said to them "you'd better come now if you want answers, those Feds are threatening to arrest everyone and anyone who stands in their way."

†††† "What does Joe Prine have to say about this?† After all he runs the Dallas branch of the F.B.I.." Walker asked Trivette as they headed to the county jail.

††† "He's livid with those Feds, they're threatening his career." Trivette answered.

†††† When they got to the jail there were Texas Rangers standing between the Feds and the jail cell containing the prisoner.† Marching up to the Feds who were dressed completely in black Walker stated "this man isn't going anywhere until he answers my questions."

†† ††Sneering at Walker the leader said "back off you red-neck cowboy, we have some powerful friends who will squash you like a bug.† This man is going with us now so step aside before I personally stomp all over you."

†††† Taking a stance Walker said "I say stop stomping."† The leader aimed a kick at Walker who blocked it while the others Feds watched and the Texas Rangers pulled their guns. Walker quickly got him in a sleeper hold.† Then Trivette yelled at the rest of the Feds "gentlemen, we will see that the prisoner remains here until there is a court order stating otherwise.† Now Iím sure that you don't want to be arrested for interfering with a case involving the attempted murder of a Texas Ranger unless you're part of the attempted murder, in which case you will all be arrested.† Now what are you going to do gentlemen?† Uphold the laws of our country or help the would-be murderer of a man who served his country for years, Captain Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers?Ē†

††††† After looking at each other the men backed down.† The suspect said "you have to hide me, they're going to kill me because I failed to kill Walker."

†††† "Who hired you?Ē Walker asked him.

†††† "No one, the Feds sprung me from prison and I was told to take you out because you were planning to take out Michaels."† The man replied and Trivette scoffed at him "since when do Feds murder Texas Rangers?† And what's your name?Ē

†††† "I was told that he was planning on killing Michaels and that he presents a threat to our national security.† My name is Gardner, they sprung me from the federal prison in Stillwater Oklahoma, last night.† I really thought that I had to kill you before you did something to hurt our country.† Special agent Michaels was there along with this man she called Shelton but she was the one calling the shots.† In fact this man Shelton objected to the plan and then Michaels told him he was getting soft in his old age.† Michaels then said something about someone named Junior and that he should be revenged and this Shelton said that she was right.† That's when I was told that you were planning to kill Michaels and then carry out some sort of plot against this country."† Gardner explained to them and Moody sighed and said "okay, we'll hide him.† You Rangers stand down and go about your business."† The rest of the Rangers left and Moody then turned to Walker and said "Walker he doesn't appear to know anything else so you should leave too.† Don't worry Iíll get his statement on record."† After looking at Gardner for a minute Walker left.

Chapter Nine

††††††††††† Back at the ranch Alex got a phone call from Senator Rhodes "Alex, how are you doing?Ē

†††† "Well I just had to stop a hitman from killing my husband."† Alex said to her.

†††† "What are you talking about?Ē† Rhodes questioned Alex who said "never mind that.† Do you remember when we were in Washington D.C. after the task force took down the Chairman?Ē

†††† "Yes, why?Ē Rhodes asked.

†††† "Do you remember when we were being shown the sights by a staffer that I excused myself to go to the bathroom and when I came back you had taken over showing us the sights?Ē† Alex was saying when Rhodes interrupted Alex to ask "what's that got to do with anything?Ē

†††† "Because the staffer that was showing us the sights that day is none other than Michaels. Do you know whom she was staffing for?Ē Alex asked the Senator.

†††† "Michaels staffed for Senator Shelton back then.† She was dating his son Albert Reid Shelton Jr. at the time, they later married but she kept her maiden name because her father was supposedly upper level in the C.I.A., until he died under unusual circumstances.† Alex, are you sure that it was Michaels who was the staffer that day?† She wasn't the only redheaded staffer at the time.†† Rhodes asked.

†††† "Very sure, there's a picture with her arms around Walker's neck from then.† The caption under the photo says staffer Tralee but it's her.† Walker said that as soon as I went to the ladies room she put her arms around his neck and hit on him twice.† That after he removed her arms you sent her on her way."† Alex explained.

†††† "I remember now; this staffer Tralee was in the habit of hitting on married men so that she could turn them down publicly.† After I sent her on her way, I later received a phone call from her and she told me that Shelton senior, her future father-in-law would make me pay for humiliating her, at the time I didn't know what she was talking about because when Shelton introduced us he said her name was Michelle Tralee, but it makes sense now, her mother's maiden name was Tralee.† I had forgotten about her because Shelton didn't run for the senate again because of the scandal involving Junior."† Senator Rhodes said to Alex who asked her "what scandal?Ē

†††† "Apparently Junior was into drug dealing where he relocated to while Michaels was becoming a federal agent with the help of the elder Shelton.† This was near a Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma.† He was busted by the tribal police and since the crime was committed near Native-American land his father couldn't get the charges dropped.† He's dead now, he killed himself."† Rhodes said.

††††† "That might explain Michaels and Shelton's hatred if they knew that Walker was half-Cherokee and helped Sam Coyote set up a way to arrest drug dealers on or near the reservation, Sam passed it on to other reservations.† But why would they try to kill Walker over it?† Unless it happened at the reservation Walker grew up on."† Alex wondered.

††††† "Because the name of the tribal policeman that arrested him was Sam Coyote.† Alex I think that you can find the rest of the answers by talking to this Sam Coyote. goodbye and good luck." Senator Rhodes said.

††††† Alex called up Sam and after quickly explaining the situation to Sam asked him if he remembered the case "yes, I do.† After he was arrested his father came here and tried to throw his weight around.† After he realized that he couldn't get the charges dropped† he through a lot of arm twisting, got Junior temporarily transferred to a federal prison in Stillwater Oklahoma while the courts fought over whether we had the right to try him in our courts, they ruled that we did. it's tragic really."

††††† "What do you mean by that Sam?Ē Alex asked him.

††††† "If they had left him here in our custody he wouldn't have been assaulted by other inmates.† After that happened, the tribe felt that he had endured enough punishment and dropped the charges.† From what I heard he killed himself in front of his father because he blamed him for the assault."† Sam answered and Alex asked him "Sam, he was gang raped, wasn't he?Ē

††††† "Yes."† Sam replied.

††††† "Is it possible to get any of the records pertaining to that case?† Shelton's widow and his father are behind the charges against Walker.†† They went so far as to send a hitman after him this morning, Walker's fine and the hitman's in custody." Alex asked Sam.

†††† "Well since he's dead, Iíll release copies of them to whoever's interested including the media.† Give Washo my best Alex and bring my name sake back here for a visit again soon." Sam asked Alex who said "okay Sam thanks and we'll bring the children up soon, I promise."

Chapter Ten

†††††††††††† When Walker arrived home Alex practically jumped on him as he entered the house. then she took his hand and heading to the steps said† "Walker, come on let's go upstairs."

††††† "Slow down Alex, where are the children?Ē Walker asked her.

††††† "Betty took Angela and Ray out and the tripletís are napping. now let's go take a nap ourselves.† Come on, we don't have much time." Alex answered as she tried to take him upstairs.† Pulling away from her Walker instead went into the living room and sat down on the couch.† Following him in Alex sat on his lap and began to kiss her husband.† Stopping her Walker asked "what's gotten into you Alex?Ē

†††† "What's gotten into me is that I have a very sexy husband that I want to make love to; right here and right now." Alex said as she began undoing the buttons on his shirt.† Again stopping her Walker said as he moved away from her "not now Alex, we have more important things to worry about."

†††† "Oh like what?Ē Alex questioned him as she moved closer and began caressing his face.

†††† "Like the fact that a hit man tried to kill me this morning." Walker answered as he removed her hand and moved away.

†††† "That can't wait?Ē Alex asked as she moved closer again. Walker took her hands in his and said "honey, please. we need to talk about what's going on.† We can make love tonight."

†††† "How do you do it?Ē Alex asked and a totally puzzled Walker asked her "how do I do what Alex?Ē

†††† "How do you subdue your sex drive after going through something like this morning?† It left me wanting you so badly and it doesn't seem to have had the same effect on you.† So is there something wrong with me because I want you so much right now, when you don't seem to want me at all?Ē Alex asked getting a little hurt by his not wanting her.

†††† Smiling Walker answered "honey, believe me I want you right now too."

†††† "But why don't you want to do something about it?Ē Alex questioned him.

†††† "Because we need to make sure that our family's safe first, then we can worry about our love life.† Now did you find out anything else from your contacts?Ē Walker asked.

††††† "Oh my god, you must think that Iím some sort of sex maniac for worrying about making love when there's someone trying to harm our family." Alex replied and Walker assured her " no honey, I don't."

††††† After looking at him for a minute Alex said "Senator Rhodes told me that Michaels was married to Senator Shelton's son, Albert Reid Shelton, Junior.† She was using her mother's maiden name Tralee when she was staffing.† Her husband was arrested by Sam Coyote near the reservation for selling drugs.† His father, through a lot of arm twisting got him transferred to the federal prison in Stillwater Oklahoma where he was apparently gang-raped by fellow inmates.† Sam told me that after that happened the charges were dropped and that Junior killed himself in front of his father because he blamed him for the assault.† Also Senator Rhodes told me that she was in the habit of flirting with other men while engaged to Junior so that she could turn them down publicly.† Michaels' father died under unusual circumstances and that he was reported to have been upper level C.I.A., so what did you learn?Ē

† †††"That the man who tried to kill me was sprung from prison last night by Michaels and Shelton and that when Shelton didn't approve of the hit on me, Michaels brought up Junior to get him to go along with it.† Alex the hitman is in the Tarrant county jail for now but there were some feds trying to get him out and cover up their connection to it." Walker said to his wife who then replied "Sam is releasing the records of Junior and what happened to him.† Now all we need to do is to publicly prove that the false charges against you are an attempt at revenge against you by Shelton and Michaels, any ideas?Ē

†††† "We'll get to that later."† Walker said as he picked Alex up, just then they heard the door open and Walker put Alex down as Angela and Ray came into the room.

Chapter Eleven

††††††††††† The Walkers were relaxing in their living room after getting all of their children to bed when the phone rang and Walker answered it "Walker, what do you want?Ē

††††† "Walker this is D.A. Moody, I'm calling to inform you that Gardner has given a very detailed statement to both my office and the attorney general's office.† To be brief, he is saying that it was mostly Michaels idea to have him kill you.† She told him and Iím quoting Gardner here 'that you were planning to kill her before she could testify about your actions during the 'Groucho' Salvatore case.'† Also she said that while you were undercover in prison she gained your trust and you said that you were going to do something about the federal government turning a blind eye to drug dealing on or near reservations that would make heads turn if not fall off.† According to Gardnerís statement Michaels is claiming that you made no bones about the fact that you had enough firepower stashed away in your barn to make the feds sit up and take notice.† Michaels said that she took this to mean that you were going to kill federal agents.† Gardner said that was why he agreed to take you out.† Gardner also said that Shelton started to object to the hit on you and Michaels brought up his son and he agreed to go along with her scheme.† Iím trying to get ahold of both of them and see what they have to say but I doubt if they'll call me back, Iíll call you if anything changes." Moody told Walker and then hung up the phone.† Turning to Alex Walker relayed what Moody had said.

††† Just then there was pounding at Walker's front door. Walker hurried to answer it and there was a fed standing there with a search warrant. He handed the warrant to Walker who handed it to Alex who said to them as they all went out onto the porch "gentlemen, exactly what are you searching for and where do you plan to search?Ē

†††† "That's none of your business lady."† The fed answered her as a news van pulled up to the house and her friend Shelley got out with a camera crew, who quietly turned the live feed camera on.

†††† Pointing the camera at the feds Shelley asked "what's going on?Ē

†††† "Get that camera out of here before I have you arrested."† The leader barked at Shelley who then asked "for what?† Or did I lose my civil rights?Ē

††† "They're searching for an arms stash because federal agent Michaels and former Senator Shelton have been telling people that Captain Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers of Company B is a would be terrorist." Alex said and Shelley laughed and asked "no seriously, what's really going on?Ē

††† "Michaels and Shelton sprung a inmate from the federal prison in Stillwater Oklahoma† last night to kill Walker.† They told him that Walker planned to kill Michaels and then commit some sort of terrorist act.† D.A. Moody and the attorney general's office already have Gardnerís statement attesting to that fact."† Alex answered Shelley and then said to the feds "I want everything that happens here tonight filmed by her station, any objections gentlemen?† Or are you part of Michaels plot to get revenge on Walker for turning her down years ago?† This was when she was a senate staffer for Senator Shelton, she was going by her mother's maiden name Tralee then.† Later she married Shelton Junior who was arrested by Sam Coyote for selling drugs near the Cherokee reservation that Walker grew up on.† You can ask Senator Shelton what his interfering with the judicial system led to."

†††† The feds looked at each other and then the leader said "have it your way, but you two are to stay here and not interfere with our very legal search."

†††† "We'll stay here as long as you let the crew film your search without interference." Walker said and the feds searched the barn and the areas around it, where they found nothing.† Returning to the house the lead fed growled as he snatched back the search warrant "okay who warned you to move the guns?Ē

†††† "There are no guns here except for the gun I carry when Iím at work and my wife's berretta that she carries for protection.† Now we want to know whose idea the search warrant was and what judge signed it."† Walker demanded and the fed left without answering.† Alex then explained to Shelley why Michaels and Shelton had it in for Walker.† She left the ranch and the Walkers retired to their bedroom where Walker informed his wife "honey, I want to make love with you so bad."

†††† Smiling Alex answered "me too." then they made love.

Chapter Twelve

†††††††††††† The next morning as Walker was getting ready to leave for work Moody called him and said "Walker, I don't know how to tell you this but Gardnerís dead."

†††† "From what?Ē Walker asked.

†††† "Hanging, he was found in his room at the mental hospital I hid him out at this morning with one end of his sheet twisted around his neck and the other end wrapped around the bars on the window.† We'll investigate but Iím sure that we'll hit a dead end.† I thought that he would be okay when I placed him there after he gave his statement.† Iím sorry Walker." D.A. Moody told Walker who said to him "I figured that something like that might happen but I didn't expect them to get to him so soon.† Call me later if you find anything out, will you?Ē

†††† Moody agreed and then hung up the phone as Walker told Alex what had happened and she said "enough's enough, Iím going to confront that worm Shelton myself.† I will get this settled for once and for all."

†††† "Just how do you plan to do that?Ē Walker wondered.

†††† "Let me call Shelley first and then Iíll answer you." Alex replied and then called Shelley and said "Shelley this is Alex, I have a deal for you.† Well not really for you but for former Senator Shelton; I want to meet him face-to-face on air.† If he can prove that Michaels is right about her charges against Walker, he'll resign but if I can prove that it was a setup, she'll resign and admit that she lied about my husband.† Do you think that you can set that up?† It will be at your studio, of course."

††††† "Alex you know that I will do my best to make it happen, the ratings for something like that would be great."† Shelley answered her friend who then said "just tell me when to be there and I will be there but with one provision; Ms. Michaels will not be there. Walker won't be there either, this will be between Shelton and me, live.† Is that okay?Ē

†††† "Sounds good to me, I already have my staff working on getting Shelton to appear to rebut your charges, so it shouldn't take too much to get him to meet with you face-to-face on air in a winner take all.† Alex, are you that sure about this?† You're risking your husband's career and reputation." Shelley asked and Alex answered "Iím positive.† See you later Shelley."† Then Alex turned to Walker who asked her "are you aware of the fact that you're risking my career?Ē

†††† "Iím not risking it because when Iím done with Shelton Ms. Michaels will be the one resigning.† Walker, don't worry I know what Iím doing.† Iíve dealt with hostile witnesses before.† Honey, if you're that worried about the outcome just give me the word and Iíll cancel this.† But right now it's the only thing I can think of to do.† We can't let this drag on any longer.† We have the children to think about, they don't need to hear their father's name dragged through the mud." Alex said.

†††† Hugging her Walker answered "I trust you with my life, you know that.† Now do you need me to do anything to help you get ready?Ē

†††† "Your faith in me is all that I need." Alex said.

††††† "Always Alex." Walker said.

††††† "Good now get out of here, I have some things to do.† Iíll see you later." Alex said as she ushered Walker to the door.

Chapter Thirteen

††††††††††††† Former Senator Shelton reluctantly agreed to Alex's idea, it was to take place in two days.† Alex worked non-stop getting ready for it and Walker teased her that she was acting like an A.D.A. again.† They were at Shelleyís studio getting ready for the show when Shelton said to Alex "will your husband really resign if I prove my case against him?Ē

††††† "Yes, he will.† Now do I have your word that Michaels will resign if I prove my case?Ē Shelton snapped back "yes, now let's get on with it.† I want to see your husband have to resign in disgrace."

†††† Shelley then opened the show and explained what was going on and announced that Shelton would go first, then Alex would rebut him.

†††† Shelton said "thank you.† The reason that we are here today is because Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers Company B has turned bad and I will prove it.† First he cost the federal government the 'Groucho' Salvatore case by his blatant sexual interest in federal agents Michaels who was his contact in prison by repeatedly making unwanted sexual advances to her and even going so far as to refuse to give a statement in the case unless she met him at her ranch.† So Michaels reluctantly met him there where he hit on her again.† Later on when Michaels went back to the ranch to confront him about his statements to her while undercover in prison that he had plenty of firepower and was going to do something to the feds for turning a blind eye toward drug dealing on or near reservations.† This man then lied to his wife and had her attack federal agents Michaels for no good reason.† He was then planning to carry out a terrorist plot against the federal government.† It was then agents Michaels filed the harassment charges against Walker and told what he had said to her in prison, she was worried about him killing people, nothing more.† I have here a witness statement from a inmate by the name of Garrity in Stillwater Oklahoma where Walker boasted about his plans to him.† Now I will admit that his ranch was searched and that no weapons were found there but he obviously relocated them to the warehouse he purchased with his wife's money.† I have the deed right here, it has his signature in several places, as you can see he bought it two months ago and it's being searched as we speak.† Now what lies are you going to tell about that fact Mrs. Walker?Ē

†††††† Taking the deed Alex looked it over and said "first of all the next time someone forges Walker's signature they should do a better job of it.† Here Iíll show you, this is a note from Walker reminding me to stop and get some more milk for the children on the way home.† As you can see he doesn't make his w so large and he writes all of the letters in his last name, he doesn't leave some of them off like they are left off here.† His w is written small and very neat, not sloppy like the one on the deed is.† Now as to the facts; if there are weapons there I have no doubt your former daughter-in-law Michaels planted them there.† Also do you know why Garrity is in prison to begin with?Ē

†††† "Oh come off of it, you know that Walker's turned dirty."† Shelton interrupted trying to upset Alex who smiled and said "only when he's been cleaning the barn, then he gets really dirty.† Iíll admit that.† Now Senator Shelton please have the decency not to interrupt me until Iím done.† Now as I was saying about the facts: 1) you have harbored a dislike for Walker ever since you were part of the penal system in Texas and he got Camp Justice up and running in spite of your attempts to sabotage it.† I have a letter from Dobbs who was Deputy Commissioner at the time attesting to that fact along with several of the guards who where there and tried to destroy the program for you." as Alex was handing Shelley the letters Shelton again interrupted by saying "this just proves that I disliked the man then, not that I harbored a grudge against him for all of these years as you claim."

†††† "Iím getting to that part Senator.† Now after you became a Senator there was a task force that was charged with taking down the 'Chairman' led by Walker, not Rosetti from New York like you wanted.† I have several letters from the senate committee members which states that you kept telling everyone that Walker was just a hick and would fail.† Also after the task force brought down the 'Chairman' you refused to attend the ceremony honoring everyone who was on it because Walker had been successful." Alex said to him.

††† Getting mad Shelton snapped "so what, as far as Iím concerned it was Rosetti who cracked the case and because he was a decent man he let that hick Walker take the credit."

†††† "Okay, I have here the statement Rosetti gave to the committee where he praised Walker, in fact I have all of the statements that were presented to the committee and if you read through them you'll see that they agree that it was Walker who was the driving force that brought down the 'Chairman', although I will admit that Walker gives credit to the rest of the team in his statement because it was a team effort after all but he was the leader." Alex said and Shelton got up and said "Iíve listened to enough of this drivel."

†††† "Sit back down because Iím not done yet, or are running scared Senator?† You still haven't answered my question about why Garrity was in prison."† Alex asked him as he headed to the door.

†††† As he went to open the door Alex asked him "do you regret getting your son released to the federal prison in Oklahoma?Ē

†††† Turning around Shelton said "my son has nothing to do with this, leave him out of it."

†††† Alex answered "I wish that I could Senator but you know deep down inside that the mistake you made in getting him transferred to the federal prison is a large part of why you went along with Michaels' insane scheme."

†††† Sitting back down Shelton said "her insane scheme as you put it is simply an attempt to keep your husband from killing federal agents."

†††† Smiling Alex asked "are you really that sure about her?† After all you only have her word for it and the word of a man who kidnapped a former A.D.A. for his half-brother and went to prison for his troubles. you see, from where Iím standing only a fool would believe that Captain Walker would ever even think about killing fellow law-enforcement officers.† But Michaels has no such problem, does she?Ē

†††† "You will defend that hick husband of yours with your dying breath, wouldn't you?Ē Shelton snapped back at her.

†††† "Until he gives me reason not to. Senator please think about what you are doing.† You are allowing your hatred of my husband and your guilt over your son's death to help railroad an innocent man." Alex pleaded with him.

†††† "He is not an innocent man, my son was." Shelton blurted out.

†††† "Senator I am deeply sorry for the death of your son but you mustnít let Michaels use his memory to sanction cold-blooded murder." Alex said.

††††† "Walker's death isn't murder, it's justice." Shelton yelled at Alex.

††††† Shelley then said "we'll take a break and then Mrs. Walker will finish her presentation."

Chapter Fourteen

†††††††††† After the break Alex switched her attentions to Michaels and said "now let us get to federal agent Michaels and her actions.† Now she is alleging that Walker confided to he while undercover in prison that he planned to commit a terrorist act against the federal government and you used your influence to hurry the case along in an attempt to hurt a man whom you've hated for years based on her word and the word of a convicted kidnapper.† Tell me Senator, were you aware of the fact that is was near the reservation Walker grew up on that your son was arrested for drug-dealing?† Don't bother answering that one because I have the tribal records relating to the arrest of one Albert Reid Shelton Junior, your son I believe.† Now if you look through these records he was transferred to the federal prison in Stillwater Oklahoma where his wife visited him right before he ended up in the infirmary.† Were you aware of the fact that as she left she accused him loud enough for other inmates to hear of abusing their baby?Ē

†††† "What are you talking about?† They never had children. " Shelton asked Alex.

†††† "That's correct Senator but I have several statements from the warden at the time your son was incarcerated there; that was the reason he was attacked by his fellow inmates because they believed that he had abused a baby.† Senator, are you also aware of the fact that while Michaels was staffing for you under her mother's maiden name Tralee she was in the habit of flirting with men so that she could turn them down in front of others?Ē Alex asked him and Shelton replied "Please, Iíve heard this hogwash before from Senator Rhodes.† This is nothing new, just the same old lies about a decent woman."

††† "Senator are you aware of the fact that staffer Tralee was told by both Senator Grimson and Senator Whitley to stop hitting on the men she was supposed to be showing the sights to?Ē Alex asked.

††† "You're lying." Shelton said to her.

††† "I have here several statements from them. They faxed me their statements just this morning because they feel as I do, that you are letting your former daughter-in-law use your son's memory to get you to tarnish the reputation of a good man.† Senator, I also have here a picture of Michaels when she was showing Walker and I the sights in Washington D.C. as you can see she has her arms around his neck, I had just gone to the ladies room.† Senator did it ever occur to you that Michaels used your son to get where she wanted to be and that after he was arrested she set up an situation where she could get rid of him.† I have here a statement from Sam Coyote who arrested your son and how when you and Michaels came to see him she begged you to get him released to the federal prison in Stillwater Oklahoma, the same prison I might add Walker was undercover in recently risking his life to get the goods of 'Groucho' Salvatore.† That you promised you would and went to make some phone calls, that when you went outside Michaels laughed at your son and said to him "as soon as your dad gets you transferred Iíll be divorcing you, I no longer need you." Alex said as she handed the former Senator the statements.† As he was going over them the Senator threw them down in disgust and said "all of this doesn't explain away the fact that Walker was planning a terrorist act and Michaels was forced to file harassment charges against him to try and stop him.† This is a woman who was trying to talk sense into your husband when you attacked her at your house because of your husband's lies."

†††† Nodding at the stage hand Alex said "my entryway has a twenty-four hour security camera on it and I would like to show what really happened that night."† Then the tape was played of Michaels taunting Alex by hinting that she had slept with Walker and Alex telling her to leave, thatís when Alex attempted to remove Michaels of her trying to hit Alex who dodged the blow and kicked Michaels in the head and then threw her out.†† After it was over Alex pleaded "Senator Shelton please don't allow her to get away with using your dead son to further her plans to harm my husband. cI have the statement from Gardner who was released from the federal prison in Stillwater Oklahoma to kill Walker, I also have the guards statements who were there of Michaels saying after you left that you were just an old fool who wouldn't admit that your son's death was the result of you getting him transferred to that prison where he was hurt."

†††† Snapping at Alex, Shelton said "he wasn't hurt, he was raped by those animals."

†††† "I know and Iím sorry Senator but I can't forgive Michaels for trying to get my husband hurt in the same prison because he turned her down years ago.† So Shelton what is it going to be?† Are you going to keep helping a woman who was only using your son and your connections to get a job as a federal agent or are you ready to face the facts?† That there was never any intention on Walker's part to hurt anyone. That any sexual interest was by Michaels and no one else."

†††† After looking at Alex for a long moment the Senator started to reply when Michaels entered the studio and said "Shelton, remember Junior and how he died.† Walker deserves to pay for it."

†††† "The only person who deserves to pay for it is you.† I was warned about you by both Grimson and Whitley but I called them liars because you were engaged to Junior then.† Junior was so much in love with you and I foolishly thought that the love of a good woman who loved him could straighten him out.† I was wrong, you never were a good woman and you never loved my son.† As for me; I never was the father he deserved.† I should have left him at the reservation jail where they promised that he would be put into a program much like Walker's Camp Justice, but no I listened to you and he was attacked at that prison and when the tribe let him go because they felt he had been hurt enough he came home and I told him that you were waiting at home, for him to go to you.† My son said as he pulled out his gun 'don't you get it dad?† I was never enough of a man for her before and now Iím not even a man' then my son said 'thanks for your help dad.'†† Then he killed himself and instead of focusing on what led to that point I focused my anger on a man I already despised, you see it was much easier to blame him than admit the truth; that I failed my son.† Agent Michaels I suggest you drop this thing you have going, it will only lead to your downfall, I should know."† Then Shelton left the studio as Michaels sneered at Alex "blondie your husband hasn't seen nothing yet. I will make him pay, no man turns me down."

†††† "I highly doubt that Walker is the only man that ever turned you down, so why do you still hate him?† Was it because he didn't remember you from the first time you hit on you and he told you that his wife was prettier than you?† Or was it because he turned you down yet again?† Isn't it about time you gave up your little scheme?† How many people do you think are as blind as Shelton let himself be?Ē Alex said and forgetting that the cameras were still on Michaels replied "† got that fool to go along with me all of these years even after I got those inmates to hurt his wimp of a son. how hard to you think that it's going to be for me to find some other idiots to help me get Walker?Ē

†††† "Considering everything you just said has been televised, a little harder than you might think." Alex said as Trivette and D.A. Moody entered the studio with a another man.

Chapter Fifteen

†††††††††††††† Walking up to Alex the other man said to her "are you Mrs. Walker?Ē

††† Alex after looking at Trivette answered "yes, I am and you are?Ē

†††† "My name is Braxton and Iím the Attorney General for the Dallas area. as you know there was a search warrant executed earlier today for a warehouse that has your husband's name on the deed."†† He answered her and Michaels said "well Mrs. Walker, I would guess that they are here to inform you that your husband has been arrested on federal terrorism charges."

†††† "No, as a matter of fact that isn't the reason that I am here." Braxton answered and Michaels all but yelled at him "why not?† You had to have found the weapons by now.† So why aren't you arresting him?Ē

††† Ignoring Michaels Alex asked him "Attorney General Braxton, what can I do for you?Ē

††† "Actually Mrs. Walker Iím only here to assure you as the lawyer for Cordell Walker that the federal harassment and obstruction of justice charges against Captain Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers Company B will be dropped. my office has been instructed to pass on our apologies about the matter and it will be closed." Braxton told Alex who then asked him " what about the allegations that Walker is a would be terrorist?Ē

†††† "Those have been investigated and the Justice department feels at this time that there is no credible evidence to back up the claims.† Good day Mrs. Walker."† Braxton said to Alex and turned his attention to Michaels and formally stated "Agent Michaels, you are under arrest for obstruction of Justice.† Please remove your gun and badge and hand them to Ranger Trivette, now."

†††† Backing away Michaels said "you found the weapons, you have to arrest him."

†††† Braxton said to her "yes, we found the weapons but we also found a very nice security system on the warehouse were the weapons were and they show you and some men entering the warehouse with the crates that the weapons were found in.† We also found the man who forged Captain Walkers name on the deed.† After Senator Shelton alerted us to the deed we did a background check and found out that Walker was sitting in a courtroom surrounded by witnesses on the day he supposedly signed the lease, we also checked Mrs. Walker's financial records and none of her money was used to purchase the warehouse.† The money used to purchase the warehouse was traced back to the federal agency that you work for. ††Please for the last time Michaels turn over your gun and badge."

†††† Grabbing Shelley and putting her gun to Shelleyís head Michaels said "there is no way that Iím going to prison. now all of you put your hands up."†† They put their hands up and Michaels asked Alex "well blondie, how does it feel to know that Iím going to kill you because of your husband?† No one can stop me either, so say your prayers while you still can."

†††† Looking at Michaels Alex calmly answered " dream on."

†††† "What did you say?Ē Michaels asked as she took her attention away from Shelley.

†††† "I said dream on." Alex answered as Walker snuck into the studio and after taking careful aim shot the gun out of Michaels' hand.† Trivette quickly handcuffed and removed Michaels followed by Braxton. D.A. Moody then said to Alex "A.D.A. Walker, there is a part-time position opening at the dayís office, interested?Ē

†††† "Is the middle of October soon enough?Ē Alex answered Moody who smiled and agreed then left.† A very shaken Shelley then said "thank you for tuning in today, it has been very interesting."† Then she turned to Walker and said " that was a little close for my comfort."

†††† "You were never in any real danger.† Walker knows what he's doing."† Alex tried to assure Shelley who then said "so you say."† Then she left and Alex turned to Walker and asked him "Are you okay with my returning to work part-time in October?Ē

†††† "Yes honey I am because you're the best." Walker answered her.

†††† "You're biased." Alex said as they too left the studio.

††††††††††††††††††† I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, other people do and neither I or this story is meant to infringe on their rights. this was written as a tribute to a good show strictly for my own enjoyment.