Walker's Worry


Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex sat holding her son Ray or as her husband Walker liked him to call him little Ray as he finished drinking his bottle. After Caroline from the Hope Center arrived Alex got ready for work. After checking on Angela and Ray one last time she left for work. After greeting her staff Alex called back home to check on her children. As she was hanging the phone up Alex felt a pair of men's arms slide themselves around her waist from behind. Smiling she said "that had better be my husband or I have some explaining to do." Turning his wife around Walker told her "I'd rather be your cowboy tonight."

"Walker not here, the door's open." Alex admonished him.

"We'll take this up tonight." Walker said and then changed the subject "Alex, Caroline from the Hope Center is well qualified to watch our children. She could have watched them at the Hope Center."

            "I know that Walker, I know that I'm being overprotective of them but I can't help it right now. Lately I've had this feeling that something bad was going to happen." Alex explained. Walker tried to reassure his wife "oh Alex, you're just nervous about returning to work. You were that way after you returned to work following Angela's birth."

"You're probably right. Now I'd better get back to work." Alex said to Walker who smiled and replied "Alex honey you are a good mother. Now don't overdo it on your first day back and don't forget that we have plans tonight."  Winking at Alex Walker left her office.

Later that day when Alex returned home from work Caroline handed her a letter and said "this came for you while you were at work, I had to sign for it. I hope that it's good news. I'll see you tomorrow." Caroline left and Alex read the letter and got very upset because it was a notification that the Rappaports, the parents of Michael Rappaport who had raped her were suing the Walkers for custody of Ray.  They alleged that he was their grandson and that their son Michael was his father not Walker.  Alex panicked and called her husband "Walker, how soon can you be home?"

A concerned Walker asked her "Alex, what's wrong?  Is it one of the children?" Instead of answering his questions Alex asked "when will you be home?  I really need to talk with you."

            Walker replied "in twenty minutes." When Alex heard his truck she went outside and barely letting him get out of the truck threw her arms around his neck and said "thank God you're home."  Now really concerned Walker pulled back and asked "Alex, honey what is wrong?  Tell me."

            She handed him the custody papers and after reading them over Walker got furious but realizing that Alex was very upset by it he pulled her to him and reassured his wife "we'll get your father here, he'll take care of this for us.  There's a good chance that I'm Ray's biological father and if that's the case we have nothing to worry about."

"If the blood test show that you didn't father him?"  A still distraught Alex asked her husband who said "nothing will change, Ray will always be our son no matter what." Then Walker pulled her even closer and whispered into Alex's ear "now, I believe that you promised to play cowboy with me tonight."

"Well, I was hoping to play ride-the-cowboy tonight and you are so bad Cordell Walker but I love you anyhow."  Alex answered aware that he was trying to cheer her up. After the children were sleeping they followed through on their plans

Chapter Two

Gordon did indeed come to town to be their lawyer for the custody hearing. One evening as they were seated in the living room Gordon was watching Walker as he held Ray and made faces at the infant. Looking at the scene Gordon said to his daughter and son-in-law "I don't think that you have anything to worry about if Ray turns out not to be Walker's son medically speaking. Anyone can tell just by watching you with him Walker that Ray is your son. Now after Ray was born, did you have a blood test taken to determine paternity? Walker, I know that at one time you wanted one."

"No, we didn't because Ray is my son no matter how he came to be." Walker answered Gordon who then said to them "now the first thing that the judge will do is to order paternity tests, if you're the biological father the case will be thrown out because the Rappaports would have no legal claim to my grandson. If you're not the biological father they would have to prove that the both of you are unfit parents in order to get custody of Ray. Walker, in the eyes of the law you are Ray's father because you are married to the child's mother. So in order for someone else to get custody they have to prove that the child in question is living with unfit parents and that's very unlikely in your case."

Gordon was right about the paternity tests and they were along with the Rappaports and their son Michael were in the courtroom awaiting the results. After calling the court to order the judge announced "in the matter of Rappaport versus Walker for custody of the minor child Raymond Walker; the tests show that Cordell Walker is the biological father of Raymond Walker. Case dismissed."

Alex and Gordon hugged each other while Walker looked on and smiled relieved that Ray was in fact his son in every sense of the word.  As the Walkers were leaving the courtroom Mrs. Rappaport said to Alex "don't think that this is over.  I know what you and those other tramps did to my son Michael and you will pay for it if it's the last thing that I do. You and that Texas Ranger husband of yours." Getting mad Walker told Mrs. Rappaport "I suggest that you leave town and take that animal that you call a son with you before I hurt him, got that?" Alex tugged on her husband's arm and Walker placed his hand over hers and left the courtroom with his wife.

Later on that night as they were getting ready for bed Alex asked him "Walker, are you all right?  You haven't said a word to me all evening."

"I'm sorry Alex for being so terrible to you when you were carrying our son. I wouldn't even touch you once you started showing and I didn't even do his room like I did Angela's." Walker said to Alex upset with himself.  Taking his hand she answered "no, you weren't. You just needed some time is all, I understood that."

"Alex you were pregnant with my son and I made you do everything by yourself.  What kind of father am I?"  Walker questioned Alex who answered him by saying "Walker you named him after your father and uncle without even knowing who had fathered him. You've been a loving father and I know that if the tests results had been different it would not have changed the way you feel about Ray. Honey don't doubt that you are a very good father to our children, you always have been and you will always be a good father."  Then changing the subject Alex suggested "now, it's been a long day how about we get some sleep?"  They got into bed where they went to sleep in each others arms like always.

 Chapter Three

The Rappaports did indeed go after the Walkers, first by using their influence to get a police review board to address whether or not Walker had coerced a confession to the rapes from their son Michael Rappaport. The review board didn't rule outright on the matter they put it on hold for a month, instead Walker was told that if there was another provable complaint from any of the Rappaports he would be suspended, to consider himself warned. The board also said that at the hearing a month from then that they would rule on the matter, that they wanted to carefully consider the charges leveled by the Rappaports against Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers Company B, Walker was furious about it.

The Rappaports also got their son a new trial by claiming that his confession to the rapes had been coerced from him by Walker.  This upset Alex because in the briefing that led to the granting of a new trial the Rappaports' attorney alleged that Alex had really had an affair with Michael Rappaport to get back at Walker for his affair with Merilee Summers. That once Walker found that out he had threatened to kill Michael Rappaport if he didn't confess because Walker didn't want anyone knowing that his wife had cheated on him.  The attorney wasted no time in getting Michael freed from jail and into a T.V. station for an interview.

Trivette had the T.V. on and called Walker over to watch it when the interview aired. During it Michael Rappaport proclaimed his innocence and said that he had pled guilty to the rape charges because he was fearful for his life. Rappaport told the interviewer that Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers Company B had threatened to kill him if he didn't confess. Rappaport then went on to say that Alex had instigated an affair with him to pay her husband back for his. When the interviewer asked about the alleged bruising Rappaport smirked and said that Alex Cahill-Walker like it rough. Rappaport said that when he told her that he didn't want to keep on seeing her Alex cried rape.

Snapping the T.V. off Walker growled "I should have taught that scum a lesson when I had the chance." Trivette urged him "Walker go home and cool off before you get yourself in big trouble."

"Trivette, how would you like it if some animal raped Erica and then claimed she had an affair with him?  That she liked it rough? "Walker asked Trivette who answered "I'd want to kill him too but that wouldn't help things. What puzzles me is that they are claiming that Alex cheated on you to pay you back for cheating on her with Merilee. They have to know that it isn't true, is it?"

"No, of course it isn't true because I would never do that to my wife and.." Walker was replying when his voice trailed off as he realized that Merilee herself had to be the one who told the Rappaports what Alex had seen the day she fled the house and was abducted by Michael Rappaport and assaulted by him for several days. Walker also realized that Merilee had seen Alex watching her kiss him on the chest when he was half asleep.

Walker went home determined to shield Alex from any more pain because of his former flame Merilee Summers. Walker felt that he had already put Alex through way too much in the previous year because of his actions.

Chapter Four 

When Walker got home he was surprised to find Alex already there because she had been working on a big case that had kept her late at work most nights since she had returned to the D.A.'s office. So he said to her "hi, what are you doing home so early?  Shouldn't you be at work getting your case ready to go to trial?"  Looking up from the meal that she was cooking Alex replied "I had the Pullman case taken off of me and was told by D.A. Moody himself to take some time off from work until this matter was resolved."

"What matter?"  Walker questioned as he sneaked a bite of dinner. Alex answered her husband pretty upset by it "the matter of whether or not I was hurt or whether I had an affair and then cried rape."

Stunned he asked "but weren't there other victims?"

"Yes, there were but in their cases he wore a condom so there wasn't any D.N.A. evidence linking him to the assaults so those cases were dropped outright. I was the only case that there was D.N.A. evidence for." Alex was explaining when Angela entered the kitchen so she asked "Walker, can we talk about this later?"  Walker nodded okay and took Angela and Ray outside while Alex finished making their dinner.

Once the children were asleep Alex said to Walker "in my case since there was D.N.A. evidence his lawyer will undoubtedly claim that I liked it rough and that after it was over I threatened to cry rape so Rappaport panicked and tied me up to think.  His lawyer will say that was why Sydney found me tied to that bed. That I had an affair to pay you back for yours with that little tramp."

Walker protested "but I didn't have an affair with Merilee, you know that."

"I know that but that is exactly what they are going to claim in a court of law. I would however like to know how they found out about me seeing Merilee kissing you on the chest that day that caused me to flee our house without paying attention to anything allowing that animal to grab me." Alex said and Walker answered "Merilee has to be the one to have told them, nobody else knows about it besides the two of us."

"But why would she do something like that?  Merilee loved you once and she still has very deep feelings for you, she wants you back." Alex questioned.

"Spite, she did it to get back at me for turning her down that day. After I woke up and realized that she was the kissing me instead of you I told Merilee that I was married to you. Merilee said that she was sorry, that she hadn't known that I had married. Still I never should have gone on tour with her after that." Walker told Alex.

"Walker, you didn't know that she was after you or that I saw her kissing you on your chest that day. I left our house without saying anything, I should have said something but I was so upset because I felt that the one woman who had taken you from me years ago was taking you from me again. After I had time to think I knew that you wouldn't leave me for her but like I said I wasn't thinking then. Then it just hurt too much for me to think rationally." Alex explained to her husband. Alex then turned her lamp off and rolled onto her side away from Walker and went to sleep leaving him to ponder the fact that he had really hurt Alex years ago when he had fallen for Merilee. Walker hadn't realized that Alex was already in love with him when he wasn't ready to admit that he even had feelings for her other than friendship. A part of the reason that he had fallen for Merilee was because of how much she had needed him and Alex was the strong independent type and didn't need a shoulder to cry on. It was nice to be needed but it wasn't really love.

Later on that night Walker was awoken by Alex crying out in her sleep "Walker, please help me. Walker, he's hurting me. Please help me." Taking her into his arms Walker soothed Alex by gently running his hands up and down her back and saying to her "I've got you honey. You're safe, I promise. Alex I love you." Awakening from her nightmare she asked him "would you mind proving that to me?"

Walker hesitated because he wasn't sure if Alex knew exactly what she was asking for right after having a nightmare about her ordeal "Alex honey, you just had a nightmare about what you had to go through."

               "Walker, I really need to feel your arms around me tonight. I need to know that you really do still love me." Alex implored him so Walker pulled Alex close and then gently proved his love to his wife.

Chapter Five

It was now a month later and the review board was having it's follow up hearing. Sydney and Gage had been called to testify about the condition that Alex Cahill-Walker had been found in. Gage went first and he told the board that he hadn't really seen Mrs. Walker's condition because he had waited outside the room after Ranger Cooke had asked for his jacket and had told him to wait outside the room. Gage testified that he did that because he knew that it was better if a female officer tended to a victim of sexual assault.

Sydney testified next and told the panel about Alex Cahill-Walker's condition when she found her. Sydney testified that after hearing a muffled cry she had entered a back bedroom to find Mrs. Walker tied to a bed and moaning in pain. Sydney then went on to describe what she had observed about Alex Cahill-Walker's condition stating that the victim's blouse had been torn exposing the front of her and that she was minus any clothing on her lower body. That there were numerous bruises about Mrs. Walker's head and chest, several bite marks on her breasts and that there was bruising and blood on the victim's thighs. Sydney finished her testimony by saying to the panel "anyone could tell just by looking that Mrs. Walker had been sexually assaulted several times."

The Rappaport's close friend on the panel Devlin then questioned Sydney "isn't it true Ranger Cooke that you were a member of the Walker's wedding party?"

"Yes, I was." Sydney answered him.

Devlin then addressed the rest of the panel "all we have is the word of a woman who cried rape after she had an affair to get back at her husband for his affair. We also have the word of her friend who is obviously lying to protect an adulteress. The same friend that I might add is a subordinate of the so-called victim's husband.  I submit that there was no rape and that poor Michael Rappaport was threatened into confessing to crimes that he did not commit by Captain Walker of the Texas Rangers. Walker did this to cover up the fact that his wife cheated on him to get revenge for his cheating on her.  Really gentlemen we cannot have Texas Rangers coercing confessions of rape when their wife’s commit adultery."

Sydney jumped up and said "Mrs. Walker was raped, any fool could tell that by just looking at her that day. The medical records also show that fact." The head of the panel banged his gavel and said "Ranger Cooke, you're out of line. Now sit down and be quiet or face contempt charges. Go ahead Devlin."  Now really sneering Devlin stated "yes the bruises, what can I say other than some women like it rough." Then he added "members of this panel I urge you to see to it that Captain Walker be fired for his actions and furthermore that there be a grand jury called to investigate this matter."

The board ruled that in light of Walker's outstanding record he would be put on probation instead of losing his badge. They also ruled that it was not up to them to decide if Alex Cahill- Walker had been assaulted. That was the D.A.'s responsibility. The Rappaports upset by the board's ruling filed a suit against Alex for wrongful arrest. At the D.A.'s office Alex was given the kind of menial cases that she had been given when she was new to the D.A.'s office. Gradually the cloud of suspicion that seemed to be hanging over the Walkers began easing up. Alex started to complain of headaches but Walker thought that they were from the stress that his wife was going through and when he suggested seeing a doctor Alex said no because she thought that it was stress related too, after all she was being sued by that animals parents for his being arrested. They were having Angela's fourth birthday party when Alex fainted in the middle of cutting the cake and Walker insisted on taking her to the hospital. After some tests were performed the doctor told the Walkers that Alex was pregnant, they went home and told their friends who were still waiting there the good news. Alex even called her father Gordon Cahill up to tell him that he was going to be a grandfather again.

Chapter Six

At her doctor's appointment Alex was seen by Dr. Bates who after examining her said "well Mrs. Walker it looks like you are going to have a set of twins. However this pregnancy will be a lot harder on you than your previous two were. Alex, your blood pressure is too high already and I only expect it to get higher as this pregnancy gets further along. Now you have to reduce the stress in your life and I recommend that you take a medical leave from work immediately. Also as a added precaution there should be no more sexual relations for you of any kind. As you get further along you may have to go on complete bed rest. Any questions?"

"I'll follow your instructions to the letter." Alex said as she got dressed and when she was ready to leave Alex asked Dr. Bates "are these precautions because I'm carrying twins?"

"No, it's your high blood pressure that concerns me the most. We need to get your blood pressure down. Now normally at this stage the appointments are a month apart but I would like to see you every two weeks to monitor you more closely." Dr. Bates told Alex who left. 

Alex went straight to see D.A. Moody where she explained the situation to him. He answered her "maybe it's for the best, by the time you return to work hopefully everyone will have forgotten about the Rappaport matter."

Getting mad Alex said "don't you mean your backing down to a rapist because his parents are rich and powerful?  That man held me against my will and raped me several times not to mention the fact that he raped other women. He will rape again and you have to know that. Now thanks to your backing down I'm being sued for wrongful arrest by them."

Looking at her Moody answered "I'm sorry about that Alex, you were the best A.D.A. that ever worked for me but there was pressure on me from above, a lot of pressure. I hope that everything goes okay for you and that you have a healthy set of twins." Alex didn't answer Moody she just left his office. On the way home she stopped in Walker's office and said to him "Honey, I took a leave from the D.A.'s office, I'll explain why later tonight." Then Alex went home.

            That night as Alex was coming out of the bathroom after being sick a concerned Walker asked her "are you okay? Should I call Dr. Bates for you?" A pale Alex said to him " No honey, you don't need to call her. Dr. Bates said that I had to take it easy this pregnancy."

Walker questioned "what can I do to help you?" Alex instead asked him "Walker do you remember what I told you on the plane on our way to Paris for our honeymoon?" Walker answered "you said that you would love a set of twins." Then looking at the huge smile on Alex's face he asked in disbelief "Alex, are we having twins?"

"Yes we are. Hopefully one of each, that way we can name the girl after your mother and the boy after my father. If that's okay with you?" A very happy Alex said.

Pulling her to him Walker said "whatever you want sweetheart." Then he started to kiss her but was puzzled when Alex backed away. Moving completely away from her husband Alex informed him "Dr. Bates said that my blood pressure was too high and that I had to reduce the stress in my life, that's why I took a medical leave from my job. Also that we couldn't have sex anymore."

"It's okay honey we'll do whatever we have to do to make sure that the babies are okay. Here come on and get into bed." Walker said as he tucked her into bed. Alex lamented "but I'll miss making love with you so much and what about your needs?"

"I'll miss making love with you too. As for my needs you are the only woman who can meet them, no one else can. I can wait, the babies are what's important here." Walker assured his wife and then got into his side of the bed.

Chapter Seven

The next morning Alex called her father Gordon Cahill up "Dad, it's me Alex."

Alex how are you doing? How's the morning sickness?" Gordon asked her. "I'm fine dad, I just called you to let you know that Walker and I are going to have twins."

"Twins, are you sure?" He questioned Alex.

"Yes Dad I'm sure and you sound just like my husband did when I told him." Alex teased her father who teased right back "any chance that you'll name one after me?"

"Yes, if we have one of each we're naming the girl after Walker's mother and the boy after you. Oh Dad I'm so happy, finding out that I'm having twins is a dream of mine coming true." Alex said to him.

"So everything is going to be okay?  The doctor didn't say anything about any precautions or anything?"  Gordon questioned Alex who answered "yes she did.  My blood pressure is too high so I took a medical leave from my job. Don't worry Dad between Walker and I, we will do whatever we have to make sure that the babies are born healthy."

"Okay honey if you need me to come help with my other two grandchildren to give you a break let me know." Gordon offered.

"Thanks for the offer Dad but if it comes to that Walker will take a family leave himself. I'd better go Ray's calling for me. Bye dad." Alex said and hung up the phone.

Unknown to Alex, Merilee Summers had returned to town and had taken to calling up Ranger headquarters trying to get Walker to help her out with something. Walker assigned Sydney to go see if Merilee really needed help. When Sydney showed up instead of Walker Merilee questioned her "Where's Walker at?  I need his help."

"Captain Walker sent me, now what seems to be your problem?" Sydney asked her. "Why can't Walker help me?  He has before, I'll bet that his wife won't let him help me because she jealous." Merilee stated.

"Again Miss Summers, Walker sent me. Now what exactly is your problem?"  Sydney asked Merilee who insisted "I want Walker's help, he's the only one who can help me." Having had enough Sydney bluntly said "Captain Walker will not be helping you. He's not taking on any more cases right now because he's spending his time with his wife who needs him right now.  I'll be glad to help you if only you would just tell me what your problem is."  Merilee snapped at her "never mind, I'll take care of it myself. Tell Walker thanks for nothing."

Sydney returned to Ranger headquarters and said to Walker "I don't think that Miss Summers has a real problem other than wanting to see you." Walker responded "that's what I thought too. I'd better be getting home. I'll see you later when you come to the ranch to ride Angel for Alex, right?"

"Yes.  Do you or Alex need me to stop at the store and pick anything up on my way there?"  Sydney asked and Walker said "Alex already gave me a list but thanks for asking."

When Walker got home with the groceries he asked Caroline where Alex was and she told him "she had to give a deposition in the Rappaports wrongful arrest suit. She said that she shouldn't be gone too long and now that you're here I'll be going.  Ray's in his room taking a nap and Angela's in her room playing with her dolls."  After putting the groceries away Walker checked on the children and finding Angela asleep on her floor put her into bed and was heading for his bedroom when he heard the front door open so he yelled down "Alex, the children are asleep and I'm taking a quick shower."

As Walker was taking his shower he felt a pair of women's arm encircle him from behind. Grabbing them to stop the wondering hands he said "honey you know that Dr. Bates said no sex until after our twins are born." Then he turned around to find that it was a naked Merilee who was in the shower with him.

After she came home from her deposition Alex went upstairs to check on the children and seeing that they were napping headed for her bedroom to lie down because she was feeling lightheaded. Hearing the shower running Alex entered the bathroom to find her naked husband in the shower with a equally naked Merilee. Alex quickly turned and headed for the steps while Walker got out of the shower and went after his wife. Nearing the top of the stairs Alex began to feel dizzy and grabbed for the railing, missing it she fell down the steps. Walker who was right behind her could only watch as his pregnant fell down all of the steps and landed in the entryway.

Walker yelled "ALEX!"  Then ran down the steps to see if he could find a pulse. After he found one Walker called 911 and told them that his pregnant wife had fallen down the steps to rush an ambulance to his house. Just then the doorbell rang and after wrapping himself in a cover from the living room Walker answered it to find Sydney there "Sydney thank God that you're here. Alex just fell down the steps and I need someone to watch the children while we go to the hospital." Then he went and knelt down besides Alex. Sydney answered "of course I'll watch them. How about I go upstairs to check on the children and toss you some clothes down?"

As Sydney headed up the stairs a now dressed Merilee came strolling down them as Alex moaned in pain and asked "Walker, what happened?"  Smirking Merilee said to Alex "your husband said that you couldn't have sex anymore because of your twins so we resumed our affair."

            "You're a lying little tramp." Alex said and moaned in pain again as Walker stood up and snapped at Merilee "get out of my house now." She left and Sydney tossed Walker some clothes down, after getting dressed he assured his wife "Honey she was lying. I thought that you were in the shower with me and I was reminding who I thought was you that Dr. Bates had said no more sex for us because of our babies."

Reaching up to caress his face Alex answered "I love you Cordell Walker, I just wish that the Rappaports and Merilee would just leave us alone.  Is that too much to ask right now?"  Then Alex turned white and said "oh God please don't let me lose my babies."  Then she passed out.

Chapter Eight

After taking care of Angela and Ray, Sydney called up Trivette and told him that Alex had fallen down the steps at home and had been rushed to the hospital. When Trivette arrived at the hospital Walker was pacing the hallway. Trivette said to him "Walker, man Alex is going to be okay. Your wife is one tough lady, after all she survived being shot in the back."

Walker stated "my wife is going to die because of me." A shocked Trivette questioned him "what do you mean that Alex is going to die because of you?"

"Never mind Trivette."  Walker said as he resumed his pacing. After a while Walker asked him "why don't you go home Trivette?"  Shaking his head no Trivette questioned "Walker, is there anything that I can do for you?"

"If you don't mind can you call Gordon and tell him what's happened?  I promised him that if Alex ever needed him that I would call him." Walker requested of Trivette who went and called Gordon Cahill. Trivette returned and found a seat while Walker kept on pacing. About four hours later Dr. Bates came out and said "I'm sorry Mr. Walker but we were unable to save the babies."

            "What about my wife?  Will she be okay?  "Walker asked and Dr. Bates answered "we're doing everything that we can but it's too soon to say for sure. The next few hours will tell, I have to go back in now. I'm sorry that I don't have better news for you." Dr. Bates returned to Alex while Trivette said "Alex will be all right, you have to believe that Walker."

"Our babies just died now because of me and my wife might die also. It's all my fault." Walker said to Trivette who asked him "Walker, why do you think that this is your fault?  What happened to make you think that?  Walker, please tell me."

Tiredly sitting down Walker replied "what nobody knows besides Alex, me and Merilee is the reason Alex left our house in a hurry the day that scum took my wife and hurt her. The reason that Alex fled our house was because she came home to find me asleep on our couch with Merilee kissing me on the chest. Trivette that day I hadn't even known that Alex had been there. I thought that Alex was the one who was kissing me until I woke up and found that Merilee was the one who was kissing me. I shoved her away and told her that I was married to Alex. I thought that she had accepted that fact, I just found out otherwise."

When Walker stopped talking Trivette questioned "Walker, how did you find out otherwise?"

"I was taking a shower when I thought that Alex had gotten in with me and when I turned around to say something to her I discovered that it was Merilee in the shower with me and that my wife was standing in the doorway. Alex headed to the stairs and fell down all of them, so it is my fault." Walker explained to Trivette who said "listen it's not your fault unless you invited Merilee to take a shower with you and you didn't do that right?"  Walker shook his head no so Trivette added "okay I'm going to take Erica to your ranch because Sydney has to go to work tomorrow, then I'm going to the airport to pick up Gordon. Just hang in there Walker Alex will be okay." Then he left.

Chapter Nine

Trivette brought Gordon Cahill to the hospital. Trivette said to a still pacing Walker "listen Walker I have to go now but if you need me call me."  Then he left as Gordon said to his son-in-law "Trivette told me that my daughter fell down the steps at her house after finding you in the shower with a Merilee Summers but that you weren't having an affair with the woman. That she supposedly jumped in the shower with you to hurt my daughter. Walker I have to ask you this, were you cheating on my daughter with Merilee Summers?"

"No I wasn't. I would never cheat on my wife." Walker answered his father-in-law who then asked him "so how is Alex doing?"

Walker stopped pacing and said "Alex just lost the babies and..."  His voice choking Walker stopped talking. Gordon went and placed his hand on Walker's shoulder and said to him "son, one thing that I know about my daughter is that she's a fighter. Alex will survive this because she loves her family too much not to. If there's anyone who can pull through this it is Alex, because she is just as stubborn and determined as my son-in-law is."

A while later Dr. Bates came out into the hallway and Gordon asked her "how is my daughter doing?"  Dr. Bates answered "about as well as can be expected for a woman who miscarried twins in her fourth month. She still not out of the woods yet but I am hopeful that she will make a complete recovery."

Turning to Walker she said to him "Mr. Walker we've moved your wife to her room, you can go there and wait for her to come to if you want. It may take several hours." Gordon urged Walker "go ahead son, I'll wait out here for awhile, I have some phone calls to make." Walker followed Dr. Bates to his wife's room and sat down on a chair besides the bed. Looking at Alex's really pale face Walker picked up his wife's hand and pleaded with her "please don't leave us, the children need you. I need you."

Several hours later Alex woke up and the first thing that she said was "Walker the babies, are they okay?" As a lone tear slid down his face he answered "I'm sorry the babies didn't make it." Alex began to cry.

            "Alex this is all my fault, if I hadn't helped her last year none of this would have happened. I didn't know that she still had feelings for me. I know that your losing the babies was because of my actions. I just had to tell you how sorry I am about it before I leave you to recover from what I caused." Walker said and then stood up. Grabbing her husband's hand Alex said to him "hold on there cowboy, none of this is your fault. If it's anyone's faults it's the Rappaports' and Merilee Summer's faults. Walker honey, I know that you didn't betray our wedding vows with that tramp. You didn't cause me to lose the babies, so don't leave me because of that. Don't let them win by you blaming yourself and leaving your family. Walker the children need you, I need you. Cordell I love you and I want you to stay for me and the children. We are a family and no one will ever take that away from us."

      "I love you Alexandra Walker." Walker said as he kissed her hand. Then he added "you try and get some rest, I'll be here when you wake up." He watched as his wife went back to sleep.

Chapter Ten

Hours after Walker had gone to be with Alex, Gage approached Gordon and said to him "I'm sorry to bother you at a time like this Mr. Cahill but the review board is demanding that Walker appear in front of it right now. They sent me to make sure that he appears." Sighing Gordon answered "I'll go as his lawyer. Alex just lost the twins and Walker's with her now.  She needs him by her side for both of their sakes. Now young man on the way there I want you to tell me everything that you know about the Rappaports.  I also want to know all about this Merilee Summers who seems determined to cause my daughter endless pain."

When they got there Devlin asked "Ranger Gage, where is Captain Walker at?  Weren't you sent to bring him here?"

Gordon addressed the panel "I am here as Captain Walker's lawyer.  Now I think that it is beyond time to stop bothering a man like Walker for simply threatening a rapist. Any man who cared for his family would have done the same thing. Cordell Walker was not acting as a Texas Ranger when he confronted the scum who had hurt his wife, he was acting as a man trying to protect his family from vermin. Please let us finally use some common sense here and let this matter go. As a matter of fact Walker showed a great deal of restraint in only threatening a rapist that one time."

Devlin sneered "then how do you explain Walker going to the Rappaport's mansion last night at ten o'clock and threatening to kill poor Michael Rappaport again?  His parents and the house staff are prepared to testify to that fact."

"Are they prepared to be arrested for perjury?  Members of this panel the reason that I am appearing in Captain Walker's place is because he is at the hospital where he has been since yesterday evening." Gordon was addressing the panel when Devlin interrupted to say "no doubt for something minor so that he would have an alibi for when he snuck out and went to the Rappaport mansion to threaten Michael Rappaport yet again."

Getting mad Gordon said "I do not consider my pregnant daughter falling down the steps to be a minor matter. Not when she lost the twins that she was carrying, Walker's children and my grandchildren. To me that was no minor matter at all. The entire time that Alex was losing her babies her husband was pacing the hospital hallway. Do I have to needlessly call all the hospital staff who were there at that time here?  The same staff, I might add who watched Walker pace the hallway for all of those hours waiting on word about his wife and his unborn children. Let this go, enough damage has been done already."

After looking at each other for awhile the head of the panel rapped his gavel and said "in the matter of whether or not Captain Walker used his position as a Texas Ranger to coerce a confession of rape from Michael Rappaport, it is the finding of this panel that he did not." When Devlin looked like he wanted to say something he was told "Mr. Devlin, this panel has made it's ruling, we're all in agreement. This matter is now closed. Mr. Cahill, please pass onto the Walkers our regrets about the loss they have suffered."

Sydney, Gage and Trivette were in the hearing room and Gage said to Gordon "I'm so sorry about the babies.  Is there anything that we can do? Although what I really like to do is to wring their collective necks."

Holding his hand up Gordon stressed to them "stay away from them, don't even think about getting them. We'll get them I assure you but we won't risk your careers to do so."  Sydney and Gage nodded okay and left. Trivette asked "how are you doing Gordon?"

Sighing he answered "I've had better days. When Alex called me to tell me that they were expecting the twins she was so happy because they were planning on naming the girl after Walker's mother and the boy after me. Now the babies are gone." He paused for a minute to collect himself and then said "now the next order of business that I have is to get the wrongful arrest suit dropped because as sure as I'm standing here he committed those rapes and lord knows what else."

A blonde haired man who had been listening to the conversation said "perhaps I can help you there Mr. Cahill." Looking at him Trivette said "I'd better be going, nice to see you again Trent."  Then Trivette left and Trent led Gordon to a more private area and said "my name is Trent Malloy, I'm a good friend of the Walkers. When I heard what was going on I returned to town and I befriended that scum. Mr. Cahill I have him on video tape bragging about what he has done to those women. Here I have copies of them with me." Taking a camcorder out Trent showed Gordon some of the tapes. On the tapes Rappaport was laughing and bragging about how he had assaulted his victims. After he was done watching them a upset Gordon asked "how can anyone defend scum like that, parents or not?"

"I don't know but I do think that it's time to fight fire with fire." Trent answered Gordon and that's what they did by playing a small portion of one of the tapes on T.V., on the one they played Michael Rappaport was laughing about how a beaten and out of it Alex was begging for her husband to help her. On the tape he then bragged about how he had told her that when he was done her husband wouldn't recognize her but that didn't really matter because after he got tired of using her he was going to beat her to death. That he would then throw her body away in the garbage.

Chapter Eleven

Several days later Walker brought Alex home from the hospital. After carefully seating her on the couch he went and got the children for his wife. In her joy at seeing her mother Angela jumped on Alex's lap causing her to wince. Hurriedly picking his daughter up Walker said "Angela, Mommy has a boo-boo and she can't hold you right now." When Angela looked like she wanted to cry Alex told her daughter "here honey you can sit on Mommy's knee, okay?" Angela sat on her mother's knee and then kissed Alex on the cheek and said to her father "there Daddy I kissed Mommy's boo-boo bye-bye." Angela got down to play and Walker carefully handed Ray to Alex. After kissing her son Alex asked Walker "what have you been feeding him? I think that he's gained a pound or two."

            Sitting down beside Alex, Walker answered "that was your father Alex, not me." Gordon said "gee Walker, thanks for telling on me." Then getting serious he said "what with everything that's happened I don't know if anyone told you that the police review board ruled that Walker didn't use his position as a Texas Ranger to coerce a confession, the matter is now closed. Also the Rappaports have dropped their wrongful arrest lawsuit and are leaving town and taking their son with them."

Stunned Alex said to her father "I knew about the review board, Trivette told me but how did you get them to drop their legal action and leave town?"

"An old friend of yours Trent Malloy got him on more than one video tape bragging about what he had done. Trent said that when he heard what had happened he returned to town and befriended him with the purpose of exposing him. Trent returned to Atlanta yesterday and sends you his best wishes." Gordon explained and Walker said to him "I want to see those tapes."

"I don't think that's such a good idea but it's your choice to make. I will warn you Walker that they are very unsettling." Gordon replied as Alex got up and hugged him saying "thank you Dad for everything that you've done for us."

Returning the hug Gordon answered "I just wish that I had been able to talk some sense into that Merilee character before you lost the babies."

In a firm voice Walker stated "that is my mess to clean up and I will. Again Gordon thank you for helping us out." Gordon stood up and said "it was the least that I could do for my only daughter. Now I'd better be going, I have an early plane to catch in the morning." Then he left.

After the children were sleeping Alex asked Walker "what are you planning on doing about Merilee?"

"I plan to tell her for once and for all that you are my wife and that will never change. That I want you and only you for the rest of my life." Walker answered as he led Alex to the stairs. Fighting back a yawn Alex said "don't be surprised if Merilee doesn't believe you. She thinks that if she gets rids of me you'll take her back."

"There's no chance of that happening ever." Walker said.

"Walker I'm really tired can we talk about what Dr. Bates told me tomorrow after you get home from work?" Alex asked him and he said "Sure honey"

After putting Alex in bed Walker checked on the children and returned to his bedroom where he found Alex crying. Pulling her to him Walker said "It'll be okay Alex."

"Oh Walker, I could see them, A cute little boy who looked just like Ray and you. And...."  Alex said and Walker finished her sentence by saying as several tears rolled down his face" And a little girl as pretty as Angela and you."  Walker held Alex until she fell asleep.

Chapter Twelve

The next evening due to a breaking case Walker got home much later than he expected to, so they didn't have their talk about what Dr. Bates had said to Alex. After going upstairs and checking on his family Walker went back downstairs and put the tapes in of Michael Rappaport bragging about what he had done to the women, Alex in particular. Walker very quickly regretting watching them because he realized just how close Alex had come to being killed by that animal when he was off helping Merilee. On the tapes Rappaport went into great detail about what he had done to Alex and the way he had planned on beating her to death and then throwing her body in the trash. Walker was sickened by what he watched so when he was done with the tapes he put the tape of their wedding in and watched it before retiring.

As Walker entered his bedroom Alex asked him "did you watch those tapes?"

"Yes and I wished that I hadn't, your father was right about them. Alex, it was bad enough when I knew that you had been hurt but to find out just how close I came to losing you. God Alex, if Sydney and Gage hadn't arrested him when they did he would have beaten you to death. I wouldn't have been able to do a thing about it either because I was off helping her instead of being home with you. Alex, the hell that you went through when I let you down by not being there for you. How were you able to survive it?"  Walker said to his wife who answered "Walker, I survived because I knew that you loved me. What happened was something that you could not have prevented and you didn't let me down. Honey, I'm here, I'm okay and I just want to think about the good things in my life, you and the children."

            Running his hand up and down her back he said "then I put in the tape of our wedding." Alex smiled and said "that was one of the best days of my life."

Walker questioned her "one of the best days?  It wasn't the best?"

"Yes one of the best days, the other two were when our children were born." Alex answered and then drifted off to sleep.

The next day Walker attempted to get a hold of Merilee but was told that she had left town. About three in the afternoon Alex insisted that Caroline return to the Hope Center, that she would be okay with the children. After Caroline left Alex put Ray down for a nap and sat in the living room watching Angela play with her dolls.

The door opened and Merilee walked right in and sitting down on the couch said to Alex "well, I see that you didn't die, what a pity. It would have made things a lot easier for everybody involved."  Keeping a careful eye on her daughter Alex asked "what do you mean by that?"

"I mean that it's just a matter of time until my Walker comes to his senses and returns to me. If you had died he wouldn't have to go to the trouble of divorcing you and he will because he loves me." Marilee stated.

Starting to get mad but knowing that she had to stay calm Alex replied "Walker will never divorce me, I'm the one that he married."

"That's only because you were available after Dalton dumped you and Walker felt sorry for you. If I hadn't left town Walker would have married me, after all he saved me from my ex-husband. Walker loves me more than he will ever care for you." Merilee boasted to Alex who answered "for your information, I dumped Dalton because it was Walker that I loved, not Dalton. Walker has never pitied me and he never will, as for him saving you from your ex-husband there are plenty of women who can say that Walker saved them myself included. In case you hadn't noticed it happens to be his job. As for my husband loving you more than me I know how much he cares for me."

Just then Walker entered the house and said to his daughter "Honey please take your dollies upstairs." After she left Walker addressed Merilee "I've been listening to what you've been saying and it's true that I did save you from your ex-husband but like Alex said there are other women who can say the same thing about me saving them herself included. It is my job to protect people. It's also true that I had feelings for you in the past."

"See I told you that he still loves me and wants me, not you." Merilee said as she went to kiss him. Walker instead went and sat down besides Alex, picked her hand up and told Merilee "I cared for you once but Alex is my wife and that will never change."

"But why darling? Just because she was available after being dumped by Dalton?" Merilee questioned. "Her being available as you put it has nothing to do with it. I married Alex because she has always been there for me and more importantly it's because I love Alex more than I have ever loved anyone else in my life you included. Merilee if you understand nothing else you had better understand that." Walker said and then pointing to the door told her "leave my house and don't come back because if you ever cause my wife anymore pain you will regret it." A stunned Merilee left as she realized that Walker wouldn't leave Alex for her. After making sure that Merilee Summers was gone Walker cooked dinner.

When they were getting ready for bed Walker asked "Alex what did Dr. Bates say that you wanted to talk with me about?" Sighing she answered "about not having anymore babies. Dr. Bates said that it's too risky right now and that I might not be able to have anymore in the future."

"I agree about the risk." Walker answered and Alex questioned him "but don't you want more?  I do."

"Not if it means risking your life. Alex if we decided that we want more children we can always adopt them if we can't have them ourselves. Now you get some sleep." Giving her husband a mock salute Alex said "okay boss." Then got into bed.

Chapter Thirteen

It was now two months later and Alex was having her follow up examination from Dr. Bates. When it was done Dr. Bates said to Alex "well Mrs. Walker I have to give you a clean bill of health. Now I've also been rethinking what I told you about no more babies, I think that in the future you may be able to have more because there was less damage from the miscarriage than I thought there would be. However I do think that you need to wait at least one year, preferably two years before you consider another pregnancy. Give your body some time to heal from you've been through in the last several years. But for now I'll subscribe birth control pills and before you ask, you may resume relations with your husband." Alex said "thanks Dr. Bates."

Returning to her job at the D.A.'s office [where she had been welcomed back with a profuse apology by Moody himself and had quickly been given high profile cases to handle again.]  Alex picked up her phone and called her husband "Walker it's me. Dr. Bates says that I'm okay. See you later at home."

That evening Walker took his family to the bluff where Lucas was buried. Taking Alex by the hand he led her to a covered sign and uncovering it Walker said " I hope that you don't mind but I just had to name the babies that we lost." The sign read 'Elizabeth Alexandra Firewalker & Gordon Cordell Firewalker: Two little souls who returned to heaven-2005-'

"Oh Walker it is so beautiful, thank you. When Angela and Ray are older we have to bring them back here and tell them about Lucas and these two." Alex said to Walker with tears in her eyes. Pulling his wife close he answered "we will honey."

When they were getting ready for bed Walker asked Alex about something that had been on his mind for awhile "Alex, how come you never told me that you dumped Dalton?  I always thought that he broke it off."

            "I didn't tell you because I was afraid that if I told you that I dumped Dalton because I loved you, you would walk away from me. Walker you have to understand, I loved you for years, almost from the first moment that I met you. We went through so many up and downs that I wasn't sure if you really wanted me the way that I wanted you. I couldn't bear to lose you. I wanted you in my life any way that you wanted to be in it. Be it as a friend or as a lover." Alex honestly answered her husband who replied "Oh."  Then changing the subject he asked "Alex did Dr. Bates say anything about ...you know my being your husband?"

Smiling she answered "well Dr. Bates said that I could play with the cowboy whenever I wanted to. You know that is if I want to."  Teasing right back Walker said as he pulled Alex into his arms "well then, we can play cowboy all night long. I stocked up on condoms."

"We don't need them, Dr. Bates gave me a prescription for birth control pills, besides you know that I don't like them." Alex replied and then teasingly added "Dr. Bates said that I could play with the cowboy, she didn't say anything about you playing cowboy."

Removing his wife's clothes Walker said "that's because I'm your one and only cowboy." Removing her husband's shirt Alex said "you've got that right darling." Then looking into Walker's eyes she added "I'm so glad that you're my best friend not to mention being my lover."

Pulling back a little to run his eyes over Alex's body Walker said "not to mention the best part, that we're husband and wife and that will never chance. I love you lady."

"Cordell, stop talking and start proving." Alex told her husband who did exactly that.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger; other entities do and neither I or this story is meant to infringe on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show.