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Walker was sitting at his desk do the paper work for a case he and Trivett just finished,

  But his mind kept drifting back to a certain blonde with beautiful blue eyes.    Walker had the biggest smile on his as he was thinking of Alex and wishing he had gone with her to D.C. instead of staying there … Walker didn’t notice Trivette smiling at him and shaking his head at the look his partner had on his face.   He didn’t even have to ask what was on Walker’s mind he already knew.

Alex was out of town for a week and the thought of Walker not seeing Alex for one week was not sitting well at all with Walker.

This was only the third day,  Four more to go until he could be with the lady that was on his mind and in his heart.

“Well dammit that’s it I’m taking the rest of the week off Walker said to himself”.    And as he rose from his chair Trivette yelled out, “  Tell Alex hello for me,  What?  Tell Alex hello!  What are you a mind reader now?  Walker I can see what’s on your mind or could I say who.  And I know where you’re going., You’re going to D.C. to see Alex.”

Walker just shook his head in amazement as he walked out of the room   “ see you in 4 days partner.

Alex was finished with her case of the day.  She had Walker on her mind all day and thought how nice it would be if she was going home to Walker.    It was early only 12:00  she had the rest of the day to herself,   So she did some shopping and found this sexy new dress she thought Walker would just love on her.  It was getting late and she hadn’t eaten yet so she thought I will order room service tonight…

As she came in the door she couldn’t believe her eye’s..   Lights were off and  the room was lighted up with candle light.   The table was set up formal very formal.  A vase with one dozen red roses.

But she couldn’t see anyone around.   What is this she thought out loud,  this can’t be Walker it’s not his style but who and there was no one else, she had the biggest smile on her face at the thought of Walker being there..

“Walker?   Walker! Is that you?  And out from the bedroom dressed in a black tux comes the love of her life.”     Alex just stood there with her mouth wide open unable to fine the words..

“Walker you look sooo----  Oh Walker what are you doing here? 

 And what is all of this?”

He walked over to Alex and give her a big passionate kiss! “ I missed you so much 3 days was too long there was no way I could make it for 4 more days.

So here I am,  I thought you might be hungry so I thought I would surprise you with dinner.

Well you sure did that!  What a nice surprise it is. Thanks cowboy.   Walker gave Alex a kiss unlike any other she had ever gotten before.  “Walker you don’t know how much I missed you!

Oh yes I do!!  Walker said with a big smile on his face. He put his arms around her and they stood they for along time just hugging each other and of course the kisses.

Walker had every thing all set to go when Alex came in. Oh Walker let me just change first ok?  Ok but hurry dinner will get cold.  Alex went into the bedroom to put on the dress she had just bought the one she new would knock his socks off…


She came out a few minutes later with a black strapless dress just above her knees and shoes to match.   Cut REAL low in the front.   Alex went into the bedroom and put on this black strapless dress no back and cut low in the front it just hugged every curve of her body.. “If this don’t get his attention nothing will she thought to her self as she came out of the bedroom.


    Walker was taking a drink when Alex came into the room.

   Walker took one look at a Alex and began to choke on his drink.  “Walker are you all right she said laughing at the response she had gotten from Walker.  It was better then she could have hoped for…   Walker took one look at Alex and tripped over the chair that was behind him.  And Alex couldn’t help but laugh.    “What’s wrong Walker?  Are you all right?  Alex you look…. Yes? You are stunning!!  Well thank you I can say the same for you.

   Dinner is served  my love.  You have a waiter too?   Well of course nothing good for the woman I love.    Well I guess I should go away more often.”    Oh no you don’t Walker said as he leaned over and gave Alex a big kiss.

   “Walker that was the best meal I think I have every had,   Thank you!  You’re welcome Alex.

    Walker took Alex into his arms,  Alone at last!    Come here… You are so beautiful and that dress

it is.    Before Walker could say another word Alex planted a kiss on Walker’s lips and that’s all it

took,    He kissed Alex so tenderly and lovingly.

  “I need you Alex.   I want you so bad words could  not express,  Walker picked Alex up in his

arms and carries her into the bedroom,  He put her down by the bed and gently slipped of her

dress and let it fall to the floor as they kissed like they had never kissed before.

    Walker gently massaging her back and buttock.      Then he kissed her breasts.  Alex slowly

undressed Walker,  Walker make love to me NOW I need you NOW!!!

     Walker  put Alex into the bad and as her entered her she moaned softly as did Walker.

After they had finished they lay there together in each others arms,  Alex was thinking to herself it

just don’t get any better than this!!    And then Walker tells Alex. Lady it can’t possibly get any better than this!!  Alex give Walker a look and smiled,  “What?  Why are you looking at me like that?”

You’re a mind reader too!!    Walker and Alex spent the next two day together in the room only

going out to eat and back to their room……  


the end


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