By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex opened the letter from the presiding judge for the Tarrant County court system to find a summons for jury duty. Turning to Walker who was home that day Alex showed him the summons and then asked "Can you help Betty with the children that day or should I arrange for Caroline to come out here that day to help Betty?"

"I should be able to take that day off. You won't have to serve on a jury will you?" Walker questioned his wife who answered "Hopefully since I have five young children the judge will consider that reason enough to exempt me from jury duty."

"They can't really expect you to serve on a jury, can they?  I mean who would they expect to take care of the children while you're on the jury?" Walker asked.

"Actually they can but most judges wouldn't expect a mother of five children to serve on the jury because it would be too much of a hardship on the family. Although there are judges who would expect me to serve on a jury no matter what and those judges feel that the children's father can take care of them and that would be you dear." Alex told Walker.

Alex was in the prospective juror’s room explaining to the person in charge why she should be exempt from serving on a jury at this time "I think that serving on a jury at this time would be too much of a hardship on my family. I have five young children at home, the oldest in kindergarten and I have a two year and a set of infant triplets."

"Are you married to the father or one of the fathers?" The official asked Alex who replied "Yes, I am married to the father of all of my children."

He questioned Alex further "Do you have any help with the children now?"

"Yes, we have a nanny." Alex told the official who then told her "Request for exemption denied. Report to Judge Sweeney's courtroom immediately." Alex then went to Judge Sweeney's courtroom where she tried again to get out of jury duty by telling Sweeney's law clerk that she really couldn't serve on a jury at that time because of her young children at home. Alex's request was again denied and to make matter worse defense attorney Joseph Watson who Alex had bested a few times in the courtroom picked her for the jury. Phil Holland who was the prosecutor in the trial objected saying that due to Alex's close ties to the D.A.'s office she shouldn't be seated on the jury because it could possibly give the defendant were he to be convicted grounds for an appeal. Sweeney overruled Phil's objection and then told Alex and the other jurors that they were going to be sequestered for the duration of the trial. He then told them to go home and make whatever arrangements that they needed to and to report back to his courtroom at nine in the morning. That it was likely that the trial would last several weeks if not several months.

Upset Alex went home unsure of how to tell her family that she might not be seeing them for several weeks if not a month or more. That there was now a good possibility that she might miss the triplets' naming ceremony.

Chapter Two

When Alex got home Walker met her in the driveway and without giving her a chance to get out of the van questioned her "You did get out of jury duty, didn't you Alex?"

Getting out of her van Alex replied "No, I didn't." Walker then asked his wife "Why not? Did you even try to get out of it? Who do you expect to take care of our children? And what about the naming ceremony?"

"Walker, we can talk this later. Right now I want to see my babies." Alex told him as she headed into the house. Alex went up to the nursery and Walker followed her there where he again questioned his wife "Well can you at least tell me how long your trial that you didn't get out of is going to last?"

"That is something that we need to talk about, I have some bad news for you. Judge Sweeney not only denied my request to get out of jury duty he allowed Joseph Watson the defense attorney to seat me for the jury. Phil Holland objected to my being seated by Sweeney overruled him." Alex said to her husband.

Walker asked "Joseph Watson, why does that name sound familiar?"

"Because between the two of us we've put a lot of his clients behind bars." Alex explained. Walker then questioned "If that's the case why did Watson pick you for the jury? Given the past history between us I would think that you were the last person he wanted on the jury."

"He was probably setting up grounds for an appeal in case his client is convicted. My being on the jury could possibly give him an automatic appeal." Alex said and Walker asked "Then why would Judge Sweeney allow you on the jury?"

"That I don't understand at all. Walker Judge Sweeney has agreed to the sequestering of the jury for the duration of the trial. I along with the rest of the jurors have to be in Sweeney's courtroom tomorrow morning at nine. The trial may last anywhere from several weeks to several months. I won't be able to see you or our children during that time. We have to tell them tonight that they won't be seeing their Mommy for awhile." Alex told her husband.

"Alex tomorrow morning you have to get Judge Sweeney to excuse you. You should have tried harder today. Someone has to watch them while I'm at work." Walker objected. By now upset Alex said "I tried to get out of it and I don't appreciate you implying otherwise. Do you really think that I want to miss the naming ceremony for the triplets? I don't want to do this but I have no choice in the matter. As for our children, I'll see if Caroline can come out here during the day to help out Betty but at night you'll have to do it. Walker do you really think that I want to be away from my family for that long?"

Walker replied "I think that you miss being in a courtroom and this is your chance to get back in one."

"I gave that up for my family. What did you give up for your family? You can come and go as you please; I always have to consider the children first. So it's about time that you learn what it's like to have to consider them before you worry about anything else." Alex told her husband and then went and packed some things.

After that Alex made arrangements for Caroline to come out to the ranch during the day to help Betty with the children. At dinner Alex told Angela and Ray that she was going to be away for awhile because she was going to be on a jury. Then after that Alex went to the nursery and explained it to Betty who assured her "Don't worry between Caroline and me the children will be fine. Walker will be here at night, right?"

"Yes he will." Alex replied as Walker entered the nursery. Betty then left as Alex said to Walker "Caroline will be coming out here during the day to help Betty with our children."

"Let's not talk about this right now. How about we call it a night?" Walker asked Alex who said "No we need to talk about this right now. I need to know that my children will have their father looking for them when I can't be here."

Walker grabbed her hand and tried to lead Alex to the bedroom as he said "Alex, we'll talk tomorrow. Come on let's go to bed now." Stopping him Alex removed her hand and asked her husband "Is that all you're worried about? Us having sex? What about the fact that I won't be able to see my family for awhile? That I'll miss my babies' naming ceremony?"

"It's not my fault you didn't get out of jury duty like you were supposed to." Walker replied upsetting Alex who told him "It's not my fault either but you seem to think that it is so you'd better forget about us going to bed early. As a matter of fact you can forget about having sex too because you'll be sleeping by yourself. I'll be sleeping on the couch." Alex then headed downstairs to the living room.

Chapter Three

Alex went to the living room turned on the T.V. and channel surfed hoping to take her mind off the fight she had just had with her husband. After awhile Alex gave up on watching T.V. and headed upstairs to talk to Walker about things. Halfway up the steps she ran into her husband who asked her "Alex, are you okay?"

"No, I'm not okay. Walker I'm sorry that I snapped at you." Alex replied. Walker then said "I'm sorry too. I was just coming down here to tell you that. How about we have that talk you wanted to have?"

"Okay right after I check on the triplets. I'll meet you in our room." Alex answered Walker who took her hand and said "I'll help you." They went into the nursery and checked on the triplets who were sleeping. After that the Walkers went into their bedroom where Alex said to her husband "Walker, I tried as hard as I could to get out of jury duty."

"I know that you did and I shouldn't have accused you of not trying to get out of jury duty and wanting to return to the courtroom." Walker answered his wife.

"Honey I don't think that you understand just how much it bothers me that I'll be forced to be away from my family." Alex said to Walker who questioned "What do you mean by that Alex?"

"That time when I was shot and you 'killed' me to protect me and I was forced to hide out at the reservation, it was the worst time of my life. Not being able to be with my children and not being able to be with my husband. It was horrible because I was so lonely without my family. I was also miserable because I constantly worried about Angela, Ray and you. What were you doing? Was everyone okay? After that was over I vowed never to be forced away from my family like that again and now I have to be. I don't think that I'll be able to stand it; I just need you and the children so much. You, Angela and Ray are my life please don't ever doubt that." Alex explained to Walker.

Walker answered "I know honey. I know how hard that was on you. I had the children with me but you had to be by yourself. I know how much you missed us then because we missed you just as much. I also made a vow during that time to do whatever it took so we wouldn't have to be apart like that again. I didn't mean to take my frustration out on you for not being able to keep my family together. Alex, look we will get through this. I promise you that I'll watch after the children while you're away on jury duty. I also promise you that when you get back from jury duty I'll give you a welcome home that you won't ever forget. I'll also see if White Eagle will allow someone to record the naming ceremony so that you can see it after you get back."

Throwing her arms around Walker's neck Alex said "I love you Cordell. How about we get into bed right now?" Walker teased Alex "I thought that you weren't interested in having sex tonight?"

"I'm not interested in having sex but I am interested in making love. What about you, are you interested in making love with me?" Alex teased back.

Walker didn't bothering using words to answer instead he showed Alex just how much he was interested in making love with her. When they were done Alex snuggled close and told him "Sydney is going to drive me to the courthouse in the morning so that the van will be here in case you need to take the children anywhere. I left you a list of all the phone numbers that you might need on the fridge including our favorite pizza place."

"Okay." Walker answered as he kissed his wife on her head and held her in his arms until they both fell asleep.

Chapter Four

The next morning when Walker entered Ranger headquarters Ranger Leeds who had transferred to Houston office was there so Walker asked him "Ranger Leeds, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here because Captain Belcher, who's in charge of the Houston office, has assigned me at Judge Sweeney's request to oversee the sequestering of the jury for him." Leeds answered leaving Walker puzzled so he questioned Leeds "Why the Houston office? It doesn't make any sense to have you come here to oversee a sequestered jury in Dallas."

"I was told that Judge Sweeney is moving the trial to Houston at the request of defense attorney Watson this morning. Captain Belcher assigned me because I used to work out of this office and he decided that I should know the best route to take to get to Houston. Now if you'll excuse me Captain Walker I have a jury to take to Houston." Leeds answered and then left Ranger headquarters.

When Sydney came in she noticed the look of concern on Walker's face and told him "Captain Walker, your wife will be home before you know it."

"That's not what I'm worried about. Judge Sweeney decided to relocate the trial to Houston without letting anyone know ahead of time. Alex was not expecting to go to Houston to serve on that jury. Ranger Cooke, since you're on desk duty until your doctor says otherwise I want you to check into Judge Sweeney and defense attorney Joseph Watson for me. Alex never should have been picked for that jury because between the two of us a lot of his clients ended up in prison. It makes no sense for Sweeney to allow Watson to seat Alex on the jury." Walker told Sydney.

"I know, Alex explained to me on the drive in why she shouldn't have been chosen for the jury because if the defendant is convicted her being on the jury was probably grounds for an appeal and any judge knows better than that. Walker when Alex told me that I asked her if she could demand to get out of it but she told me that she had no choice in the matter because if she refused jury duty Sweeney could make an example out of her and toss her in jail. Alex acted like she was really scared of being jailed." Sydney said.

"Alex had a rough time of it when our former D.A. Clark had her jailed for a murder that she didn't commit, Tony Seville's murder. She was beaten by other inmates because Clark saw to it that Alex was in the general population and not in isolation like she should have been." Walker explained to Sydney as Trivette entered Ranger headquarters and not knowing the seriousness of things teased Walker "Hey Captain Walker, I hear that you're Mr. Mom for awhile."

Walker growled "Trivette." Trivette answered "Just kidding Walker, lighten up. Since Sydney has desk duty, how about having Gage take over Cooper's training?"

"Okay, we'll handle the other field work since we're shorthanded and will be for awhile. Rangers Gage and Cooper follow up on the Demerest case. Trivette and I will follow up on the Jackson case. Ranger Cooke hold down the fort." Walker said and they went about their business.

In Gage's car Cooper asked him "Ranger Gage, can I ask you something?" Gage answered "Just call me Gage like everyone else. What's the question?"

"Well you know that I held Captain Walker's wife hostage for awhile in Sage. Why doesn't he hold that against me? I mean if it were someone that I loved that was held hostage by him I would hold it against him." Cooper said.

"That's simple; Walker didn't consider you a threat to harm Alex." Gage told Cooper who pointed out "But I held her at gunpoint."

"Yes and if Walker had considered you a threat to harm his wife he would have taken you out before you knew what hit you. Trust me on this one, Walker protects what's his. You're just lucky that Alex didn't take a bullet that day from those crooked cops because if she had Walker would have taken no prisoners that day. Understand this about Walker; he's deadly if he has to be. He will kill to protect his family." Gage answered Cooper and then changing the subject said "About the Demerest case here's how we're going to play it."

Meanwhile in Walker's truck Trivette questioned "Walker, I just don't understand. Given Alex's ties to the D.A.'s office, why was she picked for that jury? Shouldn't the judge have disqualified her?"

"It's worst than that, the defense attorney is Joseph Watson whose clients both Alex and I have gotten sent to jail. Alex said that Phil Holland who is prosecuting objected to her being seated. Then Sweeney transferring the trial to Houston this morning without notifying anyone at Watson's request really concerns me. I don't like it Trivette with everything being switched to Houston I can't keep tabs on security like I could have if the trial were in town like it should be." Walker replied.

Attempting to lighten the mood Trivette said "All I know Mr. Mom is that if you don't scrub behind the kid's ears your wife will have your head on a platter when she returns."

"Yeah, I know and if I mess up her kitchen I'm a dead man." Walker answered his friend.

Chapter Five

When Walker and Trivette returned to Ranger headquarters Ranger Leeds was there with another man and Leeds introduced them "Captain Belcher, this is Captain Walker." After they shook hands Walker asked "What brings you back here Leeds? Did something go wrong with the jury?"

Belcher answered "There was a problem with taking the jury to Houston this morning. We're here strictly out of courtesy to inform you what happened because the jury's from here. I will be handling this situation myself without your help or your interference."

Growing concerned Walker questioned "What situation? What happened this morning Leeds?" Belcher then suggested "Captain Walker, perhaps we ought to go into your office?"

Walker told him "Say what you have to say right now, you're wasting time."

"As Ranger Leeds was taking the jury to Houston this morning the van was forced off of the road and one of the jurors was taken away. The rest of the jury was unharmed and Leeds took them on to Houston per my instructions." Belcher explained. Before Walker could ask Trivette did "Which juror?"

"Juror number nine, a blue-eyed blonde babe from what I hear. Like I already told you Walker I will be in charge of the investigation. I'm only here because D.A. Moody insisted that we inform your office because the jury was from here. Now good day." Belcher said and started to leave when Moody entered and said to Walker

"Captain Walker, I'm sorry about Alex. If there is anything that my office can do to help please let me know."

"D.A. Moody, I've already told him that I have everything under control. Let's go Leeds." Belcher said and again started to leave when Walker grabbed his arm and questioned "Is Juror number nine Alex Cahill-Walker?"

"Yes but don't worry, I'll take care of it." Belcher dismissively replied and Walker told him "She's my wife and I'll take care of it. Now do you have any leads?" Belcher didn't answer and Trivette said "I suggest that you start cooperating with out office right now." Belcher didn't even bothering answering Trivette instead he just left Ranger headquarters.

Walker went to follow Belcher but Moody grabbed Walker's arm and told him "I'll tell you everything that my office knows, there are very leads. The van was forced off the road by two other vans and the man in charge looked over all of the jurors before he singled in on your wife. Alex was then dragged away with a tomahawk held to her throat and Leeds was told to get the jurors back in the van and go on his way, which he did after Belcher told him to. After they got to Houston Phil Holland noticed that Alex was missing told Sweeney who declared a mistrial and informed my office that juror number nine was missing. Belcher never bothered to contact my office and I only learned that it was Alex when Phil called me himself to tell me. As a matter of fact Captain Belcher told Leeds not to contact your office because he, Belcher would handle things. I've called in the F.B.I. and I also called the governor and they put enough pressure on Belcher that he turned over a copy of the note that was left with Leeds. I've have a copy of it here for you." Moody explained as he handed Walker the copy of the note and then left.

Opening it Walker read it aloud: "We have chosen a blue-eyed blonde to undergo a test of character. She will be placed where our people have faced the tests of nature. It is up to her to prove that she is worthy of breathing by making her way back to her people. If she fails you may find her bones after she has returned to the earth."

Getting sick Trivette exclaimed "Walker do you think Alex was taken to the badlands and left there?" The stricken look on Walker's face was all the answer that Trivette needed. Trivette called over Gage and Cooper explained to them what had happened and told them to start with Judge Sweeney and defense attorney Joseph Watson. Trivette told them they were to find out if they could whether or not Native-Americans had did this or someone pretending to be had done it. Gage, knowing that Sydney was already investigating them for Walker took Cooper over to Sydney's desk to get all the information that she had already gathered on Sweeney and Watson. Trivette then took a shaken Walker by the arm and led him to his private office where Walker sat down behind his desk.

Looking at Trivette Walker asked him "Do you have any idea how much territory we have to cover before she dies of exposure?"

"We will Walker; we'll get whoever we need to join the search to find Alex in time. Listen Walker, your children are expecting you home soon and you have to pull yourself together before you go home. They need you. Let me handle things here, okay?" Trivette said to Walker took a few minutes to settle himself and then he got up. Heading for the door Walker told Trivette "I'll get in touch with Sam, he might be able to help by narrowing the area down where we have to look. I'll call you later."

Chapter Six

When Walker got home he took the nanny aside and explained what was going on to her. Betty asked "Do you want me to see if Caroline can come out here tonight to help with the children?"

"No, I don't want Angela or Ray to know that their mother is missing. For now we'll just act like she's away on jury duty, I don't want them needlessly upset. I have to make a phone call; can you keep an eye on them until I'm done?" Walker said to Betty who agreed and Walker went into his den to make the call to his old friend Sam Coyote "Sam, I need your help, Alex was taken out of a van this morning with a tomahawk held to her throat. The people who did this left a note stating that she was chosen because she was a blue-eyed blonde. Alex was taken to where our people faced the tests of nature to see if she was worthy of breathing by making her way back to her people. That if she failed we might find her bones after she returned to the earth. Trivette and the others are investigating to see if Native-Americans did this or people pretending to be Native-American did this. What I need from you Sam is any idea of where these people could mean in case they are Native-American and took her out to the badlands and left her there. I need to narrow the area down because I can't waste time searching where she isn't."

"Washo we will do whatever we have to do to help you but our braves have faced the tests of nature in such a wide area it would be hard to narrow it down. If these are members of another reservation doing this we have no way of knowing where they faced their tests. Walker, you know no one from our reservation would do this to your mate. Also in our culture it is the braves who do this, not the women." Sam replied.

"I know that Sam but I need to find my wife before she dies of exposure. Please Sam; is there anything that you can think of to help me?" Walker pleaded.

"I have an idea. Washo you said that Alex was taken because she's a blue-eyed blonde, right?  Now what if these people are made to realize that they have in fact taken a member of our tribe? If they really are Native-American maybe we can shame them into revealing where they left her." Sam said to Walker who asked "What do you mean?"

"Simple, we fight fire with fire. My plan is to condemn the kidnappers as sellouts and phony’s who kidnapped a standing member of a Native-American tribe to protest white people. A woman by the way who gave birth to a child that looks like a full-blooded Cherokee. This should make these people realize that they have offended the spirit of their ancestors by their actions and that the only way to make amends would be to tell us where they left Alex. Now in order for my plan to work you will have to appeal to them as a Native-American and we have to show the public what baby Sam looks like. We'll need to do a T.V. interview. Do you know of anyone who could set that up quickly?" Sam told him.

"Alex's friend Shelley, I'll call her up and set it up. After I do that I'll call you back." Walker answered Sam who told him "I want to appear alongside you and I know that White Eagle will want to be there also. We'll drive down tonight; hang in there by tomorrow morning we'll be on our way to finding Alex and returning her to her family."

Walker protested "I need to start looking for my wife tonight not tomorrow." Sam replied "You yourself said that you need a starting place so that you don't waste valuable looking where she isn't. Washo you have taught Alex enough to survive the night. I promise you that I will see to it that your wife is returned safely to you. You have my word."

"Okay but I don't like sitting around doing nothing when Alex is out there. I'll see you in the morning Sam." Walker said and hung up the phone. Walker then called Shelley and after explaining things to her Shelley quickly agreed to do the interview. When he went into the living room Betty said to him "Walker, I hope you don't mind but my daughter Bobbie wants to stay here for a few days, her Captain thought that it would be a good idea."

"Okay, we have a T.V. crew coming out here tomorrow morning to interview me along with White Eagle and Sam Coyote." Walker told the nanny thankful that her daughter Bobbie who was a Texas Ranger would be at his house. Angela questioned her father "Why are they interviewing you Sam and White Eagle?"

"It's about me being a Native-American honey. Mommy's friend Shelley is going to do it and they are going to take pictures of all you children and put them on T.V. We'll tell them about our Cherokee heritage, along with Sam Coyote and White Eagle." Walker answered his daughter.

Chapter Seven

Bright and early the next morning Trivette and Gage arrived at the ranch. They were greeted by Betty's daughter Bobbie Hunt who told them that Walker was in the barn with Sam Coyote and White Eagle. They went there and Trivette said "Walker, Watson has been working with a radical group known as the Raven's Claw. You'll never guess who their leader is." Walker replied "Please don't tell me that it's Sheila Raven's father?"

Trivette answered "None other. Sydney found out that Watson has been meeting here in town with the elder Raven recently. As for Judge Sweeney, the rumor has it that he has really big gambling debt to some bookies. Our theory is that's why he allowed Watson to seat Alex on that jury because he was blackmailed into it by Watson."

"I'm going out to the 'Horse's head' right now and get my wife back. When I'm done doing that I will personally take care of Watson and Sweeney myself."  Walker vowed but Trivette said to him "Hold on a minute Walker, he wouldn't be foolish enough to take Alex to where his daughter took your son Sam when she kidnapped him. Also what if you go there looking for her and they come here and take Sam while you're gone? You know how devastated Alex was when that happened; she couldn't go through that again. Look I know how much you want to find Alex but before you go racing off you need to have a general idea where she is. Walker the badlands is too big of an area to cover without a starting point."

White Eagle spoke up "Trivette is right, you have to protect the children first. We must show him for the fraud that he is in order to find your wife." Walker objected "Alex doesn't have that kind of time."

             "Washo, listen to me. You have to go T.V. with Sam and I. His followers will realize that he is a false prophet and one of them will show us where they left Alex and then we can go and get her. If you go to the 'Horse's head' your youngest son will be taken and you will never see him again. Mark my words, the spirits have spoken." White Eagle told Walker who spit out "She's my wife and I have to find her, not sit around here doing nothing while she suffers."

"Walker you must listen to White Eagle. You know that Alex would want Sam protected first, no matter what the cost to her. Alex would give her life for the children as you would." Trivette said to Walker who after glaring at them for a minute walked away. When Sam went to follow him White Eagle stopped him. Several minutes later Walker returned and said "Gage and Trivette go to work, I have a T.V. interview to do then I'll be in."

As Trivette and Gage left the ranch Shelley pulled up to do the interview. As they were filming Angela and Ray they were very careful not to let them know that Alex was missing. After that Betty and her daughter Bobbie led the two of them to the barn while the interview turned to Alex's abduction. White Eagle as he was being interviewed stressed that Alex was a member of the tribe and that Walker was part Cherokee and had been raised on the reservation. White Eagle also talked about all the medical equipment that Alex had bought for the clinic there. Then baby Sam was brought out and Sam Coyote said as he held the infant. "This child is the namesake of both White Eagle and myself. He is also the grandson and grandnephew of John and Ray Firewalker, two full-blooded Cherokee. Little Sam is the spitting image of them. He is also the youngest child of Alex Cahill-Walker and Cordell Walker. They are known on the reservation as Seeing Doe and Washo. This child's white name is Samuel Eagle Walker and he along with the other two triplets will be receiving their tribal names. Just like their older siblings 'Spirit Sent' and 'Red Crow' did. They carry in their veins the blood of a very proud people, the Cherokee who do not resort to placing women who have recently given birth to triplets in the badlands. If you call yourself Cherokee you will repent your actions and make amends with the spirits of your ancestors by showing White Eagle and myself where you placed Seeing Doe. If you do not you will answer to your ancestors." The interview wrapped up and Sam went to Ranger headquarters with Walker but White Eagle stayed at the ranch because as he put it 'There was evil trying to get to baby Sam.'

The phones were ringing off the hooks when they got there with tips on where Alex had been left. After sorting through them they came up with one of the men who were there when Alex was abducted and he agreed to lead them to where they had left Alex. Walker demanded to go but White Eagle again told him that he had to stay at the ranch with the children because if he didn't Sam would be taken never to be found again. Torn Walker went home to the ranch while White Eagle, Sam and others went to find his wife. Walker did it because he knew that Alex would want the children protected no matter the costs to her and that White Eagle was most likely right about what he forewarned would happen if Walker left his children.

Early the next morning Sam appeared at the ranch and handed Walker the charm bracelet he had gotten Alex for Christmas. Sam told Walker that a little ways away from where Alex had been dropped off he found the charm bracelet. That there were signs of a cougar in the area and there was a bloody trail leading to a stream which had rapids in it further downstream. That if Alex had been attacked by a cougar and fallen into the stream that it was doubtful that she survived and that her body might never be found but Sam assured Walker that they would keep on looking for her. With no emotion whatsoever Walker took the bracelet thanked Sam and closed the door on him. Walker headed up to the nursery as Betty let Sam in the house where he went up to the nursery and asked Walker "Washo, what about the naming ceremony?"

"There won't be one, now if you don't mind I would like to be alone with my children." Walker answered Sam who left.

Chapter Eight

When Sam returned to the reservation he told White Eagle what Walker had said about the naming ceremony and White Eagle calmly told Sam that it would take place as scheduled and that Walker would be there. The night before the naming ceremony had been scheduled to take place Walker had a dream and in it Alex was holding a set of twins. Looking straight at him Alex asked "What are their tribal names?"

Walker awoke with a start and went into the nursery where the triplets were starting to fuss. Betty the nanny came in and helped Walker feed them and then changed their diapers. After the babies were settled back into their cribs Walker said to Betty "Tomorrow morning you'll need to help me put the children into the van so that we can go to the reservation."

"Okay, do you want me to go with you?" Betty asked but Walker shook his head no so she left the nursery. After looking at the now sleeping triplets for awhile Walker went and checked on Ray and Angela before returning to his room.

After the children were in the van Walker said "Ranger Hunt, can you call Ranger Trivette and have him call off the search for Alex?" Bobbie answered "Captain Walker, are you sure that's what you want to do?"

Walker said "Yes." Then after Walker looked around he said "Betty I don't know when I'll be back." Walker then got into the van and drove off. At the reservation Walker was unloading the van with Sam's help when White Eagle said "I see that you came for the naming ceremony."

"Last night I had a dream in which Alex wanted to know the twins' tribal names." Walker answered. Sam questioned him "Don't you mean the triplets' names?"

"No, she was holding the twins that we lost. She was so proud of our children's heritage and she would have wanted the triplets to receive their names like Spirit Sent and Red Crow did." Walker answered Sam as White Eagle just stood there with a calm look on his face.

Shelley came to the reservation and White Eagle asked her "You will be respectful of the ceremony and you will only film it as we agreed?" Shelley replied "Yes, I will only use this small camcorder to film it. Just tell me where to stand and I promise that you won't even know that I'm here."

"Very good, stand right over here and we'll get started in a little bit." White Eagle told Shelley as he placed her where he wanted her. During the ceremony White Eagle asked Walker "Do you Washo as the father to these children promise the people that you will raise them to respect the ways of the people?

Ignoring the muttering from the crowd because of a fast approaching horse Walker answered "I, Washo the father of these children promise the people that I will raise them to respect the ways of the people." The rider slid off of the horse and said "As Washo's mate Seeing Doe and the mother of these children I make the same vow."

White Eagle then held the infants up and named them starting with Michaela "This one is now known as Healer." Taking Cooper next White Eagle said "This one now carries the name Buffalo." Picking up his namesake White Eagle proudly stated "This one is now Soaring Eagle."

Recovering his powers of speech Walker grabbed Alex and questioned her "Is that you? Are you okay? What happened to you? Where the hell have you been?"

"Honey, I'm very cold and hungry. Can we please go inside before I answer your questions? I need to get some food inside of me and I really need to warm up, I'm freezing." Alex answered her husband as she smacked the horse on it's rump to send it on its way. Walker took her by the arm and started to lead her to his house when Alex said "Honey, the children."

Sam said "Alex, Sharona and I will watch them at our house for little while, while Washo recovers his brains enough to at least feed you and warm you up." Shelley said "I've seen it all now, a missing mother of five shows up for her children's naming ceremony by arriving bareback on a horse. Can I show that part, White Eagle?" After he nodded yes Shelley left.

Walker took Alex to their house where he pulled her into his arms and began to hungrily kiss her. Pulling away Alex pleaded "Walker please feed me, I'm starving. The warming up can wait until later, okay?" Walker answered as he sat her on the couch and all but wrapped her like a mummy in covers "Okay you sit here and I'll get you something to eat."

Chapter Nine

After Alex had eaten Walker sat on the couch besides her and began kissing her. Pushing him away Alex said "Please don't."

Walker questioned "I thought that you said you needed warming up?" Alex replied "With all of these covers on me I am warm. Honey in case you didn't notice I was riding a wild horse bare back. I'm a little sore right now but I should be okay tomorrow."

"Actually I didn't notice how you got here because I thought you were dead. When you showed up I was so relieved that I wasn't noticing much." Walker told his wife as he took her charm bracelet out of his pants pocket and handed it to her. Walker then told Alex "After one of the people who had kidnapped you came forward Sam and White Eagle were taken to where you had been dropped off in the badlands. A little ways away from there Sam found your charm bracelet and said that there were signs of a cougar in that area. He also found a blood trail leading to a stream that had rapids in it downstream. He said that if you had been attacked by the cougar and fallen into the stream that it was unlikely that you survived, that your body might never be found."

"That still doesn't explain to me why you thought I was dead. Didn't your heart know that I was still alive?" Alex asked Walker who answered "My heart wasn't feeling anything. Last night I had a dream in which you were holding our lost twins and asked me what their tribal names were. I took that to mean that you had died and were with them."

"Honey, I'm sorry. Walker last night I had the same dream but when it was over and I woke up I was determined to take part in the ceremony. Believe it or not that horse was standing there like he was waiting for me so I got on it and ended up here." Alex answered her husband who said "Thank God."

Alex then said "I know that Watson was a party to my kidnapping and when we get home I'm going to make him pay." Walker vowed "Me first Alex, me first."

Walker questioned her "What about the blood? Were you cut?" Alex pulled up her shirt sleeve to show him her arm and replied "Yes but a cougar didn't do it. The leader took me away from the others and tried to molest me but he stopped when I kneed him. He then ripped off my bracelet and put it in his pocket. He then cut my arm and told me that either the cougar would get me or the wolves would, that was if I didn't die of exposure first. Walker, I know that this might sound crazy but I swear that the leader reminded me of Sheila Raven who took Sam. He also said something about Raven's Claw; do you think that they are related?  As for the stream I wasn't near one. I managed to sew my arm up with that little sewing kit I take with me on trips for emergencies. Although I think that someone needs to look at it because it's starting to feel hot like it might be infected."

Walker answered "The leader of Raven's Claw is Sheila's father. Alex that was why I didn't come to look for you myself because White Eagle said that if I went to find you our son Sam would be taken and that we would never see him again. I stayed home with the children while you were lost in the badlands. I'm sorry Alex."

Realizing how torn her husband had been about having to stay with the children while other people were looking for her Alex said "Cordell Walker, you did the right thing. He did say something to me about being able to take our Sam, which at the time didn't make sense to me but now does. Honey we both believe that our children are protected first no matter what it may mean to us. You did exactly what I wanted you to do, keep our babies safe. We can both take care of ourselves but they can't. It's okay Walker."

"No, it’s not. I should have looked for you." Walker insisted. Alex answered her husband "If you had come looking for me we would have lost Sam. Walker, I'm here and I'll be okay and the children are all okay too. It happened the way that it was meant to."

Walker didn't answer instead he picked his wife up and carried her to the clinic with her telling him all the way to put her down that she could walk there. As Alex was being treated Walker called Trivette up and told him that Alex was at the reservation with him. Trivette refused to believe Walker so he put his wife on the phone and she told Trivette that she was okay and that they would be returning home Sunday. She would explain what happened then. That they would decide the best way to get Sweeney and Watson for her being kidnapped.

Chapter Ten

On the way back from the clinic Alex stopped Walker and said "Honey, can we get the children now? I need to be with them." Walker agreed and they went to Sam's house to get the children.

Alex told them "Sam and Sharona, thanks for watching the children for us." Sam questioned "Are you sure that you don't want us to watch them a little longer?"

"Yes we're sure. Alex wants them with us right now. Sam come over to my place later and we'll talk." Walker said as they left Sam's house. When they got to their house Angela asked her mother "Mommy, Daddy said that you were away on jury duty, won't you get in trouble by coming here?"

"No sweetheart, I won't get into trouble. I was taken off of jury duty so I came here to be a part of the ceremony for the babies." Alex answered her daughter who then questioned "Mommy, how come you were riding that horse without a saddle? I thought that you said that I had to use a saddle at all times?"

"You do honey but when I saw that horse standing there he didn't have a saddle on. I really wanted to be here so I jumped on him. Now were you children good for your father?" Alex replied.

Walker answered his wife "Yes they were Mommy and so was Daddy." A smiling Alex changed the subject.

Later on when Sam was visiting them Walker asked him "Is there anything that can be done to Raven for what he did to my wife?" Sam hesitated answering so Alex did "Not likely as long as he doesn't leave his reservation. He can't be arrested there by regular law enforcement, only the tribal police have that power on the reservations. Somehow I don't think that they will arrest him."

After a few minutes of silence Alex told them "Now as to what happened. After the van was forced off of the road I was taken away with a tomahawk held to my throat. When we got to the badlands the leader told the rest of the group that as soon as they left I would begin my test. After they drove away he took me aways and when we got there he felt me up. When I kneed him he yanked up the sleeve on my coat ripped off my charm bracelet and sliced my arm. He then said that when you came to look for me that he would then take my youngest son. I told him that you would stay with the children Walker. That it would be over my dead body that baby Sam would be taken again. He then got into a jeep that was there and drove away. Anyhow I had my sewing kit in my pocket so I sewed up my arm and let me tell you, it hurt a lot. I started walking following the sun and keeping as close to the vegetation as I could. I survived on grubs and I even managed to catch a rattlesnake, at night I was able to make fires. I kept on walking because I was hoping to run into a road and get help plus the walking helped me to stay warm. That last night I was so cold and tired, I almost gave up hope then I had that dream where I was with our lost twins. When I woke up in the morning that horse was there so I jumped on him and you know the rest. Walker I'm really tired, I'm going to bed. Sam I'll see you."

As Alex headed upstairs Sam said to Walker "You have one hell of a woman there my old friend." Walker said "I know." Sam then left and Walker went upstairs himself.

Chapter Eleven

When they returned home to the ranch Sydney and Trivette were there waiting for them. Sydney helped Betty get the children out of the van as Trivette questioned Walker "Where was Alex at? Where did she get that horse from?"

Walker answered "The badlands, it found her." Trivette then said "I have got to hear this story. Walker only your wife after being missing for several days would come out of the badlands riding a horse bare back. Are you sure that Alex isn't part Cherokee like you are?

"No Alex isn't part Cherokee as far as I know. Trivette Alex wrote up a report and e-mailed it to you. Don't you ever check your fancy computer for e-mail?" Walker replied. Grabbing his laptop from his car Trivette pulled up his e-mail and read Alex's report. When he was done Trivette said "So we arrest Watson and Sweeney and then we get the F.B.I. to arrest this Raven character. What are we waiting for?"

"According to Alex Raven can't be arrested as long as he's on his reservation. As for Watson and Sweeney I'll nail their hides to the wall myself." Walker answered right before Gage drove up with Cooper in the car. Getting out of the car Gage said to Walker "Bad news boss, Sweeney ate a gun and Watson is denying any involvement with Alex's kidnapping. His story is that he chose her for the jury because he wanted an automatic appeal that he never really expected Sweeney to go along with it. That he knew nothing about Raven's plans to kidnap Alex."

Before Walker could say anything Alex came out of the house and said to them "You guys stick around for awhile. I'm making dinner for all of you to thank you." Cooper said to Gage "Go ahead Gage, I'll find a way back."

Alex looked at Cooper and told him "Ranger Cooper, you're included too please stay." Cooper objected "But Ma'am, I held you hostage once."

Alex told him "Cooper, I was never scared that you would hurt me and believe me when I say this. If my husband thought that you were a threat to harm me he would have taken you out before you knew what hit you." Cooper answered "Are you sure Ma'am?"

"Cooper it's Alex not Ma'am, now come on in." Alex replied and turned to go into the house when a tomahawk came flying out of nowhere at her. Walker lunged, grabbed it and threw it back at the person who had thrown it at Alex. Trivette then walked over to where Raven was laying with the tomahawk in his chest and felt for a pulse, there was none. A stunned Cooper stood there as Gage quietly asked him "Cooper do you understand now why Walker doesn't hold what happened in Sage against you?"

Cooper just as quietly answered "Yes I understand now." They went into the house while Trivette called Dallas P.D. to report Raven's death. As they were eating in an attempt to lighten the mood Trivette teased "So Alex, what does it feel like to ride a horse without a saddle?"

"I wouldn't recommend it but I was in a hurry to get to the naming ceremony and the horse was there like he was supposed to be." Alex replied as she squirmed in her chair. Walker leaned over and whispered something into her ear which caused Alex to blush. Gage then asked Sydney "Hey Syd, how about you trying that someday?"  Sydney shot back “Sure the same day you ride Thunder."

After the children were all in bed for the night Alex and Walker were in their bedroom getting ready for bed when Alex said to him "I believe that you said something about making where I'm sore at feel better?"

"Well that depends, are you still sore?" Walker asked his wife who answered “I’m still a little sore but not too sore for some loving if you want to."

Walker told her "Sounds like we should wait until tomorrow night."

"Yeah you're right. Tomorrow night then Cowboy." Alex replied as they got into bed.

Chapter Twelve

When Walker entered Ranger headquarters D.A. Moody was waiting for him "Walker do you know when Alex will be in to sign a statement for the federal prosecutor?"

"She has some business at the Hope center and then she was planning on stopping in at your office." Walker replied. "Good, would you mind if I ask her to consult on a case for me?" Moody questioned.

"That's her call, not mine. She doesn't listen to me, never has. Ask Alex when you see her." Walker answered him and then changed the subject "Is there anything that can be done to Watson for his role in Alex's kidnapping? I know with both Sweeney and Raven dead we can't file charges against him and with no real evidence we probably can't get him disbarred either."

"I filed a complaint against him with the state bar association but I don't really expect them to do anything to him. The most that might happen is that they will censure him, which amounts to a slap on the wrists." Moody replied.

Belcher came into headquarters and lit into Walker "I told you that I would handle things, didn't I? Where do you get off overstepping your authority like that? Interfering in my case like you did by going on T.V. with those people?"

Holding his temper in check Walker said "First of all you should have ordered Leeds to come back to Dallas and to contact my office and D.A. Moody's office. No instead you had him go on to Houston wasting valuable time. Your incompetence almost cost my wife her life. Now get out of my office before I forget that you're supposed to be a Captain of the Texas Rangers."

Belcher sneered at him "Yeah you didn't seem all that concerned about your wife now did you? I mean you stayed at home with children while other people looked for her. Tell me Walker if she had died would you have even missed her with Ranger Cooke here?"

Grabbing Belcher by his shirt collar Walker snarled "Listen and listen well, if Alex had died I would have come after you, make no mistake about that because you let your ego get in the way of doing your job properly and finding my wife. Now get out before I throw you out."

Belcher said to Cooper who was standing there wide-eyed "You young man, don't you want to come to Houston to work for a professional like me instead of Walker who slept with a subordinate?" Cooper replied "Sir I have no idea what you are talking about but I know that I am working for the best captain in the Texas Rangers, Captain Walker. I have seen Walker in action and believe me, it's an honor to work for him."

Belcher started to say something when Moody told him "Captain Belcher there is a federal grand jury that will be investigating how this matter was handled. Do you care to give your statement to the federal prosecutor who's taking statements in my office right now?"

Belcher snapped "No." Then he left almost knocking Alex over.

   "Who was that man and what was his problem?"  Alex asked. Moody answered "That was Captain Belcher of the Houston office. Alex after you've given your statement to the federal prosecutor, can we talk? I would like to consult with you on a case. Walker said to ask you myself because you don't listen to him."

"Never have, never will. I already gave my statement but if you have the next ten minutes free we can talk, okay?" Alex asked Moody who said "Great, how about we go to your old office and talk right now?" Alex agreed and they left together.

Cooper asked Walker "Captain Walker, can I ask you something?" Walker snapped "It's Walker and no I didn't sleep with Ranger Cooke."

"That wasn't the question. I heard the rumors but the other day made it clear what kind of man you are. The question that I had was; why didn't you go into the badlands to search for your wife?" Cooper said.

"Because Ranger Cooper, White Eagle told me that if I went to search for my wife that my youngest son would be taken and that he would never be seen again. I had to choose between my wife and my youngest son. I hope to god Cooper that you never have to make a choice like that." Walker answered him.

"Me too Walker but it worked out okay didn't it?" Cooper said and Walker entered his private office. Sydney who had overheard the exchange said to Cooper "One thing that you'll learn about the Walkers is that in some ways Alex is the equal of her husband. Alex will defend their family just like Walker would. Alex shot and killed a woman in her bedroom when the woman was threatening Alex's children. No one in their right mind would even think about coming between the two of them or harming their children. As for that rumor, Walker would never betray his wedding vows."

Gage added "Besides, Alex would castrate him if he cheated on her." Trivette who had just entered Ranger headquarters asked "Who would castrate whom?"

"No one sir." Cooper answered and Trivette said "It's Trivette and let me guess you've heard the baseless rumors about Walker cheating on his wife? Sydney and Gage were just setting you straight about Alex and Walker weren't they?"

"Yes she wouldn't really do that, would she?" Cooper asked.

"Alex has a temper every bit as bad as that husband of her's, the two of them deserve each other. Now I suggest that we get down to business. Cooper, Gage and Cooke; the three of you have to give statements to the federal prosecutor who's waiting in Moody's office, now." Trivette told them and they left.

Chapter Thirteen

Walker and Trivette were headed to the elevators when Walker growled "If I hear one more time that I cheated on Alex I'm going to rip off the person's head who's saying it."

"Who was it this time?" Trivette asked knowing that it was mostly his fault because he had decided that Walker had cheated on Alex. Trivette had also told several people exactly that before Alex had straightened him out in no uncertain terms.

"Belcher, he asked Cooper if he wanted to go to work for him instead of working for someone like me who had cheated on his wife with a subordinate. Leeds must have said something to him. Belcher was excusing his incompetence by saying that since I stayed home while other people looked for Alex, that I didn't care if she died with Cooke being there." Walker answered Trivette who said "Walker, I am so sorry that I ever opened my big mouth without knowing the facts but you can't rip my head off quite yet. Erica isn't ready to be a widow as far as I know."

"I know Trivette but he did have a point, I should have been the one to lead the search for Alex but no I stayed at home with the children while other people looked." Walker told Trivette.

"Walker if you had gone to look for Alex Sam would have been taken because that was Raven's plan all along to take him while you were away. Walker when Sheila stole Sam Alex was devastated by it and if it had happened again I don't think that she would have been able to get over it. You had to protect the children first; Alex would give her life for them. Thank god though that it didn't come to that. She's fine and your children are safe." Trivette assured Walker. Noticing that Walker still looked troubled Trivette teased him "So what does it feel like to have 'Lady Godiva' for a wife?"

"I wasn't paying attention and didn't see her riding the horse like that." Walker answered as the elevator doors opened and they got on. Alex and Moody were already on it so Walker asked her "So Mrs. Walker, are you going to consult on a case?"

"Yes I'll tell you about it later, okay?" Alex replied and Walker nodded in agreement.

Later on that evening they were in their bedroom getting ready for bed when Walker questioned his wife "So how much time are you going to spend consulting?" Alex answered her husband "About three or four hours next week, why?"

"Just wondering if you were going back to work full time." Walker said.

"No not until the triplets are at least two years old but I would like to do some consulting for Moody until then." Alex replied. Noticing that her husband seemed distracted Alex said to him "Walker is something the matter? Honey you had no choice but to stay with our babies to protect them."

"I know that Alex but it wasn't easy. But that wasn't what I was thinking about, I was thinking about Trivette asking me what it felt like to have 'Lady Godiva' for a wife. I didn't see you riding that horse like that and I think that I missed something." Walker answered Alex who went over and picked up her laptop. After a minute she handed it to him saying "Here Cordell, look at this while I take my shower."

"Walker are you still playing with my computer?" Alex asked him as she neared the bed. Looking up and noticing that she wore no clothing Walker tossed the laptop aside as he said "Not anymore. Come here lady, I'd rather play with you instead." Then he pulled her into bed. When they were done he teased "Now I know what it's like to be married to 'Lady Godiva'."

Smiling Alex asked "Well do you like it?" Walker answered "Yes, I'll never be able to get that image out of my mind, you on a horse without a saddle."

Alex teased back "Well darling I have to say that it's much more fun riding you than a horse." Walker told her "Yeah is that so? So show me how much fun you think that it is." 

Moving over her husband Alex said "You've got it stallion."

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger. C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I nor this story is meant to infringe on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing more.